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Jeyes Parozone Strongest Bleach Citrus

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Brand: Jeyes / Type: Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2013 17:00
      Very helpful




      Whenever I buy bleach I always opt for the pink bottle. I don't know why, the product inside isn't pink I just suppose that as I am a massive fan of pink I like the bottle! However, last time I bought bleach Asda had Parazone for £1 so I opted for that brand but there was no pink available! Therefore I opted for the citrus scent as I have used this in the past and find the scent a bit more bearable than regular bleach.

      This can always be found somewhere on offer for £1 but if paying full price you will rarely pay more than around £1.30-£1.40 for 750ml. The bottle looks like every other bleach bottle really! It is an opaque plastic with a child proof cap, it has an angled tip to help you to get it where its meant to go and it has a large paper label with the Parazone logo and it tells me that it will kill all toilet germs.

      You can use bleach in a variety of places around the home but I always use it for two jobs: cleaning the toilet and cleaning the kitchen sink.

      To clean the toilet you need to dispense the bleach around the toilet bowl and leave it to work for at least an hour, ideally overnight. When I use this I am very pleased with how well it covers the bowl, it is thick and spreads over the surface quickly and easily. There is a nice fresh citrus scent and it has a very slight yellow tint to it. I usually leave it in my toilet for a couple of hours and when I go back I flush the toilet and the bowl is absolutely sparkling. I find that when using bleach rather than a toilet cleaner the bowl does stay looking cleaner for longer.

      I use it on my kitchen sink as we have a horrible white plastic sink that previous tenants didn't take very good care of - when we moved in it was orange and there are numerous scuffs and scrapes. Initially I was using cream cleaner to scrub the sink every couple of days because any food or liquid would get into the dents/scuffs and it would quickly look grubby. One day I thought oh, * it I'm going to try bleach. Technically if you are using it on places like sinks you need to dilute it but I never bother, I pour it all over the sink and draining board, leave for 5 minutes and then wipe and rinse. My sink comes up brilliant white every time and I'm very pleased with the results.

      Bleach has a number of other uses around the home such as general cleaning, cleaning floors and whitening whites!

      I do think that this brand is slightly better than its rivals. Although they are all much the same, I find Parazone has a slightly better consistency and it is a bit thicker causing it to stick to the toilet bowl and the sink better.

      Bleach has a strong smell so it is important to use it in a ventilated space. This variation has a bleach with citrus notes aroma and I do prefer it to regular bleach.

      As with all bleach and many cleaning products, this can be very dangerous and can cause a lot of harm if misused. Please keep out of the reach of children and pets.

      I really like Parazone bleach and I will return to this brand time and time again. It works well, has a good consistency and is a reasonable price. Recommended.


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  • Product Details

    Jeyes Parozone Strongest Bleach Citrus 750ml kills toilet germs 100%.

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