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Lakeland Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover

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Brand: Lakeland / Type: Stain Remover / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2009 17:45
      Very helpful



      Great stuff - just hope you don't need it too often

      Both I and Mrs SWSt can be very clumsy individuals at times and the other week it was my turn. There I was enjoying a nice glass of wine, I reached out for my glass and knocked it flying leaving our carpet looking as though a particularly grisly murder had been committed on it.

      The good news was that there wasn't that much wine left in the glass, so I didn't waste a lot. The bad news was that a) we have a completely impractical beige carpet in the room where I spilled it and b) we currently live in a rented house. There's no surer way to lose a deposit than to leave a great big wine stain in the middle of the living room.

      After a momentary panic, Mrs SWSt and I flew into action; grabbing cloths, salt (this helps draw out some of the moisture apparently) and attempting to mop it up as best we could. Inevitably, there was still a rather nasty stain glaring at us. Bye Bye deposit, thought I.

      All I can say is thank heavens for mother-in-laws! Mrs SWSt's mother is a fount of knowledge on how to deal with such matters and she was fairly certain that Lakeland sold something which took wine stains out of fabrics. We have a local branch of Lakeland, so decided to take a drive out there and see the next day. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

      Sure enough, she was right. They sell a nifty little product called Wine Away Stain Remover, which is specifically designed to remove red wine stains from carpets, clothes and other soft fabrics.

      It's is available in two sizes: a travel size 60ml bottle costs £3.91, whilst the larger 360ml bottle will set you back £8.80. Although the larger bottle does cost quite a bit more, it does offer far better value for money in terms of cost per litre. This is the one we decided to buy. This is obviously quite expensive, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than losing a deposit, buying a new carpet or calling in professional carpet cleaners.

      You also don't actually need to use that much, even on fairly large stains, so whilst 330ml might not sound like a lot for your £8.80, a single bottle should last you for quite and while and hopefully, the times when you need to use it will hopefully be fairly limited!

      The bottle itself is plastic with a press down nozzle which squirts the liquid out in a controlled spray. This makes it very easy to direct the spray onto the required area. As with all stain removers, you are advised to try it on a small inconspicuous piece of fabric before spraying it around liberally. We did this and, as there were no obvious problems, closed in on the spill and sprayed away.

      Full instructions on how to use the spray are given on the back of the bottle and these are nice and straightforward. You may struggle to read them if you've got bad eyesight, though, as the print is quite small. It couldn't be much easier to use. You saturate the affected area and then leave it for between 1-5 minutes before wiping off with a damp cloth. As the stain was quite bad, we left it for the full five minutes, nervously watching the clock tick round and wondering whether the spray would do its stuff.

      After five minutes, Mrs SWSt approached the stain armed with a damp cloth, while I skulked in the kitchen, waiting like some sort of anxious father in the labour ward. After just two minutes, I was called through... Incredibly, the stain had almost completely vanished - If you knew it was there, you could see a faint mark, but nothing like the deep, red stain which had been there 10 minutes earlier - and bear in mind that this was a stain which had had over 12 hours to soak into the carpet. We've asked a couple of visitors to try and spot the spill and they have failed, expressing amazement when we've pointed out where it was.

      I have to admit, my expectations for this were not high. At worst I thought we would have wasted our money and the stain remover would have no effect; at best, it might make it fade a little bit into the carpet. How wrong can you be? Over the course of a couple of weeks, even the ghost of the stain slowly vanished and the carpet was as good as new (although, unfortunately, it was still beige).

      Whilst we used it on carpets, the Wine Away Stain Remover is actually quite versatile. The bottle suggests that it can be used on carpets, clothes, curtains and other fabrics.
      According to the manufacturers, Wine Away has no chemicals or detergents in it and instead is made from a special mix of fruit and vegetable extracts. This is obviously a lot kinder to fabrics than chemical based cleaners and reduces the risk of long-term damage.

      Some so-called wonder stain removers are anything but, having little or no effect on the problem. This one does exactly what it promises with only a minimum amount of effort required. Initially expensive, but well worth the money, it's a handy little product to have around.

      © Copyright SWSt 2009


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      No harsh detergents or chemicals / Made from fruit and vegetable extracts.

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