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Easy-Do Hobcare Sealed Hotplate Restorer

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Brand: Easy-Do Hobcare / Type: Household Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      03.03.2010 16:13
      Very helpful




      I have had my cooker for just over a year and as hard as I try I find it difficult to keep the solid hotplates looking good.

      Last weekend I was in a Euronics shop with my Nan as she was buying a new cooker herself and she actually chose the same model as I have.

      While we were in the shop I asked the man serving what the best method of cleaning the plates was and he mentioned that they sold a product for restoring them. I inwardly groaned as to me this normally means they have something with a high price tag they want to sell. I decided to have a look anyway thinking if it was too much I could make an excuse and leave it. So I was pleasantly surprised when I noted the price sticker said £2.99. After reading the spiel on the packet I thought it was worth trying, and if it didn't work I wouldn't have wasted too much money on it. I was even more pleasantly surprised when he said I could try it for £2 (perhaps helped by Nan spending £250 just minutes before).

      Yesterday I thought it was about time I gave it a try, this meant I had to go out and buy some Brillo pads as I'd forgotten I needed them.

      Anyway back to sorting out the hob, the first thing I had to do was make sure that the hotplates were cool. The instructions also said I had to turn off the electricity but I would have had to turn off the mains to do this so I didn't bother.
      I then had to remove any burnt on deposits from the plates using the Brillo pads by following the grain of the hotplate. This was quite messy and covered the hob in a pinky-black mess.
      Once I had done all of the plates I wiped them off with some kitchen towel and switched the hobs on to make sure they were completely dry.

      When they had cooled down again it was time to apply the restorer to them. The black lid came off easily and revealed a sponge applicator which reminds me of some of the shoe polishes you can get.
      I had to squeeze a small amount of the polish out which was initially quite difficult, but once it had been done a couple of times it got easier.
      To apply to the plates you rub with the sponge applicator in a circular motion to until you have an even covering of the polish on the hotplate.
      Then I had to remove any excess polish with some paper towel. It was then a case of switching the hob back on for a few minutes, this makes the hotplates smoke but when the smoke stops you can turn the hob off again.
      This whole process was simple enough to do and wasn't messy which I thought it might be. The smell of the smoke afterwards wasn't very nice and I had to open the window afterwards. Next time I do this I'll open the window before I switch the hob on.
      Luckily when I went to use the hob later on it didn't smoke any more.

      The only downside is that two of my plates are rapid heat which is signified by a red circle in the middle of them, I forgot about this when I was applying the polish so the red dots have gone now. This isn't a huge problem because I still know which ones they are.

      Overall I'm impressed with how the hotplates have come up, they don't quite look brand new but if I'd used it sooner I think it would have made them look loads better. I'll definitely use the restorer again, and I think I could get another 2 or 3 applications from the tube.


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