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Brand: Method / Type: Washing Up Liquid / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2009 21:56
      Very helpful




      I am a big fan of Method cleaning products so I was delighted to receive a complimentary bottle of one of Method's latest products, their Dish washing up liquid. I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of my time washing up every day so this could be something to brighten up my daily routine!

      Dish, like most Method products, comes packaged in an eye-catching distinctive bottle which sets it apart from other washing up liquids on the market. It comes in a generous 739ml size (for some strange reason?) in a chunky plastic bottle that curves out at the middle and then inwards at the top and bottom. My first impressions of the product were positive but I have to confess that this might be a case of style over practicality as two disadvantages of the packaging became clear once I actually started to use the stuff. The first problem I had was actually opening the lid! It has one of those perfectly simple twist and turn lids which then allows the liquid to be poured out. Except it didn't! I tried again, this time twisting the other way. Still nothing. I checked the back of the bottle in case there were any idiot-proof instructions on how to open the bottle but there was nothing visible so clearly this was meant to be obvious, even to idiots! Eventually, I realised that I had indeed correctly opened the bottle in the first case, the problem was that I wasn't squeezing the bottle hard enough. The bottle is made of a surprisingly thick sort of plastic - the sort of plastic I associate more with shampoo bottles than washing up liquid. This took quite a lot of squeezing which wasn't that easy given the large size of the bottle. To make matters worse, the liquid was also quite thick and not the sort that ran out easily. The bulbous design of the bottle didn't seem to serve any practical use, beyond making the bottle look pretty - it certainly didn't help with the dispensing.

      I don't want to sound like I'm making a mountain out of a molehill but, take it from me, my husband didn't keep his dissatisfaction with the packaging quiet. He moaned every time he opened the lid, which he also struggled to do. (Although technically he did manage it, he just kept twisting this way and that way like I had.) He was also not impressed with the practicality of dealing with such a large container and even made a big scene out of dropping the bottle at one point, saying the bottle was too big and slippy and had fallen out of his hand! Between you and me, I think he was just making a big issue out of it so that I'd notice that he was actually washing up! I do have to agree that the extra large bottle and its lid wasn't the most practical of designs but he did over-egg it a bit.

      The most crucial aspect of any household cleaning item is how effectively it performs the actual job in hand. Here, Method certainly don't disappoint. Dish comes in one of Method's signature fragrances, French Lavender. This isn't a scent that I would have chosen initially but, now I have an increasing number of products in the same range, it has grown on me considerably. As a washing up liquid fragrance, it makes a lovely change from the usual culprits and it is much more relaxing washing up surrounded by the scent of lavender than citrus scents or more chemical based smells. Not only did this stuff smell lovely, it also created loads of creamy white bubbles after just a tiny squeeze, which was fortunate in light of how difficult it is to get the liquid out of the bottle! The creamy suds worked well at cleaning and tackled all that my household threw in the direction of the sink without any difficulties. I generally use Ecover or other ecological brands but find that the bubbles are either fairly sparse or die down very quickly. Method is a eco-friendly brand that actually produces lots of long-lasting bubble and cleans the dishes to a squeaky clean shine! I wasn't expecting such a great performance from a biodegradable formula. Whilst we're talking green credentials, Dish stands its ground admirably. Not only is it biodegradable, it contains naturally derived ingredients, is phosphate free and isn't tested on animals. The bottle, in spite of the other criticisms, can be readily recycled. Great stuff.

      Method products are now becoming more widely available from supermarkets such as Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury. This washing up liquid is currently only available online via Method's main stockist www.biggreensmile.com although I have been informed by Method that this will be rolled out to other stockists next year. Currently, buying online is the only option which means factoring in additional delivery charges on top of the not particularly cheap selling price of £3 per bottle. For that reason alone, I probably won't be purchasing any more of this in the near future, certainly not until it is more readily available.

      More information about the range and local stockists can be found on the Method website at www.methodproducts.co.uk


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