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Glade Shake N Vac Citrus Blossom Carpet Cleaner

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4 Reviews

Brand: Glade / Type: Carpet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    4 Reviews
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      08.12.2013 20:37
      Very helpful



      Do the Shake 'n Vac....

      The Product:

      Johnson Glade Shake n' Vac - Citrus Blossom Fragrance

      Size: 499g


      Older readers will remember the annoying TV ad "Shake & Vac to put the freshness back!" Aa ha, I have that going round in your head now don't I? Despite the annoyingly naff advertising, that also featured on local radio. Glade Shake & Vac really does help restore the freshness of carpets and rugs. Now I know many of you reading this are far too young to remember the ads, so this will not be a trip down memory lane, I also know that many of you will live in lovely homes with laminate or tile flooring and and/or natural pine floorboards upstairs and have no need for such a product. Well, some of you will have a car - yes? I'm right yes?! OK, so read on!

      Johnson Glade Claim:

      That Shake n' Vac Citrus Blossom "Eliminates lingering smells like pet, tobacco and cooking odours that get trapped in carpets. Helps leave your room smelling fresh and clean with a light Orange Blossom fragrance."


      There are no ingredients listed for this product (I have left the heading in though, so you don't think I have missed it!)

      Why I Buy Shake n' Vac:

      Well, despite the afore mentioned annoying ad: "Do the shake n' vac to put the freshness back!" This stuff really does work and it is an inexpensive therefore cost effective product to buy as well.

      I am a country girl (and not just in traveller speak). I grew up in and love the countryside. That tends to mean pets and lots of them, horses, walking in cow pats and so on......

      The afore mentioned pets and animals smell. I cannot deny it, even my Jack Russell x stinks sometimes and they walk in things outside that then get walked inside erhm... nice!. Welly boots are great, but inevitably some bedding can get inside them when mucking out or splashing through muddy (mucky?) puddles and this can leave socks dirty and smelly. Then there are people, many of us like to think of ourselves as clean and hygienic, but our feet sweat and smell and we walk on the carpets too. Children, spill and drop things, they just cannot help it and really, honestly, they were not put on the planet to mess up our clean and tidy homes and lives - Honest! I could go on and on.... and on.... a bit like that jingle going through your head - you know the one that goes - "Do the shake ...... Yes, you've got it!

      To Use:

      Using Shake n' Vac could not be any easier, simply pop open the little opening on the top of the plastic tubular container and shake out the powder in time with whatever tune is going through your head - It's probably "Do the Shake n' Vac to put the freshness back!"? Sprinkle it all around the carpet. Now, pay attention, this is the scientific (yeah right) bit. Now you have to decide how bad your carpet smells? I leave it on for anything from about a minute to about 30 minutes, depending on what else I have to do or how much freshening I think the room needs.

      Alternative Uses:

      Great for freshening up car carpets after dogs have been in them or kids have spilt their milk.

      Works a treat on Soft Furnishings too.


      My favourite is "Lily of the Valley" however, I occasionally buy the Shake n' Vac Citrus Blossom fragrance under review here, mainly because it does seem to be more widely available. The fragrance is probably not as you would expect and there is a definite orange scent to it rather than lemon. It is flash labelled as having "With odour neutraliser" and I guess it needs some sort of chemical ingredient to fix the fragrance that is a subtle orange but not over the top citrus. It refreshes the room, but does not linger as long as the Lily of the Valley fragrance does.


      The tub is an attractive pale green colour with a slightly darker green lid, opened by the afore mentioned flip top to release the powder. Well I say powder, it resembles talcum powder to look at. It is a white dense powder, but walk on it or look a little closer and it is tiny granules more like white (rather than opaque) caster sugar.

      How it Works: (I think)!

      When you sprinkle the powder/granules onto your carpet in time to that tune that is stuck in your head "Do the..." you get it! The action of shaking the product releases the fragrance, this then works 3 fold:

      a) Some of the fragrance attaches to your carpets fibres and remains
      b) Some of the fragrance is released into the air for instant gratification
      c) When you vacuum the carpet, the powder is sucked up with any dirt. The fragrance is then released into the room via the hot air blowing out of the vacuum's motor.

