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Goddard's Long Term Silver Polish

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Brand: Goddard's / Type: Polish / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2012 09:30
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      Cleans up items great

      In the last few weeks I have begun this cleaning frenzy in my home and mainly my spare room. This is where I like to store items I might need for the future but perhaps they are not suitable for the loft space I have.

      On entering the room I noticed I had silver such as various cutlery, some teapots and sterling silver jewellery.

      I am not an expert on items such as these and normally I would try and sell them in the hope I might get some sort of reward. I tried Ebay with no luck and I decided to go and look for an item which was cheap.
      I found Goddard's and the only reason I brought this item was because it actually looked expensive by the label. It had this look which appealed to me and made me wonder whether it would work for what I needed to use it for.

      So I got it home and began to wonder if I should perhaps experiment with this product on a tiny piece of silver in case it leaves a mark.

      The bottles open and inside is a pink liquid which took me by surprise. I poured a small amount into the cap and placed a small cotton bud onto the liquid and began to clean a small teaspoon.
      I just basically rotated the cotton bud around the spoon and began to notice this liquid turn from this pink colour which was runny in thickness and it began to go white.

      I followed the instructions on the back which claim you clean an area wait a few moments and then wipe of the excess liquid or the white texture in this case.
      Underneath I had no idea how it would turn out because you worry you might have ruined a good item. Before I used this product the spoon had seen better days. The actually silver had smudges and like sticky stuff on it which looked like tree sap so how it got there no idea.

      I left the liquid on the spoon and a few minutes later wiped away the product and underneath you could see this shiny silver which just beamed in the sunlight it looked brand new. I began to go and work on the rest of the items and slowly but surely I had restored them all to their previous great condition.

      I was perhaps shocked by how well it worked because sometimes these products you just presume they won't work. You just think that because this 125ml bottle is £2 in price that the product might fail.
      When I first saw this pink liquid I instantly thought it would fail because you just never assume this pink liquid could deliver such excellent results.

      One thing I would stress is to read the label on the back because you never know what it works on unless you do. I used it on cutlery, teapots and a few rings with excellent results. There is no smell afterwards and I even spilt some of this product onto laminate wood flooring and it cleaned up lovely with a wet cloth.

      I was very impressed with how this all turned out and I would recommend this item to anyone.
      Also posted on Dooyoo and Ciao


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        09.11.2009 13:09
        Very helpful



        Ideal for silver cleaning.

        In my home I have a few small bits of brass and a few very old silver seals that used to be used in conjunction with wax to seal letters. Sometimes I think they are far more trouble than they are worth, because you have to keep cleaning them but they have a certain amount of sentimental value and I can't really bear to part with them.

        There is no way around it, to clean metal you have to use metal polish. I have never bought any thing other than Goddard's polish and I will usually expect to pay around the £2 mark for a bottle that will last me for months.
        Goddard's polish is manufactured by S.C Johnson who are responsible for producing many household cleaners and polishes.

        Goddard's long term silver polish comes in a very smart navy blue plastic bottle that has a screw cap. On the front of the bottle you will see that the polish is used by the Royal household, so it is good to see that I am keeping the right company !
        Take off the screw cap and you will see that the top of the bottle has a cover over it that has just one small hole pierced in the centre, this is good thinking because although the polish is thick it does prevent any unwanted spillage.

        I always put some newspaper down on the surface that I am going to use to clean my bits and bobs. From my point of view when you are cleaning metal gloves are a `must` and I prefer to wear a pair of the thinner latex gloves that allow you to feel through them.
        Of course then you need to think about cleaning cloths, I usually use an old soft cotton jersey tee shirt, or rather some pieces torn from an old one.
        I use two cloths, one to apply the polish and one to rub it off.

        You will notice that Goddard's silver polish has a very strong and somewhat unpleasant smell. Make sure that you store the polish out of the reach of any children and if you tend to suffer from skin allergies then do make sure that you always use gloves.
        I find that a tiny amount of silver polish goes a very long way, once the polish is applied to the soft cloth then I rub it into the surface of the tarnished silver.
        Goddard's silver polish looks after your precious metals and the polish has no abrasive qualities that would cause any scratches.
        Just gently rub the polish into the tarnished silver and you will see the tarnish lifting, the more you rub the dirtier the cloth will become.
        The thick pink liquid polish only takes a minute or so to dry off, once the Goddard's silver polish has dried off it turns powdery.

        If you are trying to reach into any intricate parts you may find a toothbrush useful, or if the item is that little bit larger then use a larger soft bristled brush.
        Once the polish has turned to a soft pink powder it can be removed.
        Set the clean cloth to work on the pink powder, as soon as you start to remove the polish you will see the shine form underneath.
        You do need to make sure that every bit of the Goddard's polish is removed, if you leave any behind then it will sit in the form of pink powder on the piece of silver and it will be noticeable.

        Goddard's silver polish will remove heavy tarnishing although you may need to use the polish a couple of times to achieve a perfect finish.
        The polish contains something which allows it to create a protective barrier against immediate retarnishing, so you can expect your newly cleaned silver to stay clean and bright for a few weeks.

        I would think that the only drawback to using the silver polish is that the whole process is a messy one that takes up precious time. You also need to bear in mind that the surface you use to clean must be well protected against the silver polish
        But then again there is nothing nicer than seeing a few pieces of gleaming silver.

        If you have silver that only ever gets lightly tarnished then you may prefer to buy a Goddard's silver cloth, this is a soft light blue cloth that has been impregnated with the polish. Ideal for gentle silver cleaning.


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      • Product Details

        Long Term Silver Polish cleans, polishes and protects silver and silver plate in one simple operation / It is particularly effective in removing heavy stains and tarnish from larger items such as salvers, tea and coffee services, tankards, trophies etc / Silver Polish contains a special ingredient which forms an invisible, non-toxic, chemical barrier that protects the surface of the silver from re-tarnishing.

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