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Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser

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    5 Reviews
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      09.09.2013 22:00
      Very helpful
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      Cuts into grease well, removes stains.

      I actually do love cleaning and take great pride in how my home looks and I like to try test products I have bought before to see if I like them or not. This product is one I hadn't even known existed until I stumbled across it while out for the day out of my area. I was looking at some products while the shop assistant was stocking the shelf and she told me this product would be a good purchase because it was apparently a very popular cleaning product with the customers. So I decided to give it a go.

      It comes inside a transparent plastic bottle which has a trigger spray nozzle. The trigger handle is very easy to press to release the cleaner. The name is very clear on the front of the bottle and so can easily be spotted on a shelf.

      The cleaner is a bright yellow colour, looks really fresh looking inside the bottle. It has a really nice citrus smell to it and one which is quite strong but not too overpowering. I like the smell of it and it mainly smells of lemon but I can slightly smell a hint of grapefruit too but the lemon is the dominant fragrance.

      This cleaner is an all purpose degreaser cleaner, it is very different to most purpose cleaners because
      it is one which can be used on many surfaces and also fabrics. It is designed to remove stains from fabrics by simply just spraying the stained area and leave it for a couple of minutes or so and then pop it into the washing machine. I have tested this cleaner on a stain which was on one of my grandchildren's old T shirt which he wears for painting on our craft days. I just sprayed the stain which was tomato sauce and then washed it in my machine. This cleaner did a very good job removing the sauce and the T shirt looked in exactly the same way in appearance as it had before I used this cleaner. I tested it with the old item because I wasn't sure if the cleaner would ruin it and if it had it would really matter because it was an old one. It actually didn't ruin it at all but I would advise testing an area first before using this cleaner because it may not be suitable for some fabrics and it doesn't actually tell me on the label what kind of material it can be actually used on but it does tell me to patch test a hidden area on the fabric.

      It can also be used to clean metals, plastics, engines and machinery. I have used it to clean my stainless steel sink. When I first used it to clean my sink, it has some tea stains inside the sink and around the plug hole, I usually like to use bleach to remove these stains but I decided to try this cleaner instead. I just sprayed a small amount onto the stains and left it for around 10 seconds or so and then used my sponge scourer, the sponge side and gently wiped over the stain. I was total shocked how well this cleaner removed the stains compared to some of the other well known brands. In my opinion this one works like a bleach for touch stains and dissolves them extremely well. It cuts into them far better than other brands and I found I didn't even have to scrub the stains to remove them, this cleaner does all of the hard work for you and I can see why it is named Elbow Grease. The name fits this cleaner extremely well.

      It is a gentle cleaner but extremely powerful and not harsh at all on surfaces and fabrics. I am amazed how it works its magic to remove dirt etc, yet a gentle cleaner where it matters. It is also designed to remove oil from surfaces such as machinery, I haven't used it for cleaning any machinery as yet but if I ever do I will update my review. My hubby has cleaned his bike wheels with it and it removed the dirt and grease from them really well without ruining them. He just sprayed some onto a dry cloth wiped over them and then just buffed them with another clean cloth. This cleaner left them sparkling with a really nice shine to them.

      I have used it on my kitchen tiles and it has removed any grease on them perfectly, it just cuts into grease really well to remove it. I have used it on my white bathroom sink, bath, shower tray and toilet. It has cleaned my bathroom extremely well in no time at all.

      However it isn't suitable for wooden surfaces or transparent polycarbonates such as plastic glass, Perspex and visors.

      I absolutely love this cleaning product, it does exactly what it is designed to do and much more, it is a miracle cleaning product in my opinion and it has cut my cleaning time down because the cleaner is doing all of the hard work and I don't have to tackle any grease or stains by scrubbing too much, just a wipe over with a cloth is all that is needed for this one to clean around my home.

      I am so chuffed I stumbled across this cleaner and I only wished I had bought more than one bottle but the next time I visit the area I bought this cleaner from I will definitely stock up with it and I am going to buy some for my family members for them to try it too because it will just help their cleaning become less of a chore.

      For a 500ml bottle I paid just a £1 for it, I think this cleaner is worth every single penny spent and it is so affordable for any budget. The quality is super.

      I highly do recommend this product if you ever spot it in a shop, I haven't ever spotted it in a supermarket so far and I am not sure if they do stock it but I am going to look out for it when I next go shopping.