      Why you should buy it:

      Well, as well as dogs, socks etc, some of you have young children and/or cats, you may spill your Saturday night curry on the carpet and not quite eradicate the smell when you clean it. Toddlers are notorious for flinging foodstuff about, some smells may remain. Cooking smells get trapped in fabrics and even the cleanest home, may suffer with carpet odour, additionally, I have also been known to use this on upholstered furniture to freshen it up. So when a carpet wash and shampoo is not possible or feasible, use this occasionally.

      In Conclusion:

      Since I first tried Glade Shake n' Vac my life has changed. I no longer muck out horses, but I do live in an ancient cottage that does not have a full damp course or fully sealed floors. After a few days of heavy wet weather, we do get a bit of damp carpet and therefore damp carpet smell problem. It is not so bad as to warrant any action other than to run the dehumidifier a bit more frequently and use the Shake n' Vac. I also notice now, that long before Henry's bag needs changing the smell from the exhaust of the vacuum is horrid, so using this on the carpet eradicates that awful smell, by neutralising it and partially replacing it with the Citrus Blossom fragrance of the product.

      Would I Recommend Glade Shake n' Vac:

      Yes, I have never had any problems with it, it has seen me through children, horses, dogs, damp, etc etc and always comes out sweet smelling. I think they used to do a Lavender version as well once, but I only see Lily of the Valley and Citrus Blossom now. The Lily of the Valley by far being my favourite of the two, but I am happy to use this as an alternative when it is not available. Personally, I would love a Rose scented version.

      I have tried using rose petals and bicarbonate of soda instead. Don't! In theory it should work, but the powder affected my eyes and any dampness made it stick. Whatever this contains, eradicates both of those problems. I am asthmatic and prone to allergies; this product does not affect these problems.

      Stars 4/5 Because the other fragrance is nicer and longer lasting.

      Price and Availability:

      I buy mine from wherever I happen to be when I need to top up. Availability of the Citrus Fragrance is very good as most supermarkets seem to stock it, but not all stock both fragrances. It tends to be priced at around 80p - £1.20 depending on when and where you shop.

      I thank you for reading this review and for the younger reader, just shake it out in tune to whichever annoying advert you want to, but for you middle aged readers you'd better "Do the Shake n' Vac to put the freshness back!


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      22.10.2013 22:12
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      leaves your home smelling clean and fresh again

      I'm a little bit of a clean freak with my home and I always like it to smell nice. I am always trying new air fresheners or getting new scented candles and I like all my cleaning products to smell really good. I like to try new products but there's one I seem to always go back to regularly use. Shake 'N Vac.

      WHAT IS IT?
      Shake 'N Vac is a white powder by the Johnsons company and Glade brand. It comes in a green tube. You sprinkle the powder down over your carpets and then vacuum it up again. The powder is hoovered up but the smell remains. Simple!
      It comes available in different scents, the one I'm reviewing today and my favourite one, is citrus blossom.

      So you sprinkle the powder down on top of your carpets and rugs in your home. The instructions state you should hold the bottle at least 15cm above the carpet when shaking it on. You need to leave it for a few minutes and the vacuum it up. I find though that the longer you leave it the stronger the smell that you get afterwards.
      While using the shake 'N vac you should make sure there are no animals in the room.

      After using shake 'N vac on my carpets, I find that the room immediately smells fresh and clean. The smell is long lasting and I keep smelling it all day.

      I think its great if like me you have pets. If I've been out and left my dog in for a little bit I always think my home has a faint pet smell when I come back. Shake 'N vac helps to eliminate those pet odeurs and quickly.

      I love shake 'N vac and use it regularly, I love the way everywhere smells clean. The only problem I have with it is that I always get a minor irritation from it. After using it my hands are always itchy for about half an hour after it has been hoovered up. This happens even when i made an effort not to actually touch any of it, but just the powder being in the air seems to be enough. It's nothing too serious and I don't mind when it works so well.

