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Brand: James Russel / Type: Mop / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      13.11.2012 18:20
      Very helpful



      A Steam mop that is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, hallways and sealed wooden floors

      I like household gadgets that are uncomplicated, do what they say they will do and are easy to use. If it comes with a long instruction manual then it isn't the product for me. A few months ago I was sent a £5 gift voucher to use on anything I wanted from Groupon, I think most people I know are signed up to the offers and a lot of my friends are always bragging about what they had bought cheap. I had been on the look out for a steam mop for some time, I have grown bored of having to fill a bucket with hot water, put the mop in it, squeeze the excess water from the mop and then wipe the floor, and it was not only monotonous but harder work than it needed to be.

      So I bit the bullet and used by £5 Groupon Voucher and brought the '900W Easy Steam Mop' and I liked the fact it was called Easy because that is just what I am wanting. The retail price for this mop is £80 if you stick it into Google whereas buying it through Groupon it was £27.99 which is a saving of 66% or £53 whichever way you want to look at it and you got three extra mop heads thrown in but needed to pay £5.99 for delivery. Well sounded like a bargain to me, it looked good enough and within a week my mop had arrived.

      James Russell, from whom the mop comes from, is not someone I have come across before. On their website it states that they were founded back in the 1970's and James Russell is part of one of the largest groups offering independent specialist catalogues and has many products on offer through Groupon across the house and garden category. In fact if you look at their website, to me they are very similar to companies such as JML who offer a wide range of similar products.

      When my mop arrived, there was a huge box sent by Royal Mail and it was double wrapped in brown paper. Once the brown paper had been removed there was a box reminding me what I had ordered and there was a picture showing the map and the bottom half of a woman using it on her floor. Once inside the box I found the mop to be in three parts and an instruction book which simply told me how to put the mop together, how to work it and a reminder about the dangers of hot water, steam and electrical dangers, all quite valid and worth reading for reminders. Once I had put the mop together I was surprised to find that it was almost as tall as I am and it measures about 154cm in height, but you can change the height by moving the pole in the middle up and down to suit you.

      To put the mop together, all you have to do is slot the handle into the right slot, upon which you will hear a clicking noise and then over the bottom of the mop you simply place your mop head, again a simple instruction to follow, you slot it over the head of the mop and then use the toggle to secure it tightly. The cable which accompanies the mop is 5metres in length, so for me this means that once it is plugged in, I can work my way around the house without having to unplug and re-plug the mop in elsewhere. There are also clips to the side of the mop to secure the cable and keep it tidy and out of the way. The handle, which is made of hard plastic, is designed so that it is easy to keep hold of, with indentations made to make gripping the mop an easy job. The mop head, which reminds me of the Batman logo given its shape is also made of plastic and it has a warning sticker on to remind you that the steam this mop produces is of a high temperature so you need to remember this and be careful when using the mop. On the bottom of the mop head are plastic bristles which will be hidden inside the mop head cover and these are really useful if you have a stubborn stain on your floor which needs a little more work to remove, because the mop head is covered it protects your floors from being scratched as you apply a little more pressure. The final thing to mention on this mop is the dial which is situated within the middle of the body of the mop and it has two functions - open and closed. When you add the water to the reservoir you need to ensure that the dial is switched to closed, otherwise the water will run straight through the mop onto your floor before it has had a chance to get warm. But, once your water has got warm, in approximately 3-4 minutes, you switch the dial to open, this then releases the now very hot water which travels through the body of the mop and comes out through the mop head as steam, very very hot steam. It is then that you can add more pressure to any stains that you come across when mopping and because the steam is so hot, your floors dry in a matter of minutes too, so no longer do you have to wait half a day for your floors to dry and ban the family from walking across your clean floor.

      When it comes to using the mop, there is what is called a reservoir which you fill with tap water (I would suggest using a jug) and it hold 600ml of water. Once you have filled the reservoir you see that there is a screw on and off lid which needs to be slightly secured. Once this is secured you need to wait a few minutes before beginning the task of mopping to allow the water to become hot enough to create the steam, I always use this time to ensure my floors are swept of any debris which might stick to the mop head and stop it from cleaning properly. Then once the dial has been switched to 'on' you are ready to begin cleaning. You notice that as soon as you begin to push the mop around your floor that steam is released, in fairly powerful gusts and its worth remembering not getting yourself too close to this steam because it is very hot. Depending on how many floors you have to clean throughout your home might mean you need to top up the water reservoir during the task of mopping.

      I love this mop; it is simple and easy to use. I don't need to use any chemicals on my floors because the steam cleans, brightens and sanitises my floor as well as leaving them shiny. I have tiled floors and wooden floors in my house and it is ideal for using on all floor types like this, it gets into all the nooks and crannies and once you have finished your task of mopping and you look at the mop head, its like using a Dyson Hoover for the first time when you see how much dirt has been removed. The once white mop head is now a mixture of black and other brightly coloured bits of dirt you never knew existed. But as soon as you have finished mopping you can remove the mop head and put it in your wash basket because they are washing machine ready and they do wash and dry brilliantly.

      For £27.99 this mop is fantastic value and it is definitely worth looking out for them on Groupon rather than paying the retail price of £80. It has made the task of mopping a much easier process and the results are so much better and more hygienic too. If you look on the James Russell website you will see that this mop is available in Purple, Red or Yellow, but when I bought mine you could only have the purple colour, not that I minded too much as to its colour, it was how good a mop it was that was of greater importance.

      So an easy to use, effective mop that cleans and dries your floors in a matter of minutes instead of hours with no need for chemicals or potions to add shine or sanitise your floors. Its brilliant and I love it.


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