      Also appears on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      I give this cleaner 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        17.10.2011 00:17
        Very helpful




        Just recently I have had two flats to clean from top to bottom. One because I was moving out of it and had to leave it in a clean state and not only that I got a new flat that although was just what I wanted was an absolute flea pit for want of a better description!

        My parents, best mate and I worked all week on both flats and one product I invested in was this one and in actually fact I bought 8 bottles of this in total as it is a brilliant product that I use often anyway and I find it a real multi-purpose product! I have even bought this for other people in the past however I have only ever bought this in the West Country and not seen it anywhere else so if you can't buy it locally do Google it!

        The Packaging:

        Well the liquid comes in a frosted white bottle that has a see-through and yellow in colour trigger action sprayer to the top of it (which does have a tab to turn it on and off for safety purposes). On the front of the bottle there is a label and on that label we are told that it is Solvent Free Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser 'The Only Cleaner You'll Never Need' and that its suitable for use on fabrics, metals and plastics and the weight of the product is stated which is 500ml and incidentally the only size I have only ever seen this to purchase in and there are pictures of clean fabric and a deckchair and a shiny looking sink on there too! On the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, the ingredients are stated as are warnings and contact details for 151 Products Ltd are given (the manufacturer of the product). Its a simple looking product, I do like being able to see the yellow liquid through the bottle too so I know when to replace it etc and it really is easy to spray.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Back Of The Bottle:

        Elbow grease is formulated to remove grease and oil in all situations. It is ideal for removing grease spots from fabrics and porus materials, for removing grease from kitchen surfaces and for cleaning oily surfaces such as engines and machinery.

        Elbow Grease is tough enough to get rid of oil from a car engine, yet gentle enough to safely remove grease stains from delicate and coloured fabrics. For coloured materials, patch test the colour resistance in a hidden area. For painted materials or materials that are not mentioned, patch test on a hidden area of the surface you wish to treat.

        Using It:

        Well as you may have gathered by now this really can be used on literally anything....and we did believe me! You can use this directly onto hard surfaces such as worktops, I even use this on my wooden veneered furniture, over radiators, skirting boards, I used this to remove grime that was on painted walls and light fittings, I've wiped over my leather sofa with it, cleaned blinds and polished the whole bathroom from top to bottom and all! Of course some of those things are not listed as safe to clean on the bottle and we are advised to test before using. I can only speak for me using this and that I have had no issues with using it at all and it is gentle enough on my skin for me not to wear gloves.

        It cleans dirty cookers caked in grease and grime, even glass and to use this on fabrics you simply spray this onto stains and then wash as normal...I have also done this and can vouch for the fact that this really does remove heavy and deep grease spots from clothes too!

        It sprays out of the bottle with total ease and has a light but pleasant smell of lemons to it with a hint to me of like a disinfectant smell, whatever it is it does smell fresh and clean and that fragrance lingers for a good hour or so after using it.

        Not one bit greasy or smeary I use this from my letterbox, glass topped table, my clothes and down to my laminate floor oh and it is great at spot cleaning carpets too! It brings up stainless steel, plastic and wood up a treat...I even used this on mirrors and providing you really thoroughly wipe it off after using it, its fine on them and all. A brilliant product that I pay £1.00 a bottle for with pleasure...it truly is fantastic!


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          07.07.2011 00:17
          Very helpful



          An excellent all round cleaner, 5* isnt enough!

          This is hands down, my favourite multipurpose cleaner ever. Elbow Grease, manufactured by 151, promises to remove grease and oil from a whole host of surfaces including plastics, metals, and even fabrics. I was very excited when I heard of this product, as I'm sure many of you can relate to ruining a favourite piece of clothing by getting something greasy on it that just doesn't wash out!

          This is how I came to know of Elbow Grease; I was wearing a top that used to be a favourite while visiting my family, but it had long been relegated to 'loungewear' due to an unidentifiable greasy spot on the front of it. It was, surprisingly, my 18 year old cousin who told me about it, as he (read: his mum) was using it to remove oil from his college overalls. So I added it to my mental shopping list as Something To Look Out For.