      HOW MUCH?
      Shake 'N Vac usually costs between £1 and £1.30. I occasionally see it on offer for 90p. It is available from most supermarkets and other shops such as Wilkinson's and QD stores. One 500g bottle will cover approximately 20 - 22 square metres so it's quite good value.

      I really like shake 'n vac and will continue to use it regularly. I don't know if I maybe use too much but I would say that I don't think it lasts me that long so i do wish the bottle was a little bigger.

      It smells great and I would definitely recommend it.

      4/5 for me (knocking off 1 star for irritating my skin aa little and could last a bit longer)

      Thank you for reading, I hope it was helpful

      xx Mrs K xx


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        16.10.2013 09:15
        Very helpful



        I will use this again

        I have to admit, the mere mention of this product brings back two sets of memories for me. Neither of which are great. The first is of that terrible advert in the 80s instructing you to do the shake n vac to bring the freshness back *shudders*. The other is of having my mother shout that we weren't to walk on the carpets as they were covered in this weird powdery stuff.

        I moved out from home ten years ago and have never bought a bottle of this stuff.

        My partner on the other hand was recently sent out to do the weekly shop and proudly presented me with this upon his return.

        Checking his receipt I see he paid just £1 for a 400g bottle and as I hate waste, I decided to give it a go (and hopefully use it up quick!)

        It comes in a tall green tub with a flip top lid and this citrus fragrance has pictures of oranges all over it

        The stuff inside is as I remember. Little white grains that you sprinkle all over your carpets and leave for a little while. And woe betide anyone who walked over them in my mother's house.....

        After a few minutes I vac this up and yes, I must admit, the room does smell nice and citrusy and fresh

        What's more important and impressive is that even now, four days on, when I open the front door after a horrid day at work, this lovely zesty fragrance greets me

        Shake n vac - I apologise. Please let's be friends

        I will be using this again x


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        19.09.2013 10:34
        Very helpful



        a nice household product

        Growing up I can remember my mum going round the house sprinkling this down on the carpets before hoovering and loving the smell of it after she had done. So when I got my own house it was one of the cleaning products I purchased and still do as it reminds me of home.

        Most recently I bought shake and vac from tesco in the household cleaning aisle and it cost me £1.75 for the bottle which is a reasonable price I think. Its widely available in supermarkets and other stores that sell cleaning products eg home bargains and prices tend to vary from £1-£2.

        Shake and vac comes in a long green bottle with 500g of the powdered product inside. Its made by SC Johnson.
        The label covers the mid section of the bottle and has 'glade shake n' vac' across the top with a large illustration of an orange on the front for the citrus blossom scent. The name of the scent is also on the bottle.
        On the back is further information on the product; there's directions for use which are extremely easy to follow. It also states that the bottle should cover a20-22 square foot area of floor.

        The product is so easy to use all you do is unclip the top flap and gentle sprinkle the powder across the area of carpet you are going to hoover. For the best results I leave it on for 5 minutes before hoovering like normal. You will see the powder in your hoover bag.

        The product claims to eliminate lingering smells such as pets, tabacco and cooking smells. I can't comment on tabacco as no one in my house smokes but I would definitely agree with the pet odour and cooking smells. It leaves my whole house smelling citrusy without being too over powering, its a very clean smell.
        It is also available in other scents but citrus blossom is by far my favourite.
        The scent lasts a good few days before it eventually fades away so the product has good staying power.

        The only negative I have is I wish it came in a bigger size pack as I have large rooms in my house and its 4 bed house; one bottle only does my house once. For that reason I don't use it every time I hoover except in the living room so you can smell it as you walk in the house.

        Overall I wouldn't say its an essential household product buts certainly leaves my house smelling lovely and clean.


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      • Product Details

        Glade Shake N Vac Citrus Blossom Carpet Cleaner is a carpet cleaner which contains a formula that first eliminates deep-down odours like those caused by pets smoke dampness and mildew / It then freshens your home with the pleasant fragrance of Citrus Blossom.

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