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Elbow Grease Power Grime & Limescale Remover

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Brand: Others / Type: All Purpose Cleaner / Subcategory: Limescale Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2008 11:46
      Very helpful



      Cheap cleaning product

      Elbow Grease power grime and limescale remover
      It seems that when I am on holiday i am forever buying cleaning products, and with the rapidly rising cost of these necessary household products I am usually on the look out for cleaners which work as well as some of the more well known brands and at less cost

      WHAT'S IT FOR?

      This is specially formulated to remove grime and limescale from glass plastic, shower cubicles, ceramic washbasins, baths, shower basins, taps, stainless steel and chrome. It is not for use on enamel, aluminium, zinc, copper or natural stone and should not be used on hot surfaces.


      The cleaner comes in a plastic purple 500mml bottle with all the instructions on the back. It has a bright orange spray nozzle with a kind of on/off thing to close it.
      The product itself when sprayed does come out quickly and just a spray at a time usually does the trick. I find the best thing is to move the bottle slowly to cover a greater area or you get lots of the product in one place. It does have a fairly antiseptic "cleaning fluid" kind of smell, so after it has been used, things do smell as though they have been cleaned.

      HOW TO USE IT.

      It is suggested that as a precaution, rubber gloves have been used. However, i am very bad at donning the marigolds when cleaning, and I have sustained no skin irritation (I don't have sensitive skin though).
      The nozzle should be turned to the on position and the cleaner should be sprayed onto the area to be cleaned. Leave for 30 seconds and then wipe off with a clean cloth. Remember to rinse the cloth with clean water after use or better still, i find, wash it!


      It comes with the usual kind of precautions for this type of cleaning product including;
      * Keep it away from children
      * Avoid contact with eyes
      * Do not breath the spray and use in well ventilated areas


      As with many of these products, i bought this from my local bargain store, and it cost me the princely sum of 99p. The website, www.151.co.uk has information about the other products


      Although i haven't yet seen them all for sale, the website shows that there are a range of these products for sale including:
      * Glass cleaner
      * All purpose degreaser
      * Bathroom cleaner
      * Shower shine


      Yes, it does indeed work. I have used this mainly in the bathroom, and it does clean the bath and shower with very little effort. One of the really good things about it is that it cleans glass so i don't have to carry several sprays with me. It does have a fairly strong smell when it is first sprayed- the kind that gets up your nose, so i do always have the windows open
      A great bargain product which does the job.
      Thanks for reading.
      Daniela x


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