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Genitrix Rip Fleas Extra

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  • No other advantage is needed
  • Effective when you really need it to be
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    2 Reviews
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      30.10.2014 20:35
      Very helpful


      • "No other advantage is needed"
      • "Effective when you really need it to be"


      • Expensive
      • "Time consuming"

      RIP you nasty nippers!

      When my cat passed away a few years ago, she left me with a lovely gift of a flea infestation in my house. She was an indoor cat, but during her life I still treated her for fleas and never had an inkling that she was troubled by them. After trying all manner of the off-the-shelf remedies for this problem after her departure, someone suggested I ask at the vets, and they sold me this RIP Flea spray.

      During this summer my cats made their annual visit to the vets and one of my girls was identified as having ‘some evidence of flea activity’ in her fur. To my horror my vet advised that I would need to treat my whole house as it was now quite likely that I now again had some additional unwanted lodgers. So once more, another can of RIP spray sold.

      The spray is a large can, costing me £7.99 which is enough to spray an ‘average’ sized house. I have a 3 bedroom house, and I had some of the can left over, so that’s a fair claim. It recommends to spray all floors – including underneath large furniture – by spraying for 5 seconds per m2 in a cross pattern. Before starting, you are advised to fully vacuum the house, and then with the windows closed start to apply. Contrary to the other review posted for this product on this site, I didn't feel that this spray has a particulary terrible smell, in fact I thought it has a relatively pleasant fragrance, but it is still quite overpowering when you are in a room with the windows closed, so I did put on a mask whilst I was doing the rest of the house after the first room, something I definitely recommend. Once sprayed, it is advised to open windows and ventilate the rooms for one hour. Application itself is easy, this is a normal aerosol which is easily pressed and held and gives a generous steady spray. The only difficulty I found was with my hands being quite small – the can is large and chunky, so it did give me hand-ache with continuous spraying.

      The spray needs to be allowed to dry before you can allow pets back into the rooms, after which time there is no danger to them. You are advised to spray furniture but not human bedding, although pet bedding can be sprayed as long as you don’t allow the pets back for an hour afterwards. Then 24 hours after spraying, you should thoroughly vacuum again, and vacuum regularly for the next two weeks.

      I do recommend this product, as my first ‘infestation’ (yuk!) was becoming out of control when I used it. It definitely did the trick, and although our latest episode had no visible infestation anyway, it was good to have that reassurance from previous experience. This is expensive, but I am confident that it does work.


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      13.02.2013 18:38
      Very helpful



      A most toxic repugnant smelling but effective spray that kills pest within a very brief time.

      ~*~The Product: 'Flea Market'~*~

      This product was sold and dispatched by Petremedies, a company that was established in '03. The company, from their Pharmaceutical distribution site in North Wales, not only supplies products to singular consumers but also to pet shops and veterinarians.

      At nearly 12" in length and a circumference of over 8", this canister is large! With a co-ordinating shimmering purple and silver veneer, the product affords an illuminated appearance. The front of the labelling has the title of the product 'R.I.P Fleas Extra', and states that the contents will kill 'fleas, ticks and dust mites'. The manufacturers also confirm that using this product will protect one's 'home for up to 12 months'. And not surprising, considering the 600ml of contents, the label also notes that the spray 'covers a 3-4 bedroomed house. There is also a rather neat imagery of the flea life cycle from eggs, larvae, pupae to flea.

      The reverse of the container begins with a brief paragraph on fleas and dust mites and how they cause a 'major irritation'. The manufacturer continues on by promising that this product 'offers a complete solution for treating fleas, dust mites and ticks with a unique triple action formula that breaks the flea life cycle'. So what are the ingredients mentioned underneath this statement and how do they 'break the flea life cycle'?


      The first ingredient mentioned on the labelling is 'Tetramethrin: a second generation synthetic pyrethroid and a contact insecticide with a rapid knockdown action of insect pests. It interferes with the nerve impulse transmission by acting upon the sodium channels in insects providing rapid paralysis preventing fleas from biting potential hosts'.


      The second ingredient mentioned is 'Permethrin: a potent insecticide with powerful contact action, it is light stable and was the first synthetic pyrethroid authorised by the World Health Organisation for household use. It has a lethal effect on insects but due to its chemical structure it has a low toxicity to most mammals and is ideal for the control and prevention of insect infestations'.


      And the final ingredient noted is 'Methoprene a compound that mimics the insect juvenile hormone and arrests development of fleas and house dust mites in the environment; it is a well-proven Insect Growth Regulator. In real house studies methoprene has been shown to be a safe and effective way to control flea development for 12 months. Methoprene has the advantage of being highly fluid at room temperature, allowing it to spread evenly and deeply into the carpet pile.'

      'This formula gives rapid and long lasting kill of fleas, ticks and mites and instant Knock Down of adult fleas. Persistent year-long control by killing eggs and larvae. Active ingredients: Permethrin 0.5% w/w, tetramethrin 0.10% w/w, S-methoprene 0.05% w/w'

      The reverse labelling continues with the 'Statutory conditions relating to use' and safety advice concerning usage. The manufacturers of this product are Dechra Veterinary Products Ltd. This product is noted as being 'dangerous for the environment' as well as 'extremely flammable'!

