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Flash With Febreze New Zealand Spray

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3 Reviews

Brand: Flash / Type: All Purpose Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      10.07.2013 15:11
      Very helpful



      Leaves unsightly smears on all surfaces.

      I had been using Flash with Bleach to clean my kitchen but I ran out. I then went to the shop to buy a replacement product but they didn't have any of the same variety so I thought I'd buy this Flash with Febreeze Freshness New Zealand Springs instead. I already had some experience of using Flash with Febreeze as I'd been using the Cotton Fresh variety in my bathroom and toilet. I'd been pleased with the results there and thought that this product would be just as good.

      I bought this in a 750ml 'mega' size bottle which is a really great big bottle. I actually love that it's so big as it means I don't have to shop so often. The bottle is transparent which means it's fully recyclable once you remove the top. The bottle is shaped like a trigger to make it easier to hold which is perfect. There are labels on the front and back which provide product information.

      This is called the 'New Zealand' Springs variety as the Febreeze fragrance included in the formula is supposed to summon up dreams of sparkling fresh waterfalls and epic grassy knolls the type of which you would see when watching 'Lord of the Rings'! The product is described as an 'all purpose cleaner' and is supposed to be suitable for most surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

      There are instructions for use on the back which include helpful if rather unnecessary pictures of how to use the product. The instructions are fairly basic. Spray onto surface and wipe with a damp cloth. It says if you want a 'brilliant shine' you should then wipe dry with a dry cloth. Tougher stains are advised to be treated for three minutes prior to wiping.

      As with any product of this nature there are safety precautions involved. This is not suitable for non washable surfaces like wood or metal surfaces like copper, brass and aluminium. It should be kept away from children, eyes and sensitive skin. The spray must not be inhaled so you should allow for ventilation when using.

      The bottle and spray dispenser are easy to use. There is a large trigger on the bottle which is indented to fit the natural grip of your fingers. A nozzle allows you to close or open the top. When you depress the trigger the green liquid comes out in a fine mist. You need to hold the bottle about 7 inches away from the surface you are treating.

      Having used Flash with Febreeze Cotton Fresh prior to this I really like the combination of the two products. Febreeze has the kind of scent that feels clean and refreshing. The fragrance of this New Zealand Springs variety is not disappointing. It has a light, rainy day in summer kind of scent. It is not at all overpowering like some all purpose cleaners are. It smells more like a fabric spray or an air freshener than a cleaning product.

      I thought this was working quite well at first. I used it all over my kitchen and it removed all manner of stains and dirt with ease. It worked well on all kinds of surfaces like glass, plastic, kitchen cupboards and my sink. As far as being capable of cleaning all sorts of dirt it is totally effective. After using I left the areas to dry and when I returned I was very displeased to see that everywhere I had used this there were long, misty smears. I thought perhaps I hadn't wiped it up well enough so re-did all of the areas. On my second inspection they were still smeared and cloudy. I then read the bottle again and saw that it said in smaller writing that for a brilliant shine you should wipe the area dry. It doesn't say this is a must though, it just advises. However, after continuing to use this there is no occasion that it doesn't leave a unpleasant smear pattern wherever it's used. Often this makes the area look less clean then when you started! To leave it completely clean you have to dry it whilst it's damp. Even then it doesn't leave a shiny appearance afterwards. It makes double the work, double the effort and sometimes it is not even worth it!

      Whilst I really like the idea of the Flash plus Febreeze combo this particular spray is no good for using in my kitchen. Having used the Cotton Fresh variety in my bathroom I have to say I haven't noticed the same bad result with that one. Perhaps it's just this variety that has the problem. In any case I won't be buying this again. I look for a kitchen cleaner that will leave my surfaces looking bright and clean, not murky and smeared.

      This review is also on Ciao!


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      25.01.2013 20:29
      Very helpful
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      It's okay. Just okay.

      I do like my cleaning and I while I enjoy trying out different products, generally once I find something I like, I will keep buying it. However when my mum sees things on offer, she will kindly buy them for me just to save me a few pounds. This 'Flash with Febreze New Zealand Springs' was one of the items she got for me recently.

      This is a multi-purpose cleaner and so it is not recommend for use in any specific room in the house. I primarily use it in the kitchen as I already have separate cleaning sprays for the bathroom.

      This is a pump-action spray that comes in a large plastic bottle. It is available in either 500ml or 'mega sized' 700ml, which is the size I have. The front has the Flash logo and a picture of some grass, bringing to mind lush green fields. The back of the bottle gives instructions for usage.

      The actual spray is a watery liquid that is a very bright green colour - lurid and almost fluorescent-looking. I know that the scent is meant to be the 'good' thing about this spray, but I personally did not like it at all. It is extremely floral - Flash describe this smell as 'golden amber and oak moss', but to me it just smells very synthetic and flowery, and ugh, I just do not like it at all. I find it slightly sickly, but others could just as easily love it.

