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George Foreman Grill Cleaner

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Brand: George Foreman / Type: Oven, Hob & Grill Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2011 22:35
      Very helpful



      Disappointing Grill Cleaner. Lacks Punch. More Chump than Champ.

      Let's Get Ready to GRUMBLE!!!

      We use our Foreman Grill regularly and usually cleaning it consists of a quick wipe down with some kitchen roll while the grill is still warm, particularly if it has just been used for a wee toasted sandwich or the like.

      Recently, however, cleaning it has become slightly more challenging as it is beginning to lose some of its non-stickness and OH has, on occasions, used it first thing in the morning, before heading off to work, leaving me to find burnt on black pudding and sausage when returning from the school walk. Hardly grounds for divorce, but annoying all the same.

      My Mum-in-law, always one for kitchen gadgets, gimmicks and widgets, bought us a box of these specially designed George Foreman Grill Cleaners. They are available from Amazon for £2.99 for a box of three but I think she bought ours in Boyes in Northallerton for considerably less.

      Coming in a box of three, these sponge and scourer combos are handily ridged in a similar manner to the grill itself, ideal for cleaning the hills and glens of your fat-reducing appliance. Or are they?

      A little bigger than a normal-sized scourer and approximately twice as deep, this two-sided cleaning sponge is quite funky to look at, being bright blue and black.

      The blue sponge part is reasonably substantial and does seem to clean quite effectively on non-burnt-on grease and "soft" bit of food.

      The black scourer part is less harsh than a brillo pad, and made of a kind of polyester "wool". Yes, it won't scratch, mark or damage your grill but only because it will disintegrate immediate you exert any kind of pressure while using it to actually clean. It unravels, it collapses and it almost seems to dissolve on contact, leaving you with a very insubstantial blue ridged cleaning sponge which is next to useless on its own.

      In short, this product is rubbish. The majority of the black scourer will end up in bits on your grill or rinsed away into your sink following one use. It's a great concept with the ridges echoing those of the grill, but sadly the reality is of a product with a complete lack of durability which ends up in the bin after one use.

      In the interests of a balanced review, I also asked Mr Carcraig for his opinion on these cleaning sponges. "Totally rubbish, a complete waste of time" was his considered response.

      From now on, we'll be sticking to standard cleaning sponges and damp kitchen roll (and cleaning the grill immediately after use!!) and I would recommend you do the same.

      I hate to slate a product, but I really can't award it any more than two stars.


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