      ~*~Reason for Purchase ~ 'Flea Circus'~*~

      I 'babysat' a kitten for a month and when the little darling went home, she thoughtfully left fleas. Within a week of her leaving, the fleas decided to munch on me as there was now no kitty around to nibble on! Within two weeks I finally realised that I had, in fact, an infestation of the little blighters :~( My skin was so sore and inflamed as a result to the reaction of the flea bites. I ended up with many red and very itchy clusters as a reaction to the bites in areas such as my ankles, forearms and even on my neck; a condition known as papular urticaria. Thankfully, I didn't suffer from bullae, which are awful fluid-filled sores. Therefore, a treatment for removing the pest had to be found quickly!

      This is where my son sailed onto Amazon and came across this product. Initially I found this far too expensive to treat the problem but my son's usual retort of 'you get what you pay for ma' had me convinced! It's a wonder how we don't feel more of a needle-like nick when the flea bites, due to their mouthparts of two lacinias that act like saws, which are used to initially cut the skin of the host. The epipharynx is the mouthpart that is just like a needle and combined with the laciniae is used as a puncturing tool. The labial palps and prementum from the labum supports the organs that puncture. Once the flea bites the skin, the blood of the host journeys from our blood vessels through to the epipharynx and then into the body of the flea.

      It is crucial to attend to the problem of fleas as soon as possible. As we are aware, not only from history as in the bubonic plague {still in existence due to the usual culprit, the Oriental rat flea], but also from health organizations, fleas can transmit parasites to both animals and people. The murine typhus can also be carried by the cat flea as well as the Oriental rat flea. Flea larvae actually feed on the eggs of such things as tapeworms. Once ingested, tapeworms start to develop in the gut of fleas. If swallowed by a pet, the tapeworm then grows in the intestine of this animal. Furthermore, tapeworm sheds its egg sacs from the pet's rectum as it sleeps, where flea larvae are very likely to be, thus the whole cycle begins yet again. More importantly, people, but especially children, can become infected with the tapeworms if they accidently swallow fleas while petting their animals or even if folk come into contact with the infected waste. Hand washing is crucial to avoid the spread and contagion.

      ~*~My Usage Experience ~ 'Flea Pit'~*~

      Before even beginning the process of getting ready to apply the solution, all pets, including fish need to be removed from the room about to be treated. Just as a tip, if you have a fish tank that is too large and cumbersome to remove, as my daughter has, simply cover the tank with a wrap, blanket or even Clingfilm. You will need to turn off the tank's aerator pump too. After the room has been sprayed and an hour's ventilation has elapsed, the tank can then be un-covered and the aeration pump turned back on.

      I have four long shelves that store all me and my grand-children's craft work items, so I covered these with sheets to avoid any of the canister's contents covering these products. After the room was sprayed and ventilated, I removed these protective covers and washed them in the machine. I used this same method for foods, books, cosmetics and other vulnerable materials.

      Both I and my son took turns in spraying the areas throughout our home. The large pop off lid is quite stiff to pull off revealing the depress nozzle. I did notice that when the lid is pressed back onto the canister, releasing it thereafter is still fairly firm to remove and as the contents were previously used, the potent chemical smell is very distinguishable around the area of the spout.

      I only have a couple of rugs in the home, the rest being hard flooring. As the manufacturer recommends, we hovered the rugs and the entire flooring, moving furniture as we went to ensure complete vacuuming had taken place just before applying the spray. We sectioned off the task by closing all the doors to the rooms in the home. We took it in turns to vacuum one room, spray, close the door and move on to the next room. It actually took two days to accomplish this chore as an hour is needed between each spraying of a room before it was safe to return to the area. As immature fleas favour the hidden depths of undisturbed places such as underneath furniture covers, sides and stitching, I had to thoroughly vacuum all these areas, including mattresses. This has an added effect of helping the contents in the cylinder penetrate these areas, though it is not to be used on human bedding and beds.

      Once the cap to the canister is removed, the container must be inverted, almost holding the can upside down. I then pressed down on the flexible nozzle, holding the can around 30cm from the surfaces I was treating and applied the spray. The toxic fumes are the worse I have ever smelled throughout my life! I can only relate it too, what it must be like, in a factory where poisonous pesticides are produced. I imagined the awful overwhelming fumes to be similar to being in a confined noxious area with no air vents to extract the injurious gases of toxic waste. There seems to be a combination of strong chemical odours fighting for first base! I cannot even describe how horrendous the emphysematous odour is. From the initial spray with effects of feeling breathless, literally gasping for clean air, I wore a simple decorator's mask thereafter. I am shocked that nowhere, either on the website or can is the consumer told to wear a mask or some type of face cover to prevent inhalation. It may seem obvious, but first time users are neither warned about the hideous strength of odorous fumes or need for protective wear.

