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Kaboom Toilet Cleaner Bowl Blaster

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Brand: Kaboom / Type: Toilet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2006 08:43
      Very helpful



      An Ok cleaner but for the price there is better out there.

      On the 31st October the scary little Trick or Treaters will be knocking at your door scaring the bejeebers out of you. Therefore I thought forewarned is forearmed and got something to help me clean the toilet afterwards. If they didn't scare me then the chances are the kids will have eaten so many sweets they will be saying hello to the big white bowl anyway!

      Kaboom! Another marketed name to lure you into buying a product at the more expensive end of the price range when it comes to cleaning products. In my opinion, this is in line with Cillit Bang. Another product with a funny name that is extremely expensive yet cleans no better than the average supermarket brand cleaner.

      I am as gullible as the next person when it comes to these things, hence the review, and picked up this new toilet cleaner from my Sainsbury’s at a new product offer of £2.99, instead of the normal price of £3.99. My worst household job is cleaning the loo and so if I can find a product out there that aids this process with the least amount of involvement from me, I will buy it. However Kaboom proved be a let down in the results department, although it was fun to watch.

      Bottle Design

      The first thing I noticed in the shop and really liked was the bottle itself. It is a bright purple colour with a pea-green lid, very similar to Kandoo products actually and makes me wonder if they are trying to cash in on their popularity. Although these colours clash horribly this is an obvious marketing ploy to make it jump out of the shelf at you and make you buy it. Worked for me I guess! However the design of the bottle is not as good as it could have been. Because the contents are a powder it has a very wide necked opening in order to shake the powder out, but this in turn makes it hard to hold and tip out, without pouring out too much. They would have been better with a kind of talcum powder opening I think. Also the lid is not child proof and a stronger child could easily unscrew the lid and gain access to the contents, which I think is very dangerous considering my findings with the product itself.

      The Product

      After unscrewing the lid you are faced with a bottle of white powder that you are meant to pour into the cap and empty into the toilet bowl. This is where I encountered my first problem. I was trying to tap out the powder into the lid and as it hit the bottom of the cap a kind of smoky vapour was wafting up from the powder. It is extremely difficult to avoid this happening as the product is very sensitive and even if you are gentle the “smoke” will still waft up. Even at arms length it was reaching my face and I had no choice but to inhale it through my nose. After a couple of seconds I could taste it in the back of my throat and my nose was very itchy. It was not painful but it did not feel comfortable either and I am guessing that if this stuff was ingested in larger amounts it would cause some serious damage – hence my concerns over the lid not being child proof.

      Despite my reluctance to use the product for fear of more “wafting smoke” I tipped it down the loo and watched in amazement as a thick foam began to form in seconds and slowly built in volume until it filled the entire bowl, right up to just below the rim. It does advise you not to use the powder if you have just flushed the loo as it reacts better if the water is room temperature. I had just flushed so this was why it did not reach under the rim. The foam is the consistency of whipped egg whites, rather than say, bubble bath foam and you can hear it hissing and the bubbles popping. Leaving it for 15 minutes to do it’s magic, as per the instructions, I then returned, hoping for a sparkly bowl.

      The Result

      The foam had receded right down to a scummy looking sludge at the water level in the toilet bowl and I flushed the chain, hoping it would all wash away revealing a twinkling toilet. It actually took two flushes for all the foam to go so I could inspect the loo and I have to say I was pretty disappointed. My toilet wasn’t desperately dirty before I used it but I did expect to see a difference when I inspected. To be honest it didn’t look any cleaner than if I had just tipped Sainsbury’s own loo cleaner down there and sloshed it around with a brush. For £2.99, as I paid, it was a worthwhile test as I now know I would never pay £3.99 for this load of rubbish with it’s false claims and dangerous packaging.

      It is fun to watch the foam slowly working it’s way up the loo like a mini volcano erupting and the kids enjoyed it but I was too conscious of the dangers of the powder to let them too close.

      I certainly won’t buy this again and I would recommend you leave it alone too in favour of cheaper, just as good alternatives.


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