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Flash Ultimate Cleaning Spray

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Brand: Flash / Type: All Purpose Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2011 21:08
      Very helpful



      Good hard working cleaner

      Now I'm not usually one for reviewing cleaning products, or one for enjoying reading reviews about them either. My general train of thought is that when you are buying household cleaning products you go into the supermarket, look at what's on the shelf, and make an educated decision based on the options around you. Well that's what I usually do anyway, and I often choose something which is on offer, or go for a supermarket brand item rather than a premium brand, I hate to spend vast quantities of money on cleaning products. However, this particular cleaning spray deserves a special mention from me, because it seems to be pretty good.

      On one of my regular trips to Netto, where I can often be seen picking up a bargain or two, I needed a new general purpose spray cleaner for my kitchen & bathroom and I picked this up, not really reading the bottle or taking much interest, I just saw the Flash logo, noticed it was a spray and put it into my basket. It must have been below the £2 mark for me to buy it, but I actually have no idea what I paid.

      ***It's The Ultimate***

      Now considering I never bothered to read the label, this just sat in my kitchen cupboard for a few weeks before I used it, but when the time came - phew!!! First of all I wished I had read the label, second of all I wish I had worn a gas mask, and third of all I wish I had discovered it sooner! After the initial shock of inhaling the putrid stench of this cleaning solution (it smells like a mixture of rotten eggs and sulphur), I studied the bottle and realised it isn't just a multipurpose cleaner but something much stronger!

      --- "Flash Ultimate Spray tackles the toughest dirt like rust, limescale, grease, soapscum and grime from surfaces around and even outside the home!" ---

      So here was I mindlessly spritzing it around my kitchen and on my dining table, letting the children breathe in these noxious fumes, when I could have been using it for the limescale around my sink taps, the grease under my deep fat fryer and the blackened windowsills outside my house! So once I realised what this spray was apparently capable of, I set about testing the claims on the bottle.


      I have an area on my kitchen work surface which is very sticky due to using a deep fat fryer perhaps once a fortnight and I have never been able to get rid of the stickiness. So I set to work with this spray, I completely saturated the area and left it for a few minutes, scrubbed it with a sponge, then wiped it off with a cloth. And to my surprise, it practically lifted the grease off straight away. A miracle.


      With me being a busy mum and my kitchen being a dishwasher free zone, I sometimes (not always!) leave my washed pots to drain on the draining board, and over time this can cause limescale to accumulate in the ridges on my drainer and on the draining board itself. I always keep them clean but the limescale tends to hang around for long periods. So one afternoon while I had a few minutes spare I took this spray and engulfed the entire sink area in the solution, got my special sponge and started scrubbing. What I noticed was that the limescale that I presumed was unshiftable just seemed to come straight off. All I had to do was rub the sponge across the affected areas a few times and shiny metal was once again revealed! I couldn't actually believe it, and for it to be so fast acting was just amazing. I have in the past used limescale remover, but this has always had to be left for 30 minutes or more before it becomes effective, and then it requires a lot of elbow grease too.

      After I had finished the kitchen sink, it practically sparkled, I managed to remove stubborn bits of limescale and grime from around the taps, especially in those hard to reach areas, and the draining board looked like I had just replaced it with a new one - it really was that shiny.


      I don't tend to let soapscum build up in my bathroom because I do like this room to look clean most of the time if I can help it. So the bath & shower are usually wiped down straight after use, but even when I try my hardest I can let things slip and dirt can build up in certain areas, such as around the taps and plug holes. And I bet you can guess what I'm going to say next, Flash Ultimate takes care of all of this with no problems. If I'm honest I don't usually use this spray in the bathroom because I do keep on top of the cleanliness in here, so a standard bathroom cleaning spray is fine. However, if I am giving the bathroom a good thorough clean I turn to Flash Ultimate spray because I know it will cut through all the grime I need it to. If you are the type to leave your bath to go grimy and black, like they do on the adverts, then I daresay you couldn't go far wrong with this Flash Ultimate spray.


      My husband has used this spray to clean our BBQ and whilst I do not oversee proceedings in this department, I have noticed a gleam on the racks, which can only be down to the effectiveness of Flash Ulitmate! Usually he leaves behind black marks and grimy bits, but this is no longer the case.

      I have used it on our PVC windowsills and frames and it brings off any recent black marks. My husband is a mechanic, and while he does wash his hands when he comes in from the garage he often leaves black fingerprints on my white door - one squirt and a quick wipe and they are gone.

      ***My Overall Opinion***

      Despite the stench, which is very off-putting, I love this cleaning spray. I would not recommend it as a general purpose cleaner, but definitely as something tougher for those extra dirty areas around the home, and perhaps those areas that you thought were a lost cause! I would also recommend using when children are not close by because the smell might irritate their noses, it certainly irritates mine. Something else which deserves a mention is that if you spray it liberally (as I tend to) the froth can take a few rinses to remove; when you spray it the liquid is clear with just a few bubbles as you would expect from any normal cleaner, but once you get scrubbing the froth builds up pretty quickly and can become obscene, and once the froth starts I know it is time to rinse it off before I inhale too much of the smell... So although I recommend this product, perhaps if you have delicate nostrils maybe you should steer clear.

      ***For Your Information***

      Seeing as though this is a pretty intense cleaner I thought I should include a few details about the makings of the product, and see if you can work out what makes it smell so bad.

      Ingredients - <5% Anionic surfactants, Nonionic surfactants; Perfume, Citronellol, Limonene. (for more info visit www.info-pg.com)

      There is a large black cross on the back of the bottle too stating 'IRRITANT', so you might want to use rubber gloves when using it and try not to prolong any contact with your skin. Keep out of reach of children.

      It comes in a bright green bottle so it's hard to miss, and retails between £2 and £3, I have seen it in Asda & Netto so I presume it's widely available.


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