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Ecover Window and Glass Cleaner

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Brand: Ecover / Product Type: Window / Glass Cleaner

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2010 09:42
      Very helpful



      A brilliant window cleaner

      Whilst visiting my sister and her partner last year they happened to mention that they used Ecover window cleaner and said how very good it was. I had never tried any of the Ecover products as I always thought they would be a bit weak (yes, I now know!) but this got my attention as they are the sort of people who normally use the cheapest cleaning product that will do the job properly so to be paying a bit extra for Ecover I figured it must be good.

      Now when it comes to cleaning windows I have always been a pink Windolene girl and I have cleaned my windows using three cloths - one to put the Windolene on the glass, one to rub it off and one to buff it up thereby doing the work three times over, but getting an excellent result. I have tried many different window cleaners over the years but have always gone back to pink Windolene as it is the only product that would get a streak free shine on my windows.

      When I was in our local branch of Tesco's I looked for the Ecover window cleaner but couldn't find it. There was a big display of all the Ecover products but no window cleaner - I looked where all the other window cleaning products were but no Ecover. There was a multi surface cleaner so i wondered if it was that and resolved to ask my sister the next time we spoke.

      Sure enough the next time we were on the phone I asked her what exactly the product was called and she got her partner to get it out of the cupboard and read the label to me - Ecover Window and Glass Cleaner and she told me that it was in a plastic bottle with a trigger spray. She also told me that she had just cleaned their patio windows in bright sunshine and there were no streaks! I was getting more interested in trying this miracle cleaner!

      When I was in Edinburgh with Dave I looked in Tesco's, Asda and Morrison's but still no Ecover window cleaner so I decided to Google it and see what happened. I found that the only place to buy it near to where we live in Llandudno is Homebase of all places. Incidentally the bottle that my sister has was a freebie just in case you were wondering why I didn't ask her where she got her bottle!

      When we got home we popped into Homebase and purchased the window cleaner which cost £2.79 for a bottle containing 500ml and of course I got Nectar points too.

      The bottle is a sort of grey colour, as are most of the containers in the Ecover range, and as I mentioned before this one has a trigger action spray. The label on the front tells us that it is 'Ecological Window and Glass Cleaner' by Ecover for a 'smear free shine' and that it is 'powered by nature'.

      On the back there is a list of ingredients which I wouldn't normally add to a review as I feel a list of chemical names that none of us understand isn't really necessary but for this one I will change my habits and tell you that this cleaner contains:

      30% water
      5 - 15% alcohol
      <5% non-ionic surfactants
      Citric acid
      Perfume (type: citrus contains limonene)

      I wasn't convinced that this was going to work after reading that list of ingredients - it didn't sound strong enough to clean my windows!

      The promises made by the manufacturer of this product are:

      Sparkling clean windows, mirrors, glass and chrome
      No smears
      Fresh plant based fragrance
      Based on plant and mineral ingredients
      Fat and complete biodegradability
      Minimum impact on aquatic life

      Now bear in mind that we have a log burner in our cottage and the windows get very dirty very quickly but I decided to start with the real challenge - the large mirror over the mantelpiece which as you can guess gets even dirtier than the windows due to its position relative to the log burner!

      The instructions say that you just have to spray the liquid onto the glass and wipe off with some kitchen roll or a soft dry cloth - sorry, I was still not convinced!

      I sprayed the liquid onto the mirror in half a dozen short bursts and wiped with some kitchen roll. Initially it did look as though it was going to smear but I think it was because I had sprayed a bit too much onto the mirror so I got some clean kitchen roll and finished the job. I could not believe my eyes - it worked and how!!

      With a quick wipe the mirror was clean, sparkling and not a smear to be seen! It was amazing! It even smells clean and fresh - which is something that can't be said for pink Windolene! Any of you who have tried it will know exactly what I mean and the smell of the Windolene always used to linger for ages too!

      When I first tried it and cleaned the mirror I kept walking back into the room to look at it as it looked stunning with so little effort - I just could not believe it!

      This window cleaner is nothing short of a miracle as far as I am concerned. I can clean all my windows and mirrors in a fraction of the time that it used to take me and the bottle of cleaner will last a good while as I don't need to use much for each window even though they do get very dirty.

      Incidentally it is great for cleaning the glass in my pictures as well.

      I can hardly believe that I have a window cleaner that smells nice, works better than anything else that I have ever tried (including my trusty pink Windolene) and is kind to the environment.

      I now believe that Ecover products ARE strong enough to do the job as specified and so I shall be trying more of the range soon and of course I will be telling you all about them when I do!


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