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i-clean Multi Surface Cleaner

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Brand: i-clean / Type: Surface Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2009 16:20
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      I wouldn't pay £2.49 but while it is only 97p I will keep buying it!!

      As someone who is always looking for something different, I got all excited when I spotted these two different kinds of multi-surface cleaners ( sad life I must lead!!). Now these where on a special price of 97p instead of £2.49 in Wilkinsons.

      They are produced by McBride who I have never heard of before, although they do have a connection with Surecare Sensitive.

      The main aim of this product is to use this multi-clean product throughout your home, so you can use it in the kitchen as well as the bathroom ( that wouldn't make much diference to me as all my rooms have a bottle in each anyway).

      The clear plastic bottle makes it easier for you to see the bright colours of the liquid inside with the lovely bright pink grapefruit, lovely yellowy lemon and the beautiful green apple and pear. They all have a trigger top so it is easy to direct your spray with matching colour nozzles as well.

      What initially enticed me towards these was not the price as I didn't notice that at first, but the sleeve this was in. The sleeve was made of cardboard and had a long pod thing on the front. When looking nearer
      this was a refill for future use.

      This product is very very eco- friendly and has done a lot to help the environment. The pod is 100% soluble, so one less bottle to chuck in the bin when finished with. The bottle can be reused up to 10 times so another saving there. It says that " It takes around 342 truck loads to deliver a standard trigger cleaner over a year. i-clean adds up to only 58 truck loads a year- providing a potential annual saving of 284 trucks!".

      It also says that where you can use your bottles 10X's it will save around 340g of plastic and cardboard sent to landfills every ten uses, and when it comes to water it would reduce the transportation of 2.4M litres of water over a year!... .....Well that is your Eco-Friendly lesson over, now for the test to see if it is any good!!!

      What one do I choose, I'll have to go for the Pink Grapefruit I think as that one does jump out at me. I would like to have had the apple and pear, but they didn't have that one there. It is easy to twist around the square top of the trigger ( some I had in the past have been right B***ers !).

      So here goes, it really does have a strong pink grapefruit smell which is lovely and refreshing. I give the breakfast bars a good spray over, wait a few seconds then wipe with a damp cloth. It certainly is shifting the tea bag stain my daughter left this morning and leaves the rest lovely and clean. The only fault I would say that I have is that the intitial smell was
      strong, but didn't seem to last very long. Maybe thats not too bad as it might have been a bit overpowering, but I do like to walk back into my kitchen and smell that I have just cleaned it ( I'm probaly a chemical smelling bleach freak!!).

      Having said that it did do the job it was intended to do so I will be definitely buying this again, I think I will stock up while it is on at Wilko's special price at 97p. I believe you can buy this at the Co-op as well. This bottle is 500ml and the pod is 15ml.

      I'll have to go and hunt the Apple and Pear one out now!!!


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