          A few weeks later I was in Asda when I spotted Elbow Grease in all it's bright and colourful goodness, sitting on a shelf in the £1 section. £1?! So I added two 500ml trigger spray bottles to my trolley, and believe me I've never looked back. I tried it on the afore mentioned top, eager to see if it would work and restore my top to it's former glory. To use it on fabrics, you spray it right onto the stain before washing as usual. So this is exactly what I did, and when I retrieved the top from the machine it looked as though the mark was gone. But, I reserved full judgment for when the top was dry and I wasn't disappointed.

          I have since found loads of other uses for it, I'm smiling even as I write this! I used to groan when my other half wanted something fried because I detested clearing up the inevitable mess and even washing the frying pan was just horrible (I may have moaned him to do it, but he probably wouldn't have done it properly). So now, when I want to clean greasy disgusting frying pans I just spray this on to them, leave it a minute then scrub with a dish brush and rinse. It then gets washed with the other dishes - only to remove all traces of the Elbow Grease though, since the oil is long gone.

          Similarly, when I want to clean the hob and surrounding tiles/cupboard sides, whether it be after frying or just to remove some burnt on stuff, I use Elbow Grease. For hard surfaces, the bottle states to either spray onto a cloth and wipe, or spray directly onto the surface for tougher deposits. I always spray directly onto whatever I am cleaning, I just like doing this better. I want my cleaning products to be in direct contact with dirty surfaces as it reassures me it's really doing it's work. Sometimes I will use a brillo pad to work the Elbow Grease in when I'm doing the hob, but it's not really necessary; it just feels good and makes even shorter work of anything burnt on. It leaves my hob so sparkling and shiny, you could almost believe it was brand new if it wasn't for the well used hotplates! I have used this to clean my oven and oven trays too, and even that dreaded job feels like a breeze. The Elbow Grease/brillo combo is particularly useful on the racks in your oven, wrap the brillo around each bar after spraying with this and you get them looking good as new in record time.

          You can even use it on engines and machinery to get rid of oil, though I have never done this. Other things I have used it for include cleaning the bathroom (yeah, not greasy I know, but it cuts through soap scum and water marks), cleaning my plastic sink, cleaning my kitchen fascias, tiles, uPVC window and door frames, gloss painted skirting boards, my stainless steel bin (and the plastic inner bucket) and glass. The results for each and every task I gave it were amazing. Not to mention practically effortless.

          Elbow Grease is solvent free which is another bonus, and it contains limonene giving it a really pleasant fresh smell. It still smells like a cleaning product to me but it's not offensive at all. I like the smell of cleaning products, I think when it lingers in the air you know it's done something!

          It is labeled as a non specific irritant, particularly to the eyes. Care should be taken when using it, try not to breathe it in and if you have sensitive skin gloves are recommended. The skin on my hands is prone to outbreaks, but this product hasn't bothered me. I do rinse my hands after using it though, but I don't wear gloves as they just hinder me! You should not use it on wood or transparent polycarbonates (so things like plexiglass, perspex, other acrylic glass and safety visors) and always do a patch test on fabrics, painted materials and anything else you wish to try it on but is not mentioned on the packaging. It caused no issues for me on gloss painted wood, but gloss is pretty bombproof.

          I would class this as that rare thing, a true Wonder Product. Something that lives up to all it's promises and really can be used all over (and outside of) the home. It has everything going for it; the price is great, the packaging is even attractive, bright and eye catching. "The only cleaner you'll ever need"? Near enough. There are no gimmicks here, just good old fashioned Elbow Grease.


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          20.09.2008 11:50
          Very helpful



          An excellent cleaner at an excellent price.

          I recently had part of my huge brick garden shed converted into a kitchenette as I have a large garden and it was becoming an effort to walk back to my bungalow whenever I wanted a snack or a cup of tea. Up to now I have installed a microwave, two ring electric hob, kettle and toaster so I needed a stash of cleaning products ready to hand in the kitchenette to be able to keep it as clean as my main kitchen.

          I spend a lot of money on cleaning products and tend to buy the best available, but can't justify doing this for two kitchens so went off to Poundland to see what I could pick up there. Among other things I bought a bottle of Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser, and was glad I did after my granddaughter decided to fry herself a bacon sandwich this morning. The end result of this cooking session is a total mess of little oil splatters and larger puddles of cold grease all over my hob and work surface. How can one twelve year old and two slices of bacon can cause so much mess?

