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LimeLite Limescale Remover Spray

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2 Reviews
  • Lasts ages
  • Fizzes
  • A little scrubbing needed
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    2 Reviews
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      16.10.2015 09:49
      Very helpful


      • "Lasts ages"
      • Fizzes


      • "A little scrubbing needed"

      Lime-Lite Fizzes the Limescale Away

      I bought my bottle of Lime-Lite Spray probably 2 years ago now. Rick and I were living in our old flat and we had noticed a small build up of limescale on our draining board which wasn't going with normal everyday cleaning and wiping over.

      This Lime-Lite is currently sold at the below prices for a 500ml spray bottle:
      Asda - £2
      Sainsbury's - £2
      Tesco - £2

      The information on the bottle reads:
      "Directions for use:Spray cleaning (mesh flap open): cleans limescale over large areas.Foam cleaning (mesh flap closed): for targeted cleaning of stubborn limescale.Turn nozzle to the On position to use. Spray from a distance of about 15-30 cm away from the area. Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge, then rinse thoroughly within 5 minutes. After use return the nozzle to the Off position. Always test on an inconspicuous area. Mop up any spills immediately.

      Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces such as gold, copper aluminium or painted surfaces, coloured, old or damaged enamel, plastic water boilers, natural stone including marble, limestone and travertine, hot, damaged or scratched surfaces and electrical appliances."

      When I have used this product I have sprayed quite generously. I then notice a nice little fizzing sound which makes me very happy. I feel that this product actually does do some of the cleaning for me and I really like being able to hear it do this. I normally leave it to fizz a little for a few minutes before starting to wipe a bit off. To be honest though I do end up having to scrub a bit using this product but then and limescale comes off pretty easily. I then wipe it over and dry the surface and get a nice clean shine.

      This product does have a chemical smell to it as you might expect. In my old flat it was noticeable when you entered our tiny kitchen if you had been using this product but it is not particularly overpowering and now we have a larger kitchen the smell is less contained and much less noticeable. This product is harsh on skin. Perhaps unsurprisingly it will dry skin out and potentially irritate skin so I recommend rubber gloves with this one.
      For me yes this is a good item. I do not need to use it very often at all and so one bottle is lasting me ages. When I do need it this Lime-Lite does the job well and so yes I certainly recommend it.


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      20.02.2012 16:04
      Very helpful



      A very effective limescale remover.

      Hard water and the subsequent limescale build-up has became an ever-increasing problem over the last few years especially. Limescale quickly builds up around the taps and sinks in my house and removing it isn't always easy. The tell-tale white marks around my taps and kitchen sink in particular are often difficult to remove and then quickly appear again.
      I have tried various cleaning products and have also resorted to scraping off limescale with a plastic spatula on occasion, but whichever method or product I have chosen, none have been an easy process.

      A couple of weeks back I spotted this LimeLite spray and foam on the shelves at my local Asda. Its bright green bottle made it stand out and I took a closer look.
      I had never heard of or noticed this product before, although I have since found out that it has been available in a gel format.

      Reading the info on the bottle makes this LimeLite spray and foam sound quite impressive. Described as the ultimate limescale remover, it promises to make 'lite' work of limescale and leave a brilliant shine every time as well as also helping to prevent the build up of limescale.
      Suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms on shower and bath areas, sinks, taps, plugholes, shower heads, shower screens, tiles and toilet bowls, this product sounded like it was worth a try and seeing as how it was priced at £2 instead of the usual £2.75, I decided I would buy it.

      LimeLite spray and foam can be used as a spray if you leave the mesh flap open on the trigger and as a foam if you leave the mesh flap closed. The instructions pointed out that the spray is best used to target limescale over larger areas and the foam should be used to target cleaning of stubborn limescale.
      You are advised not to use the product on gold, copper, aluminium or painted surfaces, coloured or damaged enamel, plastic water boilers, stone and marble or electrical appliances.
      If you are in any doubt about whether to use this product or not then you should test on an inconspicuous area first.

      I decided to use this product around the tap area on my kitchen sink first, as this is somewhere I find particularly difficult to remove limescale from and is an area where it is most prominent. As this is a 'stubborn' area, I decided to use the foam and after adjusting the mesh flap on the trigger to the right setting, I squirted the product around the tap area.
      It came out as a white foam with a pleasant pine fragrance and I covered the areas of limescale with it.
      The directions stated you should wipe away with a damp cloth and rinse thoroughly within five minutes and so I left the foam on the tap area for a minute or two and then wiped away and rinsed.
      I was surprised to find that most of the limescale had indeed been removed without the need for any scrubbing, but there was still some left behind. I applied more foam and left it a little longer and it removed some more. I have found that it has taken three or four applications to rid the tap area of the ugly limescale marks altogether, but it is now much easier to keep limescale at bay with regular use.

      I have used the product on my kitchen sink and also in the bathroom where once again it took a few applications to remove the limescale, but it did the job eventually without the need for scrubbing. As I haven't found a product up until now which actually is any good at removing limescale I am very pleased with this one. I did use an old toothbrush to clean around the base of the bathroom taps, but this is something I do anyway when cleaning them and I did find it an easier process when combined with using Limelite instead of other bathroom cleaners.
      By using this product regularly I have found it much easier to keep on top of the limescale problem. After the first few initial applications, once the limescale was removed, all I need to do is now spray this product and it is enough to prevent further build-ups. I use the spray around my bath, sinks and the tiles and the foam for tap areas.

      I also have found it particularly effective to use on my shower head. Limescale builds up in your shower head and as a result you may find your shower doesn't feel as powerful as it used to. I sprayed this product onto my shower head and found the white limescale marks disappeared. My shower head is fairly new anyway and I had replaced it because of the loss of power due to limescale which I found difficult to remove, so I am hoping that this shower head will last longer now I am spraying it with LimeLite regularly. You can also spray Limelite on bathroom mirrors and shower glass screens to keep them white-mark free and shiny. I have used it on my bathroom mirror and then wiped clean with kitchen roll and can confirm it does the trick as the glass buffs up clean and shiny.

      Overall, I am very happy to recommend LimeLite spray and foam. I saw results immediately and whilst it did take more than one application to rid the more stubborn areas I used it on of unsightly limescale, it certainly beats my previous scrubbing and scraping, which never completely eradicated the problem. Once you rid the areas of limescale then further applications prevent a further build-up. I will certainly continue to use this product.


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