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Ecover Cream Cleaner

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Brand: Ecover / Type: Cream Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      31.07.2011 09:55
      Very helpful
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      cream cleaner by Ecover

      With me loving the Ecover range at the minute, another product of theirs I swear by is this cream cleaner. It is not as easy to get hold of now though as Tesco have stopped stocking it but I have had my bottle for a while now. If you are wondering what exactly this product does, well it is for cleaning on more difficult surfaces such as cookers, fridges, enamel, stainless steel, tiles and chrome. It is meant to degrease and remove difficult stains without leaving scratches.


      The bottle of this like most Ecover products, looks very simple and not too fancy as they are an ethical company. The bottle is 100% plant-astic and 100% recyclable, it is a normal shaped bottle which narrows at the top and is white. The lid is white and on the front is the Ecover logo with the picture of a lead to symbolise that they are very economical and then a few points on the front explaining what the cream cleaner does exactly. The bottle is in a 500ml size which is the only size it comes in.


      To use this product, I use it twice a week if I have a lot of time or otherwise once a week but it sis really up to yourself how regularly you use this as to what results you want. I mainly use this in the bathroom and kitchen the most and it leaves no residue or unecessary chemicals. To enforce their environmental proactivity, they state that the product is against animal testing, suitable for septic tanks, has low impact on aquatic life and is quick and complete biodegradability.

      Now, the cleaner is just a white cream life liquid and it has a light citrus scent to it which is refreshing. To use this I normally wear rubber gloves as I do with all cleaning, to protect my hands but you just need to apply this to a wet sponge or right onto the area you aim to clean. You then just need to wipe and clean the area and when you think it is as good as can be then you rinse off the cleaner. I never have any issues with this irritating me and it shouldn't either but do keep this bottle out of reach of children.

      On areas that I hadn't cleaned as regularly I found stains came off very quickly, all dirt was lifted with ease and left behind was a very clean and hygienic surface. I used this to clean the fridge also which is not something I always get round to quickly, as well as the cooker and both are looking great again, almost as good as new which is just what I hoped for. The results with this cleaner are definitely long lasting, I don't find anything getting really dirty again unless you leave it for weeks.

      The Ecover range has produced yet another worthwhile product to add to the cleaning cupboard. This product is meant to help with cleaning tough stains and it certainly does just that and the smell is pleasant as well not too much like a cleaning product. The time it takes to clean with this is very quick also so it shouldn't take up too much of your day. I have had my cream cleaner for a good few months now and still find it is lasting a good while, so great value overall.


      To purchase this, isn't too expensive and is priced at £1.50 last time I checked. The official Ecover website lists all stockists from online to supermarkets to local stores. The supermarkets listed currently are Ocado online and Booths and Budgens who I haven't heard of as food stores. Apparently Homebase and B&Q also stock this cream cleaner now! Ocado are selling this for £1.19 so maybe that is more accurate and having checked Homebase they do sell this at £1.89 so bit pricier but of course no charge to deliver on this one.

      The official and very useful Ecover UK website is http://www.ecover.com/gb/en/.

      INGREDIENTS:Aqua, Calcium Carbonate, Bentonite, Glycerin, Capryl Glucoside, Lauryl Polyglucose, Xanthan Gum, 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol, Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate, Titanium Dioxide and Silver chloride.


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        29.04.2010 01:23
        Very helpful



        Brill product!

        When it comes to cleaning it's something that I strangely enjoy...actually that and ironing much to people around me's amusement!

        I get through a lot of cleaning products due to this fact so I do like to try to use products that are as environmentally friendly as possible as much as possible!

        Ecover is a range that of late I have been trying out. I liked the thought of environmentally friendly products so I stocked up on them!

        The Packaging:

        White plastic bottle with a flip-top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole. On the front of the bottle I am told that it is Ecological Cream Cleaner 'Non-Scratch' Ecover 'Effective cleaning with natural power' and that it is 'For people who care' and there is a picture of a leaf on there. Other information on the back of the bottle includes being told a bit about the product and instructions for using it are listed, ingredients are given, the size is stated (which in this case my bottle is 500ml) and contact details for Ecover are given. Nice enough informative bottle this is and of course as you would expect it to be it is recyclable.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Back Of The Bottle:

        Degreases and removes obstinate stains without scratching.
        No petrochemical based ingredients.
        No residue of unnecessary chemicals.
        Optimum level of biodegradability - far exceeds legislative requirements.
        Minimum impact on aquatic life.
        Against animal testing.
        Also suitable for septic tanks.

        Me Using It:

        Well before I go into about how great this product is, first off I must point out that although on this bottle it says that the company is against animal testing it doesn't clearly state that it doesn't animal test which is actually a rather hot topic at the moment. If you take a look at online forums and reviews about Ecover products it soon becomes apparent that this companies policy on animal testing is unclear. A lot of faithful followers of this brand have actually stopped using it and there are some people boycotting it. Simply it's a shame because you find that alot of people (like myself) use this for green issues but also assume we are not harming animals in any way shape or form. All you can say for sure is that this is environmentally friendly...not alot else is certain at this time!

        So the cream.... well it's white and a rather runny liquid really. If you touch it it feels a little grainy but not abrasive as such.

        To use this you can apply this directly to the surface of where you are cleaning or onto a damp sponge or something like that. When cleaned you do need to rinse off any residue afterwards. It is suitable for all kinds of surfaces including cookers, fridges, enamel, stainless steel, tiles and chrome. It has no smell to it and is really simple to use and me, I've used this all over the place and rather alot recently lol.

        I have cleaned the bathroom basically from top to bottom with this. The only slight pain is rinsing it off but if you don't you can see it smeared on alot of things and say you've used it in the bath and don't rinse you can feel a graininess on your feet because this does contain chalk powder. It's great though, you don't need very much product at all nor elbow grease and a quick wipe after using it and that's it job done.

        I used this in a dirty stained fridge too and particularly like this for it's easiness to remove stains and odours without leaving a fragrance behind itself. On worktops and cookers and hobs, again I found this to be a really hard worker. After creating a disgusting mess on said worktops etc, again I applied a small blob of this, gave it a quick wipe after with a damp sponge and it was left gleaming. Great on tiles, plastic, enamel and it brought all the taps up great too and made them gleam without any signs of scratching anything it shouldn't at all.

        All round this is a fabulous product and I rate it really highly. It doesn't agitate my skin and because you don't need to use a lot of it to see results it works out economical too in the long run....the only thing I don't appreciate is the fact that this may be tested on animals and therefore no matter how good it is until this company clarifies it's position on their views and practises I won't be using it again full stop..... and I say that with deep regret cos it is a great product.

        I paid £1.50 in B & Q for my bottle but it is available in all good supermarkets (I have seen this in Asda!).

        Thie review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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