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Ecover Zero Washing Up Liquid

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    2 Reviews
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      28.01.2016 02:56


      • "safe on environment"
      • "eco friendly"


      • none

      well worth the price

      first time i bought this i wasnt sure if would actually clean my plates etc but i must say i was very pleased with myself as not only is it safe on the environment but also it cleans just as good as what fairy and many others can do. i will definitely be buying this more and more as im very happy with my purchase and knowing theres no chemicals used in making this product. safe on your hands and rest of your skin something many cant be sure about when using any other.


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      23.03.2015 22:37
      Very helpful



      Good for your hands and the environment.

      If you love your hands and love the environment and want to do a good thing for both of those aspects, this is a really good alternative washing up liquid to the other main brands in the aisle in the supermarket.

      There are many benefits that made us want to buy this after we saw an advertisement in a supermarket magazine and decided to switch for a while to try something different.
      This is a plant-based company and approved by ALLERGY UK and dermatologically tested. So if you have any skin issues or just want something that is fragrance-free for your pots and pans then I would recommend this.


      You will see the difference in the liquid and quite possibly the foaming of the product. I found the liquid to be less heavy and the texture felt different, when water is added it doesn't foam up as well or become to soapy but you can see the product working and lifting the food and stains.

      I also found we used a little more liquid as it didn't go a long way with a small amount but the cleaning effect was just as good as other brands and we saw no problems or issues with grease or food.

      It was strange not having the lovely scent that another brand is god at providing but the fact this has so many other benefits meant you really didn't care.

      I would recommend this product which is becoming more widely available now in most stores and online for example OCADO £2.09 and lasts up about four weeks, not bad when using it regularly.


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  • Product Details

    Protect your hands when doing the dishes with Ecover ZERO allergy-approved washing up liquid / Fragrance Free, using plant-based ingredients and approved by Allergy UK it will take care of sensitive skin whilst with GHI approval you know it will do the job / It cuts effectively through the grease and keeps your plates sparkling clean.For Sensitive Skin Effectively cuts through grease GHI Approved Dermatologically tested Approved by Allergy UK

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