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Fiesta Kitchen Towel Roll Sheets

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3 Reviews

Brand: Fiesta / Type: Towel / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    3 Reviews
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      22.08.2013 05:04
      Very helpful
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      Fantastic kitchen towels from Fiesta.

      I like to run a clean and tidy home and using kitchen towel is part of this. We have quite a few pets in our home and typically if one of them is sick or has an accident then I will use kitchen towel initially while running to get other cleaning supplies. I have one cat who has a health condition and sometimes she gets sick and as I know a moment or two in advance by the noises that she makes I can lay kitchen towel down and she will actually walk over and throw up on it allowing me to clear it away and then clean my floor. This also prevents distress to my cat as she doesn't have to stand there trying to clear away her sick and getting herself more worked up in the process. Kitchen towel is also used for a number of other uses such as drying worktops, cleaning items in my kitchen, drying my hands when I have no hand towel free or I am handling raw meat and want something that I can dispose of immediately after using.

      I purchase Fiesta online, via Amazon, with 24 rolls (6 packets of 4 rolls) costing £10.20 with a 15% discount on the usual £12.00 price for ordering 5 or more items from the 'Subscribe & Save' scheme in one month. I always order items in bulk from Amazon these days as it saves me having to lug things home and usually I can save some money in the process by ordering a large amount of items in one month, sometimes in advance of when I need them, which is fantastic for me. This works out at 85p per 2 roll packet which is about as cheap as I have ever seen these really so I'm happy enough with that.

      This kitchen towel comes provided in a plastic bag and mine is provided with 4 rolls in each packet. I have a special store cupboard, like a larder I guess, where I store my bulk purchases of toiletries, cleaning products, animal food and other items that I don't want in my kitchen, and I stack these kitchen towels up high. The plastic packaging is really effective for me as I can just tear wildly at the packaging to grab a kitchen towel when I need one and the rest of the kitchen towels are packed tightly inside and don't fall out in my cupboard.

      Kitchen towel is really useful for me, as I seem to be cleaning and cooking almost constantly, and as such I like to have a kitchen towel that is strong and reliable, which I believe Fiesta is. These kitchen towels are white and they have a circular pattern, that is not symmetrical, running all over them. I like the pattern on these kitchen towels as it feels nice when in use and while I am not 100% sure it does seem to make the kitchen towel stronger than just plain kitchen towel. This might be psychological but the texture seems to help with absorbency.

      This kitchen towel is used for many different things, as I have already said, and in the kitchen I use it for soaking up oil from cooking, cleaning up spills on my kitchen sides and buffing my kitchen sink after I have cleaned it. I find that this kitchen towel has a nice thickness to it, without being too thick, and an example of how much is needed is that I can use 2 sheets of this kitchen towel, of which there are 52 on a roll, to dry my hands. I can just about dry them thoroughly with 2 sheets but it takes more time than it would if I just used 3 sheets. This kitchen towel is absorbent and it soaks up quite a large amount of liquid. I don't usually wring this out but on the occasions that I have done so the absorbency has been fantastic and there has rarely been any tearing of the kitchen towel. I can clear up spillages with ease using this kitchen towel and when my friend's dog had an accident recently I just pulled off a load of sheets and dumped them on the urine and it soaked it up quickly. This allowed me to dispose of this kitchen towel in the bin and then use my flash power mop to clean my floors quickly and easily with minimal effort and minimal touching of the urine. I also didn't have to use any cloths or products that are not particularly disposable either.

      Overall I am really pleased with the quality of this kitchen towel. The price is very reasonable, the thickness is great and the absorbency is fantastic. I love being able to use just 1 or 2 pieces of kitchen towel when needed and if I don't have cloths to hand I am always sure to have kitchen towel to hand. I use this to clean mirrors throughout my home, of which there are loads, and I love that it doesn't leave any smears, streaks or particles behind. I can drain fat from food and this soaks up lots of fat and overall the towels are absorbent, strong and do not rip or tear easily either. I am rating this kitchen towel 5/5 and feel it really is worth every star.


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        30.07.2013 19:07
        Very helpful



        Cheap and cheerful!

        Before I get stuck into writing this review I would like to point out that this product is not called kitchen roll but household towel. I did request a link for household towel but got told to write my review here. Fiesta don't sell kitchen roll so this is the right product and I guess people do use it in the kitchen but it can of course be used anywhere. If you have an issue with this please feel free to contact Dooyoo themselves but I'm sure they're happy enough for my review to be here cos thats what they told me lol.

        I bought this product actually by mistake. I was in my local Nisa store and picked this up as it was the cheapest loo roll I could see and I was running low on the stuff and it wasn't until I got home and opened it to pop it into my bathroom that I realised I had got the wrong thing! I decided that for a quid for 2 rolls that it wasn't worth worrying about and I kept it and placed one in my kitchen for use and one in my bathroom for cleaning with (nothing else! lol).