      Flash advise that the spray is for hard, washable surfaces, and indeed I use this mainly on my kitchen worktops, kitchen windowsill, draining board, taps and hob. To use, you spray on, wait a few minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth. You can then re-wipe with a dry cloth if desired in order to shine.

      I was not blown away by this spray. When you spray it, it is very watery whereas I prefer cleaning sprays that go slightly foamy - I just personally feel that they have better cleaning ability! It is very easy to spray on and then rinse off, but I don't think it left my sink/taps as shiny and gleaming as the likes of regular Flash or Cif so.

      It works fine on worktops, but I did find that when I sprayed this onto my white kitchen tiles, I had to really rinse it because the spray goes on bright green and will dry like that unless you completely clean it off again.

      Provided you rinse this properly, it does not leave any residue and your kitchen or wherever you use this will smell fresh and clean afterwards... great if you like the smell of this.

      This costs around £3 for 700ml, but Sainsbury's currently offer this for £2. I think £3 is just too expensive for me, particularly as it's a product I am 'meh' about. That said, this *has* lasted me for quite a while.

      Flash with Febreze also comes in Relaxing Lavender, Cotton Fresh, Blossom & Breeze and Thai Orchid.

      No, I would not buy this myself. It's not awful - it does the job it's meant to. It just did not blow me away, and as I said, the smell is not one I am keen on.


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        11.01.2013 12:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great all-purpose cleaner which does what it promises

        I am an OCD cleaner which for my other half it means utter madness and for me it means I stay sane. I clean every day even if I don't return from the office until gone 7 I find myself up at ridiculous times cleaning the work surfaces or bleaching my sink. I therefore, happen to go through cleaning products very easily and find myself re-stocking every time I do a big shop. What is worse I tend to get a little excited when I see a new product, yes very sad indeed!

        That one new product I found several months ago was by Flash it is part of their Flash All Purpose Cleaner with Febreze in the 'New Zealand Springs' variety. I have used other varieties from this range but the 'New Zealand Springs' was the latest variety to have been brought out. I popped a bottle into my basket in my local Wilkinsons with the hope it would clean well and provide a nice lasting freshness.

        == New Zealand Springs ==

        The Flash All Purpose Cleaner with Febreze is exactly what it says a multi-purpose cleaner which is suitable for all hard, washable surfaces. Febreze is added to help keep your home incredibly fresh smelling whilst the all-purpose cleaner helps to keep your home clean. Flash is only the brand that have combined Febreze in their products.

        According to Flash:

        "Discover the invigorating freshness of New Zealand Springs, inspired by lush green springs hidden deep in the heart of the New Zealand forests. Be revitalized by this blend of fresh fruit notes, while gentle hints of golden amber and oak moss transport you right into the green forests of New Zealand."

        == Packaging ==

        The multi-purpose cleaner comes in a plastic shaped bottle with a trigger spray. The bottle although not completely transparent you can clearly see the bright green liquid inside. The front label features the Flash and Febreze logos together with the product name. The labelling is fitting with the product as it is also green. On the back of the bottle there is information about it, how to use, warnings and the extensive ingredients list.

        == In Use ==

        As it is an multi-purpose cleaner I do use it around the whole of my house which does reduce the amount of products you need. I have used it on my doors, kitchen work tops, tiles, kitchen cupboard doors to name just a few and I find that once sprayed on it is easily wiped away and doesn't leave any residue behind or water marks which is great. I have never had a problem with using it on my hard surfaces making it ideal for any room in the house. Now my house isn't dirty but I find that any areas of dirt or grime are easily tackled and removed instantly with a quick wipe.

        The spray does come out green in colour so you spray it onto pale surfaces (i.e. my white doors) you can clearly see where you need to wipe but if you don't wipe it all away it will dry pale green so you do need to ensure you wipe it all away! The spray is quite fine as well so you do find that you only need to press the trigger once to cover quite a decent area which of course reduces the amount you actually need to use making the bottle last longer.

        I really do like the fragrance of 'New Zealand Springs' and whilst I cannot pick out the golden amber or oak moss you do get a softer more earthy fragrance than most cleaners which is actually quite a refreshing smell which is lovely and makes a nice change from floral all-purpose cleaners. I do find that the fragrance does last for quite a while after I have used it especially in my kitchen when I use it on my work tops and cupboard doors.

        == Overall ==

        I am really pleased to find this product, although I have used other varieties in the Flash range this one has become a firm favourite simply because of the different and refreshing fragrance it has as it makes a good change from others I have used. What's best is that it cleans well, lifts off dirt and grime with ease and leaves behind an incredibly clean surface. I really can't find any faults with it at all and can easily recommend it. 5 stars from me.

        == Product Information ==

        Brand: Flash
        Size: 700ml
        Price: Around £2.00
        Availability: Discount stores and supermarkets


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