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Home Valet Window Blaster

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Brand: Home / Type: Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2008 11:23
      Very helpful



      Three in one cleaning tool for windows.

      Given the pictures that Dooyoo have used to be honest if you just look at them you will get the gist of this product saves me having to write about it. Now I hate window cleaning and I have never been able to get the hang of it hence there are smudges and smears left all over the place whenever I attempt the job. My philosophy has always been, "don't try and you cannot fail" rule closely followed by "if at first you do not succeed pay someone to do it". This led me to the conclusion that a window cleaner would be the answer unfortunately our local one seemed to subscribe to the first rule and never turned up and so I gave up with him.

      Given that the state of my windows had deteriorated into their own little eco-system that the Living Planet team had asked to film I figured it was time to take action so while wandering around Lakeland I came across The Window Blaster. Now normally I would ignore this type of product as it looks like the sort of thing you see advertised on daytime TV by a company called JML promising amazing results for little effort, you know the thing "makes your garden look like Kew Gardens with one easy spray".

      It is a large hand held device made from plastic in a rather unattractive lime green colour. The handle has a lined pattern in two blocks of five ridged lines to provide some grip on the other wise smooth body of the product, this is needed as washing windows your hands can get wet and slippy. At the top of the handle there is a large lever to depress which fires a jet of liquid out of a small nozzle at the front of the cleaner, this is easy to depress with your thumb as you grip the handle as I have just tested and sprayed my PC. What I thought was an empty device has proved to be a wrong assumption.

      It emits a very fine spray with a range of about 1m I reckon, or in my case from the breakfast table to the kitchen worktop. On the front of the device there are two cleaning attachments, a moulded black squeegee blade and a microfibre cleaning pad with Velcro fixings which attaches to the large Velcro pad at the base of the device. This means that when dirt the microfibre pads can be changed. The cleaning pad is a pale blue colour, I guess this combination of lime green body and blue pad guarantees no window cleaner will be seen dead using one of these.

      At one end of the Velcro base there is a small white stopper which once removed allows you to fill the body of the Window Blaster with liquid. This can be either water or your favourite cleaning product, as I use a spray product I fill mine with water only. This also means there is no need to flush it out afterwards if you have used a cleaning product which given you only have the small hole to use would be a drawn out operation with lots of water fills. The microfibre pad itself is soft like a wash cloth and quite thick.

      On the plus side I found this product really works well despite the rather cheap looks. It does beg the question whether each item used separately would do just as well and I guess that would be just as true but with this product you do get a bit of convenience as it does three things in one. The squeegee blade ca be used to remove any residue while the microfibre cloth really does suck up the dirt and grime, what I liked was at the end of cleaning the entire conservatory inside and out and the other downstairs windows with the exception of the last window I did there were no smears left. By the time I got to the last one the pale blue cleaning pad was black and on its last legs and I really should have changed it and then there would not have been any smears. Once I got the knack of the spray operation it made life very easy and I had no need to refill it to complete the job as the entire base and handle appear hollow so it holds more than enough. The general technique is to spray, use the microfibre and finish off with the squeegee, no different to normal window cleaning. I have also used it on the car windows as well with great results. I imagine this would be good for caravanning as well as it is one tool rather than three so reduces storage clutter.

      There are a couple of downsides. When full of liquid it does feel a little heavy especially as when full the weight is in the head of the cleaner which you are operating in the vertical. Not a problem for a well muscled hunk like myself but those with frail wrists will feel it. Second is the cost, this operates on a similar business model to the replacement shaving blades of companies like Gillette, the main tool is relatively cheap but they get you on the replacement blades, in this case the actual Window Blaster which comes with one microfibre pad was £3.99 however a replacement pad in Lakeland was £1.99. Given that all of my downstairs windows and conservatory accounted for one pad you can see where the revenue is for this product. I have not yet had a scout round on the web to see if there are cheaper options, having said that given the frequency I go near my windows it is no big deal.

      Overall I quite like it, having dropped it once already it survived and seems reasonably robust, the white stopper is not attached and can be completely removed, losing this would be an issue and it appears that the squeegee blade is not replaceable if it becomes damaged. On the plus side it does the job really well and at least now I can clearly see the garden fence from the kitchen window. Oh and it is also good for squirting the kids.

      Made by RDI International, their website is www.hvdirect.co.uk

      Thanks for reading and rating my review.


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    • Product Details

      Squeegee produces a fine mist / Removable pad with Velcro fixings / Squeegee Blade Reservoir in handle can be filled with water or cleaning agent.

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