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Duzzit Abrasive Wipes

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Brand: Duzzit / Type: Cleaning Wipes / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2010 23:37
      Very helpful



      Good alternative to Flash bathroom wipes that are cheaper to buy & also do the kitchen!.

      When I moved into my new flat recently I was quite disappointed to find my Method "Bugsy" Tub Scrub missing amongst my cleaning box. This is because much later in the week my mother suddenly confessed to nicking it! Instead though, I decided to go to my local pound shop to buy sponges and microfibre cloths but was also surprised to find a new pack of disposable cleaning wipes from Pound shop company, 151 in their "Duzzit," cleaning range known as "Abrasive Wipes". Over the years I've stopped buying disposable general-purpose wipes for cleaning general surfaces when environmentally friendlier products that don't also cost an arm and a leg can be substituted like good old vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. However, at the drop of a hat of moving into a new flat which hasn't seen much cleaning of late, I'll admit I am quite lazy sometimes when it comes to the amount of cleaning I do and for that reason alone decided to try the Abrasive Wipes which are contained in a silver & blue foil seal pack. My mum has Flash wipes of this type under the "Bathroom Wipes," tag so it was good to see a pound shop equivalent even though Flash Bathroom wipes are available in packs of 20 or 48 at a cost of £1-79, there are 30 wipes in the Duzzit Abrasive pack and at a cost of £1 could either make or break the cleaning routine.

      The difference with Flash "Abrasive" wipes is that the 151 Duzzit types have twin sides with an abrasive texture compared to Flash that have one rough side and one soft side.

      When the pack is opened each sheet is fairly moist to the touch and both sides are coloured in a striped blue and white colour. It couldn't look more obvious to an old fashioned cleaning cloth if it tried, similar to the J-Cloths I buy which last a long time depending on cleaning tasks required. The wipes however are suitable for almost all kinds of "kitchen" surfaces ranging from natural materials to man-made surfaces where you'd normally clean with a scourer sponge that lacks metal. The directions and warnings on the back of the pack are suitably written in good to read small and medium font sizes. As such, Duzzit Abrasive can be used on porcelain sinks, stainless steel, hobs, fridges/freezers, bathroom surfaces and outdoor. I washed down the natural wooden front door with these wipes, particularly where birds had decided to leave their business and their business came off in one go! Fear not though! This is not a Brillo pad in terms of metal on a cloth, but rather rough plastic like micro fibrous textures that are plainly rough to the touch and are just as abrasive like sand paper on kitchen surfaces but don't scratch due to their texture coating.

      Like the last rented flat's bathroom, my new bathroom is decked out in white again although the state that the owner left it in looked pretty unconvincing of being shiny and gleaming before I took a wipe to it. One of the things I hate about white porcelain sinks is the grey scum that gets built up in a large oval surface surrounding the drain. Usually I've taken bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in the past to rid of this scum but it doesn't take long for the dirt to return. After applying the already wet wipe to the slightly wet sink, the dirt just came off as I gently went to scrub the sink, giving the wipe here more of a chance by its own rough texture to do the dirt removal than my own built in muscles! Whilst I was not surprised that the wipe looked extremely black by the time it took me seconds to clean down the bathroom sink, I was pleased to find that within a week, the sink has not built up as much scum as before and additionally brings up stainless steel taps, drain covers and chrome effects extremely well with a nice streak free appearance to match - Duzzit Abrasive wipes generally don't leave a trail of solution behind like other disposable cleaning wipes - and it only takes a few minutes for the cleaned surfaces to dry.

      When used to clean the hob, Duzzit Abrasive wipes fairs well but not as easy as 151's other wonder product, the "Elbow Grease," degreaser spray. Whilst burnt on food is no problem to the spray product on account that it starts to break up grime and grime runs upon contact with the spray, the Abrasive Wipes needed a little heavier action to get the dirt up. Where Duzzit's Abrasive Wipes fair better however is around the ring control dials where dirt and tell tale old food deposits have built up - take the number one stain I can't stand removing for example - dreaded Heinz tomato soup! In rented flats/homes, the cooker always has tell tale signs of this number one comfort food splashed onto the dials and top oven/grill handle. Not a problem for these wipes - where some disposable wipes that lack a grippy texture have failed before - Duzzit Abrasive wipes takes the old grime and food stains in seconds.

      Of course nothing is perfect with this kind of product. There are a few downsides to this product other than being packed with chemicals. Being disposable cleaning wipes, they have a thicker feel to them and are thus, not flushable. They also carry quite a thick chemical smell to them; similar to Ajar or Cif cream cleanser, although it's never enough to overtake me or induce coughing when the wipes are used. Despite some chemicals added though, Duzzit Abrasive wipes aren't abrasive to my hands and as such I don't need to don a pair of cleaning gloves when I go to take one or many out of the pack. The pack claims that they are "extra strong," and on this point I do have to agree here as they don't tear easily and can be reused again if only just for the rough texture and your own choice of cleaning agents the next time they are used again. I've already washed mine by hand in boiled vinegar and use them with friendlier cleaning agents as scourer cloths. Once they are re-used again of course, you can add whatever cleaning agent you like with these cloths as their spun-lace fibres are hard to tear with most agents.

      Measuring approximately 15.5cm by 20cm Duzzit Abrasive Wipes also clean quite a large surface area without drying out. This is because both sides are soaking wet and quite frothy with cleaning agent and when one side is used, the other "new" side can be used for another cleaning task. All in all, these are a wonderful cleaning helper and although I don't normally award top rating for disposable cleaning wipes, when you really don't have the time in the day to clean surfaces, Duzzit Abrasive Wipes get the dirt up in seconds without having to put a lot of your own muscle power in. The fact that they are chemical based means that children can't use them but if you work long hours and need something that shifts dirt on kitchen surfaces without endlessly cleaning up spray liquids, these are a good alternative. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010


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