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JML Doktor Power Foam Action Cleaner

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2 Reviews

Brand: JML / Type: All Purpose Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      20.07.2011 05:29
      Very helpful
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      not a wonder cleaner

      Some women are suckers for new make up or skincare products but I'm someone who falls for all the latest hype surrounding cleaning lotions and potions. I had seen Doktor Power several times on the shelves and was curious about how well it worked; I figured it must be a wonder cleaner given its hefty price tag of £6 but could not justify spending that much on it. When it was reduced to £3 in Asda for a tub I couldn't resist and snapped it up.

      Doktor Power is made by those people at JML who bring you those annoying adverts. Their products all look fantastic until you see the inflated prices and realise that you can live without their overpriced tat. How would Doktor Power measure up?

      Doktor Power comes in a screwtop tub with its own special applicator. In reality there is nothing special about the applicator at all as it is simply a rather cheap sponge. It is softish on one side and has a rather pathetic scourer on the other side and it falls apart before the tub is finished.
      Doktor Power is a white solid within the tub which means that you need to mix it into a paste before you use it which is an awful lot of faffing about. It is easy to make this paste when the tub is new but once you get near the bottom of the tub the solid breaks up into tiny little pieces.

      JML claim that Doktor Power is a wonder product which can clean everything from shoes to windows to kitchens and bathrooms but in reality I found I had mixed results when using it. I used it first to clean my bathroom and it did not perform well at all on soap scum or the dirt on the bottom of the shower and I needed to do a lot of scrubbing. The chalky residue which was left behind was also a pain to rinse off again.
      In the kitchen on the work surfaces and tiles it performed ok. Again it seemed like an awful lot of work to use the paste instead of a spray cleaner and I hated having to spend time to rinse the chalky residue away.

      The one place where I found that Doktor Power worked extremely well was a stainless steel cooker top. I would leave the paste for a few minutes and then the dirt and grease would simply wipe away with little effort and I didn't mind rinsing the cooker as I would have to do that no matter what cleaner I used. It didn't bring the stainless steel up to a brilliant shine but I always use Cif stainless steel cleaner to do that anyway.
      JML claims that Doktor Power is more environmentally friendly than other products because of the lack of chemicals and the fact it is meant to last longer. I didn't find my tub lasted very long at all and the thick plastic tub was certainly not good for the environment.

      Although Doktor Power performs well on my cooker the fact that it is horrible to use on other surfaces and vastly overpriced means I will not buy it again.


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        10.11.2009 14:55
        Very helpful



        Dont waste your money stick with good old Cif...

        Bought this as I am a bit of sucker for trying new cleaning product.. to see if they do actually do the job the claim to do.

        So purhased this to give it a whirl, Cost about £2.95.. but I think it was on special offer in Asda. (the only reason I bought it as £4.95 is a bit steep.)

        Doktor Power Mulit-Task foam action cleaner.... claims to be Bleach free and biodegradable formula.

        Tub is a bright luminous yellow with destinctive pink writing. The paper label on the lid and round the sides has a list of items this product claims to clean.
        Oven, HObs, pots, pans, worktops, sinks, baths,taps, tiles, glass, chrome, brass, silver, stainless steel, plastics, motor bike, bike wheels, upvc window frames, doors, plastic garden furniture,floors, car allyos and trainers...

        So it claims just about anything.. but I suppose you could say the same about lots of other products eg.. Cif... and right a massive list of all the uses it can be used for.

        Product is sealed with a paper tamperproof strip, which rips when you twist off the lid.

        Inside you find a white sponge, one side is rough and the other is even rougher this sits on top of the white paste.


        Wet the special Dokotor Power sponge thoroughly with cold water. Rub the sponge into paste and squeeze to activate the cleaning foam. Use smooht side of the sponge for normal cleaning and the textured side for toughter jobs. Clean disired area then rinse with cold water....
        It then has the Warnings.
        Alwyas test on an inconspicious areaq before use. Not suitable for painted surfaces. After use, allow sponge to dry before storing. Store in a cool dry place away from moisture, heat and direst sunlight.

        There is no ingredients list so have no idea what is in the product.. I suppose it is a trade secret...

        Well..time to try this amazing product that will revolutionalize my life... I won't need a cupboard full of stuff just this one bright yellow tub...

        Hob was needing a good clean, usually tackle that with a bit of elbow grease and some bleach cif.. only takes a moment.. (have also used Sodium bicarbonate... that is a wonderful thing for cleaning.. you should give it a try..)

        Took the sponge out of the container, run under cold tap as instructed, applied the paste... squeezed the sponge to activate...??? not sure what is meant to happen.. but as far as I could see ... nothing.

        Applied to hob.. to be honost it was rubbish. It didn't do any wonder jobs on it. The only good thing is the textured sponge, which is very similar to any plasic weave scourer you get in any supermarket.

        I still had to scrub at the hob..(unlike the advert.. when one sweep remove all the caked on burnt food... yehhh right..)
        It didnt remove it, I still had to scrub furiously at it. I then rinsed the sponge with cold water... and then tried again. Still the same .. nothing,.

        There was a very chalky residue left which I had to remove with a damp cloth as there was no way you could clean anything with the scrubber sponge.

        I haven't tried it on anything else yet, but to be honst it is pretty rubbish on the hob which is really what I bought it for. The fact it left a chalky mess actually means it make a bit more mess and there is no way I would use it on a window....

        The sponge has to be put aways try and as there is no seperate compartment for the sponge you have to leave it out or it will make the paste all wet and probably ruin it.

        A bit of a nosnsense really. Wouldn't recommned it. Waste of money. I am sure it maybe handy for cleaning stuff out side where you can hose off the white residue... ie you bike or you garden furniture or motor bike..(would like to see someone get oil off the sponge...)

        I maybe haven't found its true wonder yet, but will keep using it to find out...

        Thanks for reading this and if you want to borrow it let me know, because I would say don't bother buying it....


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