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Glo White Curtain Whitener

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Brand: Go Clare / Product Type: Curtain Cleaner

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2008 19:45
      Very helpful



      For loevly crisp, white nets.

      I am not a great fan of net curtains per se but I do accept that they are a necessary evil in most houses so that your neighbours and members of the general public can't see into the house.

      So, given that I have net curtains at my windows, I do like them to look clean and bright.

      This is where Glo White Net Curtain Whitener comes in.

      This product comes in a box containing three 57ml plastic sachets of liquid and costs around £4 per box. Each sachet contains enough liquid to treat up to 6 medium sized net curtains.

      The directions for use on the packet suggest that you fold your nest neatly and soak them in warm water with washing powder or liquid for five minutes. You then rinse them thoroughly and they are ready for whitening.

      The next step is to dissolve the contents of one of the sachets in no more than four pints of cold water and immerse the nets, still folded, in the resulting solution. You should move them about a couple of times during the soaking but keep them immersed.

      Remove them from the liquid but do not wring them out. If the weather is fine you can drip dry them out of doors - apparently if you drip dry them upside down they will hang better at the windows however I can't vouch for this as I have never tried it - or you can hang them over the bath to drip dry if the weather isn't favourable.

      I have used this method to wash my nets and I have to say that whilst it is time consuming it does result in crisp white nets, but it is possible to get equally good results using the washing machine.

      I just fold the nets and put them in on a light wash to clean them before the whitening process, and then put the whitener in the final rinse. If you have a rinse hold feature on your machine it is worth switching this on so that the nets get their five minutes soak in the whitening solution.

      The instructions on the box suggest that you should not spin the nets but I find that the results are just as good as if they are drip dried as suggested and having been through a spin it means that they are easier to manage as they are not dripping water everywhere!

      Once the final spin has finished I fetch the nets out of the washing machine and, although they are damp, I run the iron over them straight away and I will just say here that they don't need much ironing at all. I then put them up at the windows even though they may still be very slightly damp. Depending on the weather either the warmth of the sun or the warmth of the heating finishes off the drying process as they hang at the window.

      The final result is a set of crisp white nets fit to grace any home.

      Glo White is made by ACDO and if you want advice about your washing you can contact Helen Why at ACDOCO Customer Service Department, Bolton BL1 8PP, helen-why@acdo.co.uk or www.acdo.co.uk.

      In conclusion I would definitely recommend this product - I use it every time I wash my net curtains. Of course the final benefit is the fact that being a cardboard box containing plastic sachets all the packaging is recycleable.


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