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Dust Genie Extendable Duster

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Brand: Dust Genie / Type: Duster / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2012 21:17
      Very helpful



      Brilliant duster

      Some weeks back I bought a duster on a stick for 50p from the Co-op Clearance Centre. I had forgotten all about it until yesterday when I was going up the stairs. I could see that there was dust between the balustrades of the banister, and in the decorative cut outs of the wider balusters and I felt that I should set to and get rid of it. Generally I have used a cloth for this dusting task and found it a bit fiddly and time-consuming which is why it gets neglected. But then I thought of my duster on a stick and I wondered whether it would do the job. Unbeknownst to me, my duster was not just any duster. I had in fact purchased the rather amazing Dust Genie Extendable Duster.

      It is quite cheery to look at. At the end of a plastic pole there is a blue, yellow and red striped feathery head made up of multiple strands of some form of microfibre. It resembles one of those big rollers you get at the car wash, but in miniature form. It looks quite big for a duster, and as if it won't get into any tight spots, but the fibres are very soft and flexible. This meant that when I took it to dust the banister I was able to simply poke it through the cut-outs, (which are about two centimetres squared in size) pull back and hey presto, the dust was gone. Then between the balusters: a quick twist through each and the job was done. I noticed that the dust seemed to cling to the duster rather than fly about the air and I was enthused.

      A quick swoosh over the telly, DVD and X Box sitting on their glass stand! I could get to the back without having to pull them out! A slightly slower twisty swoosh over the louvre doors that hide the boiler. And then to the picture rails... had to stretch a bit and then as I dropped my arm that was holding the duster, the feathery head seemed to shoot to the floor. What miracle was this? The duster was in fact extendable, to 1.96 metres. Just twist the two rods so they lock and now there was no need to stretch at all. Happy days!

      Now I was on to light fittings, smoke alarms and corners of ceilings. Fantastic! And then, the tops of cupboards. "How did you get the angle, CrazyEgg?" : THE DUST GENIE BENDS!! Yes, just bend the feathery part over, hold the duster in your hand at comfortable height, position the duster on top of the cupboard and walk along. Admittedly, I probably did not get right to the back of the top of the cupboards, but still, not bad for a mere maintenance dusting. There was an unfortunate incident involving plaster dust on top of the cupboard over the toaster left over from the rewiring we had done as the Dust Genie did not cling on to this as it did with the regular dust, but no long term damage seems to have been done.

      This bendy feature is not just useful for those high up places. No, just think, you could also use it for dusting under things, negating the need to bend yourself.

      Apparently the microfibres generate their own static electricity and this is what gives the Dust Genie such good pick up of dust, dirt and hair. Once finished I picked off the larger dust bunnies and returned the duster to the cupboard. Good to know though that when the duster is really dirty it is fully washable according to its sales blurb online. Unfortunately they give no details on how, so I would guess just a bit of soapy water and then leave it to dry, but cannot say for certain.

      The only downside I can see is that the end of the duster is quite hard and could possibly scratch the walls if you scrape it along them, but there is little danger of this if you are using it extended.

      I did all the dusting referred to above, and the pipes at the back of the boiler cupboard in about ten minutes, which obviously is longer than my usual time of no minutes for many of these areas, but this way the job was done and as so much fun it left me thinking... what else can I dust?

      I happily recommend this product! It does seem though that a got an amazing bargain at 50p as they retail for between £6 and £9. ;-)

      ©CrazyEgg 2012


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