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Fairy Pure Clean Grapefruit & Gardenmint

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Brand: Fairy / Type: Washing Up Liquid / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      04.07.2010 12:18
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      A really disappointing product

      I usually buy the original green Fairy liquid, but when I last went to stock up, the anti-bacterial versions were on a buy one get one free offer, so I picked up two bottles - one of the lime variety, and this one, the pink grapefruit and garden mint fragrance. I used this one first because I was also using a pink grapefruit all purpose spray by Flash, and sad as it sounds I liked the thought of matching scents!

      The bottle is clear and the same shape as the other varieties of Fairy, but the label has a shield with a cross, to represent the fact that it is anti-bacterial. If you're a fan of the colour pink like I am, you might also appreciate that the actual liquid is pink in colour, adding a dash of girly-ness to your household chores!

      The first time I used this product I noticed a very obvious difference between this and the original Fairy liquid. When I squirted it into the sink, it was much, much runnier than the original version. One of the main reasons I use the original stuff so often is that only a tiny amount is needed, therefore a bottle lasts for absolutely ages. With this, I found that if I turned the bottle upside down it would literally just pour out, so it meant that I would often end up using more than I had intended.

      Another thing I found was that even though I was using more of this than I would the regular Fairy, it made less bubbles. I know it's not necessarily the bubbles that actually clean, but I do like a few bubbles as it's a sort of reassurance that the product is working, so it was a bit disappointing that I didn't get much froth from this.

      As for the smell, it's supposed to be pink grapefruit and garden mint, but the smell is so subtle I rarely notice it. On the odd occasion I do get a whiff of the scent when washing up, it is the sharp zest of the pink grapefruit that seems to come out rather than the mint.

      Although the cleaning power is adequate and it does get my dishes clean, again it does not match up to the original Fairy. With the original, one of the things I particularly liked was that it got glasses and cutlery really sparkling, and whilst this doesn't leave them dull, it doesn't give any noticeable shine either. I also find dried on food needs to be soaked for longer and it is not as effective on cutting through grease. Like I say though it does clean and on the whole is adequate, but whilst I'm happy to pay more for the original, this only has the cleaning power I'd expect from cheaper brands.

      On the subject of price, this costs around £1.50 for a 450ml bottle from Somerfield, but there are often special offers on Fairy, so look out for those. According to Fairy's website it is also available in a 650ml size.

      Overall I was really disappointed with this. I only pay extra for the Fairy brand because of the superior cleaning power and the fact a bottle lasts longer than cheap washing up liquids, but neither of those things were the case here. I came away feeling really disappointed and I wouldn't buy this product again, nor would I recommend it.


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