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Harpic Toilet Cleaner

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3 Reviews

Brand: Harpic / Type: Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      12.05.2009 10:56
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Would buy again especially if on offer

      Having two young sons under 5 (plus a husband!) my house often resembles a war zone five minutes after it's been bottomed (*sighs heavily*)..that I can deal with- dirty toilets however is something I can't stand!

      Now I don't often get excited and giddy over a toilet cleaner (who on earth does?) but this new Harpic 'Odour Stop' promised great things and sounded good so I took the plunge and purchased.

      How to use~
      Now without sounding patronizing, it's not exactly rocket science how to use toilet cleaner, however this one claims it kills 99.9% of germs if effectively used. It says on the back to pour under the rim of the toilet and leave for 60 minutes before brushing. Then reapply and leave for another 15 minutes before flushing this time.

      Does it work?~
      Well I don't know if it's killed all the germs- I could do with Kim and Aggie to come round and send a specimen to a lab to see- but I do know my toilet looks sparkly and smelt very fresh for a while after!

      The packaging~
      The bottle is your typical toilet duck shape,and is white and blue with a bright red top. The liquid is transparent with pale blue sparkly particles (how flashy!) and smells very fresh- Mountain Fresh to be specific, or so it says on the bottle.

      The price~
      This was actually £1.29 which I think is a bit expensive for a toilet cleaner, and the fact you are supposed to use it twice in one go could result in it not lasting very long as it's only a standard size 750ml bottle.

      I would buy this again as it did leave my toilet lovely and inviting(??? yes I need to get out more I know!)


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        29.11.2007 14:42
        1 Comment



        not quite the ultimate loo cleaner as advertised

        Harpic (Anti-limescale products) > Reviews > Harpic powerplus - The ultimate toielt cleaner?
        Ranked 1 out of 6 in the Ciao Hitlist The Best Anti-Limescale Products

        10 reviews | Edit review

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        Harpic powerplus - The ultimate toielt cleaner?

        A review by stephme on Harpic (Anti-limescale products)
        April 21st, 2007

        Author's product rating:

        Value for Money Reasonable
        Do you need to use much for each clean? A little goes a long way
        Irritable to skin? Harsh
        Longlasting effects? Keeps things looking clean for longer than average

        Advantages: kills germs, shifts limescale
        Disadvantages: the smell !

        Recommend to potential buyers: yes

        Full review

        This is a review of harpic powerplus toilet cleaner. I normally use various products to clean the loo depending whats on sale, and I've used harpic brands before in good faith, and saw this new bottle. 'Harpic Powerplus has been specially designed as the ultimate answer to tough toilet stain removal. Its unique power cleaning formula penetrates and dissolves even the toughest stains, right before your eyes. The thick gel covers and sticks to the toilet bowl -even right under the rim'. The ultimate toilet cleaner? i've been looking for a product like this!!
        The bottle is a 750ml black plastic bottle with the usual bent neck for loo rims, and has yellow and red colours on the label. It cost £1.59 from sainsburys which i thought was quite expensive, but anyway i picked a bottle off the shelf and went home.

        The bottle claims to remove the toughest stains, kill all germs, and eliminate limescale. Sounds good so far.
        Using the bottle is simple enough, you just twist the child proof top off, and squeeze the thick blue liquid under the rim and around the bowl. The bottle says leave for 10 mins for stains, or 60 mins for killing all germs before brushing and flushing, though i just leave for 20 mins usually before find the bowl covered in the thick blue liquid, before flushing.

        The loo is left sparkling, and trust that all germs have been sent packing. The only problem is the smell of the product, which can be very overpowering.
        Anyway, this harpic powerplus does the job it states by killing germs and shifting limescale, but the smell does not make this the ultimate toilet cleaner. The search goes on...


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          25.09.2001 06:43



          If you live in a hard water area like me, you will know what a pain lime scale is! When I noticed some in my toilet, I used viacal, kettle de-scaler and bleach as well as other toilet cleaners that claimed to get rid of lime scale. But none of them worked. So me being me tried to use a scourer to get it off! And it left nasty silver marks where the metal just dis - coloured the lime scale. I found some ‘Harpic 100% lime scale remover’ when I was out shopping, and since I had tried everything to get rid of it, I got some. And I am so impressed with it! It has got rid of the silver bits in the toilet completely. I thought I’d test how good it was on the toothbrush cup that was disgusting! And it is now white! It really is the best lime scale remover I have used. Although I wouldnt recommend useing it on cups, as long as it is washed properly, I have had no problems! I would certainly recommend this to everyone in hard water areas. It really DOES work!


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