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Maas Metal Polishing Creme

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Brand: Maas / Type: Polish / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2009 12:24
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      how I rescued some long neglected metal items in my house

      When I moved into my current house, a little over 2 years ago, I soon discovered that the taps in the bathroom had not been cleaned for a very long time. They were covered in water marks, lacklustre and just not very nice to look at. I tried everything I could think of as replacing them was not an option financially, and nothing seemed to work until I discovered this "miracle" cream.

      What is it?

      Maas is, as you can see, a metal polish. It bears the name of its inventor, one Donna Maas, who apparently wanted to make cleaning metals easier. The polish comes in a 57g tube, encased in shiny box, that looks more like a cosmetic item than a household cleaning product. I should say straight away that it is not particularly cheap - £8.19 from Lakeland, and I did wonder about whether it would be worth it as I couldn't see the contents going far.

      Luckily what you get is a very concentrated cream, which is billed as smelling of French Lavender, and claims to clean metals (full list at the end of this review), and leave a protective finish.

      When you open it, the polish certainly smells pleasant and not too much like a cleaning product. It is more like a cream in consistency than anything else - a little of this product will actually go a very long way, I would say a pea sized amount would clean a brass letterbox, which is worth knowing if the large price tag is putting you off. I tend to apply the polish with a soft cloth and buff to shine with another clean cloth - I'm sounding all "Anthea Turner" here, but anyway, it is easy to apply and wipe off to a sheen, though really tarnished items might need a bit more work.

      Does it work?

      The first thing I ever tried the cream on was the aforementioned taps. We live in a hardwater area, and the taps had clearly not been long neglected and had suffered badly, to be honest they looked beyond help. I couldn't believe it when with just a bit of rubbing all the water marks that I thought had permanently pitted the surface disappeared a bit like magic.

      I had tried a number of other products to clean them prior to this, to no avail. With a bit of this polish and a small amount of elbow grease my taps went from "ready for the tip" to "shiny new" - you could see your face in them, I was genuinely quite amazed.

      The results were just as good on the front letter box, door knob and other items that clearly hadn't been cleaned in a very long time - it brought up our stainless steel kitchen sink like new, and as billed it does leave a water repellant shine that keeps the metal shiny for longer. I *may* have got a little carried away at one point as I made any gold, chrome and silver I could find shine, my wedding ring, the Dualit toaster and every tap in the house all got the Maas treatment. It also worked well on Alloy wheels, my long neglected bike and a long forgotten tarnished silver candlestick.

      As I said at the start this is a concentrated cream so my small tube has gone a very long way - I'm no cleaning obsessive, but this thing works. I use it every month or so to keep my taps nice and shiny, and to give my stainless sink a facelift every now and then.


      As you can probably tell I thoroughly recommend this product - it gets 5 stars for effectiveness from me on most metals, though you should note that it doesn't work on brushed stainless steel. It is actually worth the high price tag in my opinion for the results it produces, I've haven't found anything that works better than this.

      Purchasing and other info:

      Polish is available from:
      http://www.lastingshine.co.uk (manufacturer's site); also has full explanation of appropriate use.

      List of surfaces that this polish will clean (as per manufacturer)
      "ALL Metals, Fiberglass, Plexiglas, Eisenglass, mirrors, clouded glass & crystal, leaded glass, ceramics & ceramic tile, porcelain, enamel, Corian, Avonite, granite, marble, laminates & Formica, linoleum, plastic convertible windows, plastics, Plexiglas, Lexan, acrylic, powder coating, auto & aircraft paint (to remove stains and buff out surface scratches), solid vinyl, polyurethane; all non-porous surfaces."


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    • Product Details

      Metal Polish / For any metal; stainless steel, silver, gold, brass, copper, pewter, chrome, aluminium.

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