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Fairy All In One Original Dishwasher Tablets

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Brand: Fairy / Type: Dishwasher Tablets / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2013 16:15
      Very helpful



      One I will use again when on offer

      I'm not brand loyal when it comes to cleaning products and nearly always go for whatever is on offer, this is very true when it comes to dishwasher tablets, they are generally very expensive and so I make sure I always buy them when they are half price. 

      The ones I'm using at the moment are Fairy All in One dishwasher tablets which I bought from my local Tesco a while ago when they were half price, they are available in both lemon and regular, I bought the lemon ones. 

      Fairy All in One Dishwasher Tablets are sold in a thick strong plastic bag/sachet which is green in colour. The red Fairy logo is on the front along with a picture of one of the tablets. The front of the packet also informs the customer that these tablets will "power through grease even in short cycles". The number of tablets in the bag is also shown, in my case its 24. 

      The back of the pack gives all the relevant information you would expect to find on a product of this type such as instructions, warnings and ingredients however this is all done in writing so small that's its not easy to read. 

      The packet needs to be cut along the top with scissors to open it but once open there is a re-sealable strip so the tablets can be kept dry, this is important as the plastic coating of the tablets easily start to melt at the first sign of moisture.

      The tablets themselves are little oblong shapes of powder in a clear thin plastic cover, on the top of the tablets there are 2 liquid sections, one lemon and one blue.

      There's no need to unwrap the tablets, impossible anyway with the liquid, the plastic dissolves in the dishwasher, personally I prefer ones that you unwrap but a lot of brands seem to be doing this now. 

      To use you simply place the tablet in the little container in your dishwasher and set your programme going. 

      I've used over half of my Fairy All in One dishwasher tablets now and so far I've been pleased with them. All of my plates, cups cutlery etc comes out clean and smelling fresh. The lemon fragrance is very faint n the dishwasher and cannot be smelt on anything once out of there. 

      Glasses are sparkling and have no dullness on them, oven dishes with baked on food on them are clean after one wash nothing is left stuck to them. 
      I have used these on a regular wash and a short cycle and have had excellent results from both. The tablets dissolve completely and there's never any smears of powder stuck to the dishes.

      As I mentioned I bought my Fairy All in One dishwasher tablets from Tesco where they currently cost £8.60 for 24 or £6.00 (half price) for a pack of 34. 

      If you use this type of product I would recommend trying these particularly while they are half price. 


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