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Green Force Washing Up Liquid

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3 Reviews

Brand: Green / Type: Washing Up Liquid / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      18.11.2009 12:42
      Very helpful



      An environmentally friendly product.

      Green Force, I have to admit that the name was a new one one me.
      I had walked past the bottle many times and had wondered what was supposed to be so very different about this product but in all essence if you take a closer look at the clear plastic bottle it suddenly becomes crystal clear. This is an environmentally friendly product, suitable for vegans and the company do not conduct any tests on animals.
      So according to the manufacturers we are buying a product that has limited impact on our environment and it still enables us to do the job equally as well.

      Wilkinson's stock both the Green Force washing up liquid and the laundry liquid, I admit that I was intrigued by the laundry liquid but I decided to give the washing up liquid a whirl for starters.
      The 500 ml bottle of Green Force washing up liquid cost me 89p so I cannot say that Green Force are charging any more for their environmentally friendly products.

      I am not going to labour on the packaging suffice to say that the plain plastic bottle can be recycled and the flip top allows you to access the liquid easily.

      The Green Force washing up liquid has a natural lemony smell, pleasant but not outstanding.
      It can compete with the leading brands for economy, you only need to use a spot to fill a bowl full of hot water with suds.
      The Green Force suds are long lasting and at the same time they have good cleaning power. I managed to cut through the grease on the plates with ease and when it came to the frying pan I simply added a spot of Green Force liquid directly onto the scouring sponge and it was cleaned away in no time.

      The thick liquid copes admirably, the lemony fragrance stays until the end and the suds only started to disappear when I was nearly at the end of the wash.
      The Green Force liquid was easy to rinse away and the bowl looked clean after a good rinse, there was no greasy residue left behind.
      The dishes themselves stood in the dish drainer and when I put them away they were clean and fairly shiny. There were just a few tiny watermarks on the stainless steel cutlery.

      The Green Force washing up liquid had no ill effect on my skin, as per I just rinsed my hands off after washing up and applied a blob of hand cream and all was well.

      The ingredients can look a little daunting to say the least, and Methylisothiazolinone and chloromethylisothiazolinone, Sodium Benzonate, perfume, citral and limonene.
      Thanks to Wikepdia I was able to see that both Methylisothiazolinone and Chloromethylisothiazolinone are preservatives that are effective against bacteria, yeast and fungi.
      Interestingly enough if either of these are used in larger quantities it seems that they can cause skin irritation.
      Sodium Benzoate is yet another preservative.
      The remaining three ingredients are there to ensure that the product smells appealing.

      So, would I buy Green Force washing up liquid again?
      Up to present I have found it both effective and economical.
      I admit that I am a big fan of the leading brand names, Fairy or Persil are both good quality washing up liquids.
      But Green Force is a decent product and if we are thinking in terms of the environment then maybe it is a step in the right direction.

      Having tried the washing up liquid I am now quite keen to try the Green Force laundry liquid, it will be interesting to see if it is as effective as biological washing powders and liquids.


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        10.09.2009 15:21
        Very helpful



        Buy some please! :)

        We started using a really cool washing up liquid a few months ago now and it's called 'Green Force'.

        The reason it's really cool is that is specially designed to try and minimise detergent damage to our planet with 'compromising performance...

        It is suitable for vegans to sue and is 100% fragrance free.

        The product is see-through and is in a recyclable plastic bottle with a push up lid. It has a green leaf logo on the shows it is an 'Eco brand' rather than a chemical based detergent.

        It cost 73p from Wilkinson's but is now back up to 89p but it is such brilliant stuff and still cheaper than the leading brand!

        This washing up liquid is also made in the UK by 'McBride', it is made up of 'plant based cleaning ingredients such as Citral, limonene and coconut and sustainable palm oil.

        The write up on the back says to avoid eyes, keep out of the way of children, rinse your hands after sue but people with sensitive skin should use gloves rather than come into contact wit it.

        I use this stuff and it has never caused an allergic reaction - in fact my hands feel softer after I've had my hands in the bubble, lol!

        This product has not been tested on animals either which is cool :)

        The bottle has 500ml and it lasts ages, a few weeks at least with regular use...

        To use simply add a squirt to warm water but don't overdo it, this washing up liquid is very sudsy. It washes the dishes really well and the bubbles last ages, in fact it is a struggle to rinse them away.

        It seems to be better value for money than some cheaper ones we've used, and it smells really nice and lemony too :)

        I think this is brilliant stuff, less chemicals in our waterways and a reasonable price too; five stars from me for Green Force and I hope I start to see it being sold all over soon!


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          09.07.2009 21:48
          Very helpful



          Go and buy some!

          It is a fact now recognised by environmental campaigners that greenhouse gases caused by the production of meat are greater in volume than those produced by ALL forms of transport put together. For those who don't believe in animal rights - this fact shows that it still makes sense to make some alterations in lifestyle to promote the welfare of future generations and the 'planet'.

          I am painfully aware that most of our food and commodities use animals. A vegan lifestyle can extend into many different areas of life other than just eating. I see it as a choice, wherever possible, to select the compassionate option.

          I was first introduced to the Green Force brand when my daughter gleefully brought home the dishwasher tablets and I did a dance of great joy for they were vegan!

          Knowing that a hitherto undiscovered vegan product had sprung from Wilkinsons, I boldly ventured forth to search for MORE vegan products - and I found them in abundance...Well, I found a few more - and that, for a vegan, is abundance.

          The marrying of competitively priced items and the V emblem does seriously make me happy. I am pleased to find a washing up liquid with no animal ingredients and not tested on animals that can be accessed by Joe Public in the people's choice shop, Wilkinsons, for 73p (for 500ml).


          The liquid comes in a clear plastic bottle with an easy plastic lid that you pop up and down - very user friendly. This also applies to the recyclable nature of the bottle - It is a number 1 - easy to put in the recycling bin at home. If you usually leave your bottle on the sink-side then you might also rejoice because it is attractive to look at.

          It has a clear label with a green leaf and the words 'Green Force' in 3 different shades of green commanding attention in a subtle manner. There is some small text and the pretty vegan flower emblem.

          The info on the bottle tells you that the product was made in the UK (hooray), that it was 'formulated to limit the impact on the environment without compromising performance', it has a natural fragrance and that it performs better than the leading Eco brand!

          On the back, it tells you that the main cleaning agents are plant based and are coconut and sustainable palm oil.

          Using the washing up liquid

          This is quite important because if it was pants and vegan then I would not want to use it. However, I am overly delighted to report that it is a very good liquid to wash pots up with. It has a very natural lemon smell and when it is squeezed out into the bowl it is a good thick consistency and it foams well. It does not easily lose bubbles like some washing up liquids do. It seems to cut through the grease quite well and the items washed come out looking twinkly-clean.

          To Conclude

          I would like this to become a big hit with Wilkinson's customers because I selfishly always want to be able to buy it - and unselfishly, I think it deserves to be purchased. It ticks a lot of worthy boxes (not transported far, plant-based ingredients, fully recyclable, less chemical gunk) - and it is reasonably priced - because it seems to last a good long time.

          The last time I was in Wilkinsons some of the Green Force items (washing powder, laundry tablets, spray cleaner) were on sale (I stocked up) but while this is good for the consumer I worry that they are not selling well enough. I hope this is not true.

          I think this washing up liquid is a brilliant buy - on many fronts.


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          Specially formulated to limit the impact on the environment without compromising performance.

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