          I was not holding out very much hope for this Degreaser as I usually buy the much more expensive Fairy Power Spray, which I think is wonderful, and could not see how this much cheaper version could be of the same standard.

          After unplugging my electric hob I liberally sprayed Elbow Grease across the top of both the hob and the surface. The trigger spray is very easy to use and the rounded design of the bottle meant it was comfortable to hold in my hand while depressing the trigger, the trigger mechanism itself is smooth and easy to press which was a relief as I have arthritis in my hands and it was playing up that day.

          I left the Degreaser for a few minutes and was surprised to see I could literally see the grease dissolving and getting more runny before my eyes. I used a hot damp cloth to wipe the surfaces and was astounded as it picked up grease and oil, leaving visibly cleaner areas where I had wiped. In total I had to rinse and clean my cloth in hot water twice and for the final rinse of the surfaces I sprayed a little of this product onto a clean damp cloth to make sure every last bit of greasy residue had been removed. After a little work, if you can call simply wiping a surface and rinsing the cloth work, my kitchenette was as clean as it had been before being hit by a twelve year olds complete lack of understanding about hygiene!

          I decided to test it further on a roasting tin that had been used to cook a joint of lamb and roast vegetables. Anyone who cooks lamb will know it's an extremely greasy meat to cook, and my roasting tin was a mess of cold solidified lamb fat, small burned pools of fat and bits of potato that had stuck fast to the bottom of the tin. This time I sprayed more of the Degreaser as this was a very tough job, again I left it a few minutes and tackled it with a damp cloth. The first application removed most of the larger bits of greasy dirt from the roasting tin, and with a little perseverance I think I could have scrubbed the tin clean but I decided to spray it again to see how well a second application would perform.

          After leaving it to soak in for a while I realised I was late for an appointment so ran a very hot bowl of soapy water and left the tin in to soak without wiping the Elbow Grease off. When I returned an hour later I could see that a lot of the grease had lifted off the tin and was either floating on the still warm water or very loosely attached to the tin still, requiring just a very swift scrub over with the dishwashing brush. A rinse with hot, then cold water left my tin sparkling clean and ready to put away for the next meal.

          I am extremely impressed with Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser. Considering it cost me just £1 I would say it is at least as good as Fairy Power Spray which is almost £3 in price now, it's certainly more effective than Cifs kitchen cleaner which is fairly cheap to buy but requires a lot of hard work to get the most from the product. This Degreaser has a subtle lemon scent which is very fresh smelling and leaves a lovely clean fragrance in my kitchen. Most importantly it does not make me cough at all, even while using it at the bottom end of my shed which is waiting for a window to be cut into the wall and there is very little ventilation save the door which was open at the other end. I would be coughing and wheezing at some other products by this point but I had no more than a little tickle in my throat, which is to be expected as I have severe asthma so even the kindest products will produce some reaction.

          I would certainly recommend this and it will now replace my Fairy Power Spray completely because it's not only cheaper but comes in a bigger bottle and is just as effective.


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            22.07.2007 14:30
            Very helpful



            The best cleaning spray on the market but you won't find it in many supermarkets.

            “Now look,” my mother said, “I’ve bought this HG cleaner, it’s expensive so go easy and I want you to get up on the ladder and get the paint marks off the vinyl.”

            Stuff £6! For two years I’ve constantly recommended this wonderful miracle product from 151. Called “Elbow Grease,” to all of my friends - it’s a non-toxic degreasing formula god send! I’ve been using it to clean ovens, hobs, the microwave and the recent drama of washing down kitchen lights which are prone to grease caught from the cooker opposite in our kitchen. One spray, one wipe – you’ll be surprised as to the amount of grease and dirt this spray formula lifts.

            So let’s go back to 2005…This is a long review and I make no apology for it; I found this product to be the best on the market against higher priced cleaning solutions.

            Picture this. Asked if we could help out a friend move into a new home, my mum responded saying that I was free that weekend to help out, particularly as the carpets hadn't arrived and there was no vacuuming to do, but I was more than happy to clean and wash down the cupboards. My mum's choice was to use her favoured Kitchen Power spray, a spray which manages to make me sneeze at the best of times where it's highly toxic fumes can over come me from time to time - particularly if my mother keeps squeezing the trigger on the bottle to get more of this chemical solution out to burn off dirt and grease - without a window being open.