        The Packaging:

        The rolls come tightly wrapped mainly see through plastic covering which is easy enough to tear off and dispose of. On the front and the back of it there is blue colouring and on that there is a picture of a cartoon elephant shown and we are clearly told that the it is Fiesta Household Towel 'White' and then on the side of the pack we are given contact details for the manufacturer.

        The Rolls:

        Thick, white in colour with indentations of little dots all over it the sheets are rather large and easy to tear off the roll. This is two ply tissue and its reasonably thick and a little hard to the touch which gives it a robust feeling.

        These can be used for wiping up spills etc anywhere within the home and to dispose of them we should bin them.

        I use these for a variety of things. I like them in my kitchen to wipe down my worktops with a little kitchen spray, I like to wipe over my glass dining table with them and use them often to polish my glasses that I use daily and I find them absorbent and that they don't fall apart on me and that they don't give up bits of tissue on my glassware and so on. They are not the thickest tissue there is and they are not hugely absorbent but for small tasks they are great and just today in fact I used them in my kitchen to wipe within a grotty cupboard and to clean my hob over with and my doorhandles!

        Like I say I use these in the bathroom too. Again I like to use a little bathroom cleaner, spray and wipe with these to get things clean. They are great for cleaning my toilet seat and sink out with and when I have mopped my floor I like to make sure my floor is really dry with using a couple of these afterwards.

        These are an inexpensive 'household towel' and I have had no issues with these at all and will be buying them again. I use them for various reasons and you get plenty on the roll too!

        Available from Nisa, B & M and a variety of discount type stores and in various sizes too, thumbs up from me and my home!


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          29.07.2013 16:24
          Very helpful



          Good product

          I always try to do my grocery shopping in a supermarket or discount store. Mainly because of price and a variety of choice of different products. This is probably why of late I seem to be in Asda nearly every day as theres always something to buy! Sometimes though you just need to buy something right here right now, and there is no cheap store or supermarket around. I bought this item from a corner shop while picking up my son from nursery, costing 85p for a 2 roll pack of kitchen paper.

          Why did I buy it?

          Kitchen paper is one of those things that if I have it in the kitchen, I will use it, and use it ALL the time. But its also one of those things I tend to forget off my shopping list. I bought it because the day before I wanted to cook something that really did need kitchen paper to help drain and soak away some fat from it, and I was kicking myself that I had none in the house because I couldn't really cook it without it. So sensible brain told me to buy some when I got the chance.

          I bought this one because it was on promotion. Instead of it costing £1.00, it cost 85p, and I thought the price and the amount of kitchen towel you got was decent. Plus, there was no real variety of other kitchen towels available in the shop so this seemed the best deal at the time.

          How is it packaged?

          You get two rolls of kitchen towels/paper, wrapped in plastic. On the front of the packaging is the brand logo ' Fiesta ' at the top with the words Household towel underneath. A huge blue elephant in the bottom left hand corner and in the right it tells you there are 2 rolls of product.

          On the back are afew small pictures giving you can idea of what you can use this product for and theres also company contact details as well.

          What do the towels look like?

          They are white in colour but patterned with varying sized green circles which are randomly spread all over the towels and are joined by green thin lines. If you look closely at the towel, you can see they aren't completely flat but textured, and appeared to be embossed with tiny circles throughout and all over.

          What do I use these for?

          A variety of different things. The main thing I use them for is to soak up oil from food that has been fried, such as bacon, fried plantain ( West Indian banana type fruit ), fried dumpling ( West Indian accompaniment to meals ), browning off different meats, pancakes etc.

          I also use this for light cleaning, such as wiping up liquids, food that's been thrown around by the kids, numerous spillages on the floor.

          This item is sometimes used to wipe the kids hands if they've been abit over zealous in regards to arts and crafts, they've become very messy at snack time and need food wiped off hands before washing etc.
          I also use this to cover food if maybe one of the kids hasn't finished their food for whatever reason, but they will be going back to it sooner rather than later, so it doesn't need to be stored away just lightly protected as they will eat it within say an hour.

          How do I find this?

          I think this is a good quality kitchen paper towel. Its just the right thickness so you feel its not too flimsy nor weak to perform tasks. Its very absorbent, so perfect in regards to soaking up and cleaning spillages. Its very robust, and I don't need to use loads of them just one or two at a times so I feel the product last a good while. Its standard in size when you rip sheets off the roll, and I feel the amount you get is perfect in regards to size of sheet and amount per roll is adequate for the jobs I do around the kitchen/house.

          When using to soak up food that is very oily, it does it very well. Still maintains its shape and structure, and you find most of the oil in the towel rather than in the food.

          The look is pleasant. Im glad for once theres no flowers or animals or weird and wonderful patterns on it. Not a bad thing, I like patterns and pictures on kitchen paper, its just sometimes less is more so makes a nice change.

          Would I buy this again? Yes I would. As long as the price is right and the amount I get per packet is decent I don't see why not. Its good quality, good strength to it and can be used doing different things. Performed well in my house.

          Good kitchen essential.


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