      I used the preparation on four second burst of spray, which enabled me to cover one square metre of flooring and other surfaces. It is more effective spraying in a kind of criss-cross mode which ensures an even delivery. Each room took a long time to spray because I had to pull out furniture from their usual position to reach behind to spray skirting boards and any other exposed crevices and gaps the fleas and their eggs may have infested. The flea larvae particularly love the warm moist darkened undisturbed area as mentioned above. This is why it is so important to be as thorough as possible in accessing these areas with the vacuum and spray. It like spring cleaning but using the most abhorrent smelling cleaner!

      I had to ventilate the room I had just applied the product to for an hour before I could re-enter. I actually closed the door after opening all the windows as the noxious pesticide emanated throughout the home! The stench of the chemical preparation lingered for days throughout the home. No matter how much ventilation was used, the malodorous odour continued to invade the atmosphere. Finally, by the fifth day after the final application, the distinctive scent died away.

      Although there are no specific exclusions noted on the product concerning young children and pregnant women, if you are pregnant, in my experience, after using this foul smelling pesticide, delegate the job if possible! If not, carefully read the instructions on usage and abide by them to the letter. But also, wear a breathing apparatus such as a mask that will protect from the toxic fumes. Children should not be anywhere near when spraying the product and, in fact, better off being babysat until the rooms have been well ventilated. I cleaned down all the furniture and washed floors before I had my grand-children stay over! This doesn't affect the results of the spray as the initial application kills off the fleas, and I left the skirting boards and other usually untouched and undisturbed areas so the solution would continue to work on larvae throughout the coming weeks.

      No areas in the home should be left out from applying the spray except human bedding, clothing etc., Fleas don't develop in fabrics that are cleansed in a washing machine. But pet bedding can be sprayed with this product but it needs to be left an hour before permitting the pet to use the bedding. The entire home should be thoroughly re-vacuumed after the space of 24 hours after spraying. Even then, hovering should take place at least twice weekly over two weeks. R.I.P spray can be used on fabrics, as an example, furniture. But if you are concerned, it would be wise to apply the spray in an inconspicuous area to see if there are any detrimental effects to the material. This spray, as a pesticide, should not be used to treat pets directly!

      I noticed the odd fleas appearing up to a week after applying the spray which concerned me. But since then, I have not seen nor felt their presence...all bite wounds now healed! The appearance of the fleas after the spray is apparently due to the pupae stage of the flea's life cycle. That is why the vacuuming advice is so important to abide by. The continual hovering schedule stimulates the flea to hatch and thus be exposed to the previously sprayed environment. The pupae shell is too hard for the product to invade so the hovering encourages hatching.

      ~About The Insects ~ 'Fleabag'!~

      These small, flat and wingless parasites prefer the four-legged variety as opposed to us humans. Fleas are very alike butterflies in the way they reproduce but that is where the cuteness ends! Fleas need to have eaten a meal before they can lay their eggs but upon eating, she can lay around 500 during her entire lifetime! Hence why, infestations do not take long to occur. One other noteworthy fact concerning the reproduction information, fleas lay their eggs on the host, Yuk :~( They love warmth like humans do and enjoy an environment that is around 70 degrees F.

      Another reason why this particular product is so effective is that, unlike some pesticides, it will kill the newly hatched pupae. Blood is their food and if pets aren't available, they are not fussy, our haemoglobin will do! Even if we are away from home for a length of time, these little vampires will not starve; adult fleas can go a good two months or so between feeds. Even the pupae can remain tucked up in their little cocoons for up to a year, waiting for a host close by to provide them their sustenance! But, out of interest, the flea larvae do not actually eat blood as their food, instead preferring debris, skin cells and even flea droppings! Ewe :~( This is why, the product's statement of lasting 'up to 12 months' is rather reassuring.

      No point trying to squash these insects either, their scalerites, hard plates covering their bodies, protect the fleas from just about anything! Fleas are great at the old high- jump, around 7 inches vertically and 13 inches horizontally. As a comparison that is like us humans doing a 76-meter vertical jump or a 137-meter horizontal jump! The flea's hairs that cover their exoskeleton is like Velcro if you attempt to remove them from their four-legged host, but a fine -toothed pet comb will dislodge them.

      ~*~Would I Recommend? ~ 'Rip Off'?~*~

      Yes, the pesticide works very effectively. I am no longer plagued by the bites that cause incessant itching. From the first application of the product, the infestation immediately disappeared. Within a week, all fleas had disappeared from sight. It has now been some months after application and no fleas are apparent. I have suffered no further bites which would indicate their existence. As for the eggs, well, time will tell! But as the company's initial promise has been fulfilled, I have no doubt that the spray, and including regular vacuuming will remove any eggs or hatched larvae.

      The toxic chemical odour to this product is horrendous, but with good ventilation, avoiding the sprayed areas for a few hours, and a surgical or similar mask being worn while using the product will go a long way to avoiding the over-whelming fumes and nauseous inhalation of the gases! Knocking a star off for that disgusting odour!

      The product is currently available on Amazon at the much lower cost from other sites at £10.49


      Thank you for taking the time to read my review :~)


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