            I however had my secret weapon; 151's non-toxic Elbow Grease formula.

            ** Availability & Product **

            Elbow Grease is made by 151 Products, who supply most Pound and Thrift shops with a lot of cheap different products. Elbow Grease seems to be more of a consumer friendly first, rather than industrial, because everyone I know who has used this product always talks about its positive strengths.

            The price per bottle should cost a mere £1 but it is hard to get unless you live near a privately owned pound shop OR Semi Chem who after Christmas has started stocking this excellent product on their shelves. Semi Chem's price is usually just 99p for the standard 500ml bottle.

            Elbow Grease is a NON-TOXIC formula which is one of the best advantages going for this product. It was recommended to me and in turn I've since recommended its use to all the nurseries and pre-schools I've worked in as well as the current secondary school I'm in, not just for shifting dirt on contact but other uses which I shall elaborate on later.

            Primarily Elbow Grease Degreaser is just what it states on the label. It is a non toxic degreasing spray liquid, non-aerosol type which breaks up dirt and grease on contact.

            I have used this product for two years now and still heartily recommend it to anyone who is looking for an all purpose degreasing spray in the home. Notably for any consumer who hates using products which have lots of chemicals especially around children, this is one spray you should consider.

            Looks wise the bottle has a red top with a white twist On/Off channel and a white accompanying trigger. The bottle is a clear acrylic, slightly clouded and carries a green label with "Elbow Grease," written in red thick lettering and slightly angled. Below this you'll find the words "All Purpose Degreaser" in smaller white lettering against a bluish rectangle background.

            ** Examples **

            I've found that Kitchen Power spray seems to break up grease after five minutes. And I mean this by the liquid forming a mass of bubbles at the centre of the grease spot rather than around it. I’ve found whereas Kitchen Power needs time for its properties to hone in on the stain rather than working immediately 151 Elbow Grease does its break up upon contact instantly.

            Squeezing the trigger on the bottle should either spread a fine mist or a hefty squirt onto the affected area according to the 4 way rotating square white nib at the end of the spray and it has the usual “on” and “off” markings with further markings of optional releases . Whilst my mum stood and chatted away to her friend waiting for the grease to shift on her side of the kitchen, I was already wiping down all the stuck on grease, dust and dirt which had stuck itself to the tops of the food cupboards on my side of the kitchen in less than 2 minutes. Oh yes the Kitchen Power finally managed to clear the grease, but only as I found in one area where the spray had hit the spot, in the centre whilst the Elbow Grease cleared it all up in one.

            Elbow Grease can be used on virtually every surface. I've used it in our bathroom as well as the kitchen sinks and worktops. Of course in harder to reach areas, EG is brilliant at breaking up grime but if you don't wipe it immediately you'll start to see lines of the liquid dirt starting to fall down walls, which should shock you into realising how dirty places can really be! One of the key points of this cleaning spray is that whenever it hits dried on food stains, food spots in particular; it will surround the spot with its liquid and eventually loosen.

            Here are a few other examples:

            • Burnt on grease around gas hob rings: Here for example one spray is more than enough to leave on the hob before applying a hot sponge or wet cloth to the area. Elbow Grease is not flammable so you don't have to worry if you have left surplus liquid on the hob after washing down.

            • Microwave: Interior cleaning is simple, again spray and leave for a moment before applying wet cloth. What is remarkable is the amount of dirt which comes off the metal, and any painted area inside such an oven if you don't have stainless steel inside. Externally, Elbow Grease gets rid of food stains which have been stuck on and removing marks from the fascia at the front is very easy.

            • Car grease and Oil is no problem for Elbow Grease. It cuts through car oil and grease, particularly if you get it on your hands. Whilst Elbow Grease can leave a sticky feeling behind on skin, it gets rid of oily substances which have been left on machinery in general.

            • Finger marks and general oily deposits left on window surrounds also come up well with Elbow Grease. With other products if you can’t be bothered to put some of your manual elbow grease in yourself, spray EG on the hob and wait a couple of minutes for the burnt on stains to break down.

            • Soap deposits simply roll off with Elbow Grease, handy to use in the bathroom, around the bath itself on any type of porous material as well as coloured plastic baths. Elbow Grease brings stainless steel and chrome up looking professionally gleaming.

