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JML Miracle Dry Foam

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Brand: JML / Type: Carpet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      03.03.2010 19:02
      Very helpful



      A product that lives up to its name. A miracle.

      When purchasing JML's miracle dry foam I wasn't 100% convinced that it would really work. I read many reviews and people tend to have very mixed opinions on the product. Some people said it didn't work, others loved it. Personally I am very pleased with the outcome. It really is miracle foam. Although I was surprised that it wasn't as foamy as it shows on the box. I struggled to get the liquid to get foamy. But after around 10-15 minutes of mixing the mixture I finally had foam that was usable. To mix the mixture all you need to remember is the ratio 1:1. So for every 1 part mixture add one part water. I wasn't sure whether to use hot or cold water, so I used warm water. The first thing I tried the product on was the black current stains on my bright red sofa. Everything I had previously tried such as vanish upholstery cleaner I had no luck at all. So this was worth the try and nothing could make it worse so rather than testing on a small part of the fabric I scrubbed and scrubbed and within a few minutes I had noticed a huge improvement. But tried not to judge to quickly as I still needed to leave it to dry. I then started on the carpet in the hallway and it made the carpet look like new. I'm a very happy customer. And think it's a fantastic quick way to clean up your carpets. I wouldn't recommend doing it while pregnant though, as it shattered me out and took me a long time. It also contains very strong smelling chemicals. It's very easy to use and you can also buy extra bottles of the liquid rather than re buying the roller brush as well. I purchased mine from Argos costing only £9.99 for the brush and a 300ml bottle of the dry foam liquid. You can also use it neat (for more stubborn stains such as red wine) and wash off with a damp cloth. I didn't try this so I can't comment on how well it works.
      A well spent £9.99 I think. I'm very pleased with the outcome of using this product. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone whose carpets need a little love.


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        28.10.2008 09:36
        Very helpful



        Worth keeping in your cupboard.

        It all started quite innocently. Having to travel for work I left my husband at home and apart from the normal warnings about keeping the kitchen clean and tidy and feeding the dog I didn't feel there was anything more to say.
        Obviously I forgot to tell him not to walk engine oil across our beige carpet. So there, on my return, were about 4 big smears of greasy oil (he had tried to clean it up but had only succeeded in making it worse!).

        So out came the battalion of carpet cleaners - they were all well known brands and came in a variety of sprays, foams, foams you could spray etc., etc.

        I tried them all and whilst some of them seemed to shift the stains slightly I was still left with 4 dirty patches on the carpet - some of them slightly bigger than when I had started. It looked like I would either have to pay for a new carpet or at least a rug to cover these marks.

        However, whilst in Woolworths I noticed the display of JML products. Now I guess most of us have seen the adverts for at least one of their many products on television. I have to say, I am always a bit cautious about these 'snake-oil' type of sales pitches but I had seen the one for their Miracle Foam carpet cleaner and there was the product on the shelf.

        The retail price was £9.99 and for this princely sum you get a box with a foam roller head and a bottle of the 'Miracle Foam'.

        As I had already spent a fortune on all the other types of carpet cleaners and facing the replacement of a carpet I decided that £9.99 was worth a try so I headed to the check-out and paid.

        Having got home I kept looking at the box and wondering whether I would end up feeling a bit like Jack - you know - exchanging a cow for some beans. However, I had the product now, best to give it a try.

        Like all such carpet cleaning products it does warn about testing a carpet for colour-fastness - I didn't, but have to say that as the carpet was beige I couldn't see the point, if I had a darker carpet I might have adhered to the advice.

        The box, as I said earlier, contained a bottle of the product and a foam roller device (similar to the head of a hoover but with 2 foam rollers next to each other and bristles on the front and rear edge). There is a handle that you can screw into this head for ease of application but it is only about 10 inches long so when you do the carpet you will have to be on your hands and knees.

        You have to mix the product on a 1:1 ratio with water, although you can also use it neat on stubborn stains. I decided to do both. With a tissue I applied some of the neat mixture to the stains and gave it a reasonable rub - the tissue did not disintegrate so I guess I didn't rub too hard.
        I then decided to mix up some of the product and apply it as well. I only mixed up a small amount - 1 capful and then dipped the rollers in it. You have to squeeze out the rollers as you are not supposed to have liquid on them, only foam. This is quite easy as you can compress them against the side of the applicator by sliding them along their roller (I hope that makes sense).

        Anyhow, after doing this I then ran the rollers vigorously over the area. It was reasonably easy to do and I didn't apply too much pressure however if you needed to do a large area I think it would become quite difficult, not only being on your knees but rolling the applicator back and forth.

        When I had finished the area actually looked quite clean but I have been fooled by that before so I waited for a while to ensure it was dry and then hoovered.

        The result was great - the carpet colour did not appear to have lifted (but don't forget it was beige to start with) and the nasty oil stains were gone.

        Overall I was very impressed with this product. It smelt ok - slightly chemically but with a citrus overtone - and it certainly did the job that a number of other products had failed to do.

        Would I buy it again. The answer is yes - but only as a 'small area' cleaner - I cannot imagine how you would do a whole carpet with it.

        The price of the starter kit is £9.99 as I mentioned before and you get about 400ml of product (I might be wrong about the number of ml but not too far out). You can buy a refill bottle at £4.99 but I am not sure how long the applicator would last for so you may find that you need to buy the starter kit each time.


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