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Glo Bright Curtain Cleaner

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Brand: Go Clare / Product Type: Curtain Cleaner

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2010 10:03
      Very helpful



      Makes an irrritating job worthwhile

      I have to say that I am not a fan of net curtains in general but I do accept that if you live in a house that is overlooked they are a necessary evil. Luckily the only things to look through our windows these days are the goats that live here in the Orme in Llandudno but when we lived on the West Shore we needed net curtains at all our windows.

      Now, the way I see it is if you have to have net curtains they should be white and kept white although cleaning them can be a bit of a nuisance.

      When I did get round to washing my nets I always used to a special whitener to give them a crisp clean finish and one of the ones that I used was Glo Bright which is made by a company called Glo Care who also make Stain Devils and Colour Catchers.

      The product comes in a packet which contains three sachets of the liquid and costs about £5. On the front of the packet there is a picture of bright white net curtains blowing in the wind and on the back there is a list of the active ingredients plus full instructions for use together with the usual warnings about not getting the liquid in your eyes.

      The directions on the packet advise you to fold the curtains and place in a bowl of warm soapy water for five minutes, rinse and then, keeping folded, place in a bowl containing no more than four pints of water in which a sachet of Glo White has been dissolved. You should soak them for about five minutes and then remove them from the water and allow them to drip dry, out of doors if possible.

      I have washed them in this way if the weather is nice enough for me to drip dry them outdoors but I have also washed them in my washing machine on occasions with equally good results. I would put my nets in the washing machine on a warm wash, setting the rinse hold feature and put the Glo Bright in the drawer for the fabric conditioner. I would then leave the curtains soaking in the final rinse with the whitener for at least five minutes before pressing the button to start the final spin.

      The only problem with washing them like this was that the washing machine didn't keep the nets folded as advised on the packet but I used to get round this by ironing them as soon as they came out of the washing machine and putting them back up at the windows straight away even though they were still very slightly damp. The warmth of the room, and sometimes even the sunshine through the windows if I was really lucky, helped to finish drying them and the remaining creases would fall out.

      The Glo Bright makes the net curtains look really crisp, clean and really white. It also helps to stop the build up of grime and dust on the curtains, and it has a lovely fresh smell which makes the whole room smell fresh and clean.

      So there you are then, although washing the nets wasn't one of my favourite jobs, the results were always brilliant with Glo Bright and once I had finished I used to keep wandering into the various rooms just to look at how nice they looked! Now that IS sad!


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