            • I was curious one day to see how this would benefit in the school. I left it in the department for general worktop cleaning as well as use with some of the keyboards in the school which can get oily from pupil's fingers. We no longer have chalk boards at school, and they have since been replaced with white PVC boards. Elbow Grease managed to destroy and break down permanent ink which had been applied to the board by mistake - a common problem - but because white spirit is a no-no product to keep in the classroom, Elbow Grease CAN get rid of permanent ink marks on a PVC white board. Excellent when you consider some of the prices schools are charged for purpose ink removal sprays and creams and they themselves are never available due to constant use.

            ** Tips To Using **

            The secret I use with Elbow Grease is with a damp cloth. I find that too much water on a cloth will make this agent foam up, and as such a damp cloth usually produces great results. Elbow Grease works better if you use a lukewarm towel as opposed to cold water too. Although EG will shift grease and oil, it works faster with the aid of a hot cloth rather than cold and works even faster if you have a Micro fibre cloth or one of those Spongex metallic scourer foam pads (another product I love but seldom find!)

            For the price then, I have bought 3 bottles in one go; one for use in the kitchen, one for use in the bathroom and one for use elsewhere in the home – and EG is quite a universal cleaner.

            From time to time, depending on usage I have found that the liquid can foam up in the bottle, and with it having a twisting unlocking action on the neck, it's handy to loosen off and add some water to water down the content - this does not harm the agent's contents, if anything I find it prolongs Elbow Grease that little bit longer until I can buy another bottle!

            ** The Scent **

            Unfortunately the scent of this product is something I don't really like. It isn't as strong as Kitchen Power but there is a distinct chemical smell here, some scent of citrus oil, which could well justify partly some of its brilliant ingredients which shift oil and grease stains. There is a strong smell here of Windowlene type products, similar also to Flash but if it works and if the product does state it's non-toxic I guess there is one downside in general terms to this product when using it. Looks wise the liquid is a slightly off lemon water colour, not cloudy but coloured and clear.

            151 (from 2007 onwards) have also launched Elbow Grease with Orange oil, which lessens the original chemical smell and replaced it with a vibrant orange scent.

            ** Other Problems **

            As the bottle states, as a consumer you should test a small part of the area you are cleaning and as the bottle goes onto warn, Elbow Grease will not clean plastic acrylic or see through plastic such as Visors. I have tried this already and find that the liquid rolls off at any given notice and does not clean acrylic terribly well.

            Contents wise, this product does carry very small amounts of Irritants despite its non-toxicity so it is best to check the back of the bottle as to what it contains. It is however solvent free.

            Largely depending on the shop you visit, there are slightly two different designs of the bottle but both are the same 500ml with red gun and white trigger. Look for the more angular design against the softer oval shaped top and channel spray outlet. Why? Well for some reason, those bottle's tops have a tendency to fall off. I always grip the bottle where the hand defies logic on the well designed grip just below the neck of the bottle. There have been times however when I did this on the oval shaped bottles, the top comes off and all of the EG gets knocked out and gets all over me.

            ** Conclusion **

            Elbow Grease Degreaser is one of those products which by its very advertising could pass you by. Designed with very much the cleaner type employee in mind, this is one spray you should consider for instant worktop stain removals, particularly in the kitchen and of course, lastly without saying, degreasing and oil removal. For £1 who am I to argue with? The only downside is looking for this product. Impress the manager of your local supermarket to get this in! Thanks for reading. ©Nar06 (review originally from Ciao)

            ** Update; 2007 **

            So to recap to the beginning of this review; briefly the EG knocked spots off a chemically based product called HG cleaner for the removal of paint marks on vinyl walls; that product cost £6-95 for a 500ml bottle and usually sits on the shelves at paint shops. Needless to say we won’t be wasting money like that on HG’s products when we have 151 Elbow Grease.

            Another miracle which has occurred has been using Elbow Grease in my Vax. Splitting the parts of carpet shampoo, one half of the cap with one half of Elbow Grease means that grease on kitchen flooring shifts a hell of a lot quicker than the standard hard floor or 3 in 1 carpet/floor cleaning agent is supposed to do. Mixing the two solutions together however leaves our kitchen floor smelling very clean and fresh as opposed to using Elbow Grease all on its own.


            151 Products Limited
            Globe House
            Southall Street
            M3 1LG


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