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Type: Refillable Lighters

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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2013 17:27
      Very helpful



      Great lighters.

      ~*~*~ Gas Cooker Lighters ~*~*~

      ~ What are they?? ~

      These are long handled/tipped lighters that save your fingers from getting burnt when trying to light tricky objects like cookers and candles!

      They come in a range of sizes as you can see from the picture above (provided by dooyoo), one smaller and one larger. You can buy them separately or in packs, the last I bought was a two pack which also included a refill bottle of gas, mine were the same as above but blue in colour.

      ~ Not just for cookers ~

      As I have already mentions they can be used for other things not just lighting cookers. I did initially buy them to use with my gas cooker as the clicker had broken but I also use them for lighting candles especially Yankee candles!

      I now have an electric cooker since my previous gas cooker gave up the ghost completely but I did use these type lighters for years for lighting the gas hob.

      The long handle/neck of the lighters make sure you are a decent distance from the flame so that you don't end up burning yourself which is of course very important ... Singed fingers are not a good look!

      To use it I would turn the knob on the cooker to get the gas going to the ring I needed/wanted to use and then click the lighter next to the ring which would ignite, in the past I always used the clicker on my cooker but it become very temperamental so it was easier to use a lighter but with a short lighter I would either need to be very quick or burn myself so when I saw these in a pound stop (discount) store I bought them.

      It never crossed my mind to use them for lighting candles until I was struggling to light a Yankee Candle jar that had been used quite a bit and then I had a sudden brainwave ... Probably something a lot of people already use them for *blush*. Use the long lighter to reach the wick! It worked!

      So that is what I use them for now as I no longer have my lovely gas cooker *sob, sob*.

      ~ Any good? ~

      The only problem I have encountered with these, having used them for years, is that the gas inside doesn't seem to last very long, they have a small reservoir so I would recommend buying a bottle of gas for the purpose of re-filling these lighters as they will then last you a long time. I generally tend to loose mine before I need to re-fill it (think they accidentally get thrown in the rubbish bin) but they are cheap enough anyway. The last set I bought came in a two pack which also included a small bottle of gas and I have refilled the lighter once already with plenty left in the refill bottle, I paid £1 for the set which I think is a bargain.

      I prefer using these to cooks matches (the longer matches) as obviously these lighters do not have the sulphur smell and last longer.

      They do not have a flint, like a traditional lighter, but have a little electric clicker so they are very easy to use. The ones I have now have a little teeny switch on the side to lock it when not in use, which I think is a good feature.

      I keep mine on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard, out of the way of little fingers and I would recommend you do the same, keep of the reach of children. The do look quite enticing to children but I can imagine how dangerous it would be for them to get a hold of one as they do light very simply and easily with just one click.

      ~ Overall ~

      I would recommend these for candle lighting alone, they are perfect for lighting the gas hob which is what they are intended for but they do have other uses also.

      They are cheap and quite readily available. I tend to notice them more in discount stores but I have seen them in supermarkets too.

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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      27.05.2013 21:36
      Very helpful



      A great little kitchen gadget to keep on hand.

      I'm reviewing a pair of cooker lighters.
      These are available on amazon and other online stores for £5.80 with free P&P.

      ***WHAT THEY ARE***

      It is a pair of matching lighters with extended nozzles which mean you can safely light a gas cooker or barbecue without getting fingers burned.
      The longest one is just over 10" long .....4" of which is the metal nozzle and the rest is the handle and trigger which are made from plastic.
      The shorter one is about 6" long , 2" of which is the metal nozzle and the rest is plastic.
      Both come ready filled with butane gas .

      ***USE AND OPINION***

      I love these lighters. I got them in my Christmas stocking after complaining of getting my fingers burned struggling with the small lighters I was using .
      First of all we don't have a gas cooker, but I'm a scented candle fan and I particularly like buying the large jars when I locate a fragrance I really love. However ,once these burn down to a certain level getting them lit next time is a chore involving getting right down into the jar .....and that's why hubby picked these up for me.

      They are refillable and I've left in a can of butane gas (from Poundland) for refilling them,but not needed to use it yet.

      There is a tiny long narrow window in each lighter where you can see how much gas is left in the lighter and there is a tiny hole at the end of the handle, which is where you refill when needed .

      Both are trigger action and a firm press of the trigger with the index finger is all that's needed to ignite.
      Neither one is stiff....nice easy action.

      They both have rather stiff sliding locks for safety, so if they fall into tiny child hands they can't be lit accidentally, unless the child figures out the lock and manages to maneuver it into the ON position .

      There is also a slider to adjust the flame size,but even at it's highest setting it is not a massive flame, which is good because I can't think why you'd NEED a huge flame-thrower type lighter.

      These are NOT top of the range. I'm quite sure there are ones more aesthetically pleasing and of less plastic construction,but these have been in use now for 5 months and not fallen apart or needed refilling yet so I have no hesitation in recommending them .
      But do bear in mind they are simply made and mainly plastic and probably won't withstand being bounced off tiled floors or patios. If you want super-duper ones then I'm sure those are available, but for basics and at £5.80 I think these are great value for money and sufficiently robust for average use .


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