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Brand: Homecare / Type: Kitchen Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      12.04.2012 16:20
      Very helpful



      A rather harsh cleaner than does clean stainless steel pans but handle with care

      Cook Brite by Homecare

      I bought this some time ago when I spotted it while shopping. I had been pretty fed up with the look of my stainless steel pans despite my constant efforts with the kitchen cleaner and steel wool. Mypans hang from hooks in my kitchen so they are on view and when they look black on the bottom and marked on the sides it is less than attractive.

      Full of enthusiasm when I bought it I took all the pans down and gave them all a really good clean. There are at least eight of them so it took me some time. I had hoped that this would be a magic gel that I applied then left and came back to wipe the pans to find them clean. If that is the sort of product you were looking for then forget it, the magic fairy hasn't invented it yet or if she has I haven't found it.

      This comes in a plastic grey/silver bottle with a big flip up lid that clips down so the product doesn't leak if you accidently knock it over in the cupboard. The bottle has sort of finger grip indentations along the left hand side of the bottle for easy gripping but I can't say it made a lot of difference to my handling of the product as you don't have to hold it for that long really.

      The product is specifically for stainless steel pans, casseroles ( never seen a stainless steel casserole myself) and cutlery, I did give our stainless steel sink a bit of a go when I had finished doing all the pans as it had been treated to some pretty hard cleaning in there.

      The back of the bottle says that this is for everyday cleaning that will get out the toughest stains and burnt on food residue. It also claims that if you use it regularly you items will build up a protection against limescale as well. I can't say I have noticed the invisible limescale protection as I don't have a big limescale problem on my saucepans anyway.

      The product is NOT suitable for use on gold, aluminium, enamel or marble. I read that to mean that it was actually harmful for those and so I made sure I took my rings off before embarking on my big pan clean.
      The manufacturers recommend that you test the product on a small, not obvious part fo the item just to make sure it doesn't case any damage. You may think something is stainless steel and it is in fact another metal that is not suitable for cleaning with this.


      The instructions on the bottle say:
      "Shake well before use. Squeeze Cook Brite onto a damp sponge or cloth, rub lightly, rinse and wipe dry."
      The product is a thinnish gel or thickish liquid and I squeezed some onto the inside of the worst panthat had a food burned on problem that I hadn't managed to shift. I spread it around a bit then left it to soak in.

      The instructions make it sound deceptively easy; a bit like a laundry advertisement for cleaning your laundry, almost like magic. It IS NOT that simple believe me. My pans were NOT that bad and it took my about an hour and a half of rubbing hard, some steel wool plus product and more hard rubbing in order to get the black from the bottom of my pans. We have a gas hob on our range master cooker and every time I cook the bottom gets blackened so this is not a one off job that I do every now and then. I have found that if I keep up with the task it isn't as daunting a task as that first cleaning job I did.

      I find that if I do them about once a week, I don't usually use every pan I own during that week and in that way I keep the pans pretty clean and shiny without making it in to a big task.

      That first time was really hard work but when I had finished the pans were not just clean they were also shiny. They looked good hanging on the hooks from the beams in the kitchen.

      This is obviously a pretty strong chemical and so it does come with warnings. You should keep it away from food, drink and animal foods too so as I used mine to clean my saucepans I gave them a really good rinse as i wasn't thrilled with the idea of causing stomach problems through residue left in the pans.
      If swallowed then seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label to those you contact.
      To avoid any dangers of swallowing keep the product well away from young children and pets. If you have young children this should be stored high out of their reach or in a child proof cupboard.

      If you accidently splash some of the product into your eyes then rinse straight away with lots of running water and seek medical advice.

      When using this product because it has some pretty caustic stuff in it you should wear rubber gloves when using it. They also say wear face protection but i usually mange to clean my pans without splashing it onto my face and have no plans to get a face mask to clean my saucepans but it is up to you.

      Because this is such a strong and powerful cleaner I would advise not doing the cleaning when you are likely to be interrupted with young children or have your attention distracted as that is when accidents happen with things like this.
      Homecare make other products for cleaning cooking items and these include Hob Brite, Sink Brite, Steel Brite, and Micro Brite. I haven't tried their other products as I have a gas hob so clean it with normal kitchen cleaner, I also use kitchen cleaner for my microwave too but I did use this for my stainless steel sink and it did a pretty good job of leaving it shiny.

      Yes I would say it did the job all be it with a lot more elbow grease than the back of the bottle suggested. My pans are now pretty clean and shiny and I just use this when they get black on the bottom or when my husband had been cooking as he tends to like to turn the gas up higher than I do and so my pans do get food burned on the bottom which needs a bit of scrubbing to get off.

      This is a product that does work with a bit of effort but it needs to be handled carefully and sensible precautions taken when handling and storing it.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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