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Brand: JML / Type: Mop / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2012 17:51
      Very helpful
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      Definitely saves my sanity

      ~~*~~*~~ JML Super Mop Pro ~~*~~*~~

      If you own a dog and have a floor (most people do), you will more than likely also own a mop. I mop at least twice a day because my dogs are filthy stinking bitches. Don't get me wrong, they're toilet trained (Oink is probably 90% but she's only 6 months) but every ruddy time they go in the garden or drink from the bowl or sick up I find myself reaching for the trusty mop.

      ~*~ What colour is it? ~*~

      The most important question one should ask about any product should always be regarding the colour. This is silver and blue - mine is now more grey and brown - I'm no Monica Geller/Bing so I don't clean my cleaning apparatus and over time the blue has faded and discoloured. The refill head is also blue though this colour soon changes to a filthy brown after use. The packaging is the usual minimalist JML clear wrap and small cardboard label with orange and white writing on a blue background.

      ~*~ Why's it so exciting I'm writing a review about it? ~*~

      Well, each time I use it, I'm reminded of the time my mother's friend popped round to see the puppies (poor ol' Pigsy had 12 baby Labradors and people came from far and wide to see the beautiful beasts) and commented - "you'll need more than a mop to clean up that mess". I did not. The absorbency of the super mop is pretty incredible - it doesn't just suck up a puppy pee, it retains it - a couple of 'wrings' in clean water and it's good to go again. The extendable arm means that being a fairly tall person, I don't do my back in mopping again and again, every day, without fail. Apparently, this extension is designed for cleaning your windows - I'm not sure who would use a floor mop to clean windows but I'm guessing no-one who owns dogs would be willing to wipe dog hairs all over the glass.
      I used to have carpet before I saw the light and lined the whole of my downstairs with vinyl, and the mop was really good at sucking up spillages (Labrador tails are renowned for clearing coffee tables) and for giving a quick once over and removing piles of moulted fur. Now I'm able to happily mop everywhere easily. I tend to use my mop as a makeshift brush to remove the top layer of sand and fur before soaking it thoroughly and almost washing my floor - I don't wring it out and it still manages to keep the excess water within the mop. It is important to remember to soak the mop before wringing it else it cracks when you harshly scrub at a dodgy looking stain and then your mum says 'I told you so', dammit. If this happens to you, I suggest sending an email to JML and they send you a new refill even though it was blatantly my fault for being a simpleton.
      To wring the mop, you simply pull the handle located near the mop head and the latter folds in half squeezing the filthy water out. This really does empty most of the water from it and saves a great deal of effort (I am a lazy cow). The mop is nice and thin and fits easily down the side of a fridge and I've never noticed the mophead smelling which is something I always smell at my friend's house who uses a conventional mop.

      ~*~ Replace your skanky mophead or indeed mop (I may have bent mine when teasing the Pig and her fat arse landed on it) ~*~

      The JML website has these wonderful mops for £11.99 and three refills for £9.97 - you can get them slightly cheaper on ebay but 'tis up to you. JML do charge you £2.95 for postage and the ones on ebay are free so that's where you'll save pennies. www.jmldirect.com/mops/ It's very easy to change the refill - just release the 'wring' handle and unclip the mophead by sliding one end towards the centre and then do the same with the opposite end - I would recommend wringing it out with clean water first since there doesn't seem to be a way to replace this without touching it with your hands.
      I find the mop very light weight and easy to use - it's a mop, how thick are you if you can't work it? The one thing to consider is that this mop doesn't come with any kind of bucket - I just use my sink or the washing up bowl much to the disgust of my boyfriend (yes, even with 3 dogs, I have found someone to love me and consequently astound my mother once again).

      If you want more information on this mop, you can first, get a life, and second, see the information below:

      JML Customer Services,
      Unit 1 East Side,
      Port of Tyne,
      Tyne Dock,
      South Shields,
      Tyne and Wear,
      NE33 5SP
      0800 7817831

      Thanks for reading.

      Review will most definitely appear elsewhere.

      Me, Pig, Puddle & Oink
      August 2012


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