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Method Mint Window Glass Cleaning Spray

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Brand: Method / Type: Window & Glass Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2012 21:20
      Very helpful



      A great glass cleaner

      This is a review of Method Mint Window Glass Cleaning Spray which I have been using for a few months now. We had the bottle in the cupboard for ages before using it as my husband is the glass cleaning whizz in our house and he had been using Windolene until he saw I had bought this on a shopping trip.

      The bottle is 828ml which is quite large so it is quite heavy to hold when full. The bottle is clear, showing the Ice Blue liquid contents and has a trigger spray at the top which you can also lock shut. The label promises a non-toxic clean, declaring it is best in glass and a naturally derived and biodegradable formula. This makes me feel a bit better using it knowing my daughter will shortly probably be licking the same glass panel (yes, I know...). On the back of the label, the information is really clearly shown in a table with yellow writing on a blue background which really stands out nicely. It promises to be people friendly, glass friendly, bottle friendly (being made from 100% recycled material) and easy to use.

      Our house
      Downstairs in our house, all the internal doors have eight internal glass panes in them, with a double set of these doors leading to upstairs. We also have French Windows, and a large picture window in the front room. And a nearly two year old with often grubby hands. This means we have to clean the glass in the house on a more regular schedule than most. I also recently bought mirrored wardrobes for our bedroom which also sport small hand prints from where little miss has been admiring herself.

      In use
      We use this product with 'Plenty' Kitchen roll (the large sheet ) as it seems to give the right resistance to the glass when used in combination with the Method Mint Window Glass Cleaning Spray. A couple of squirts directly to the glass and a circular motion gets the cleaner in action and a dry piece mops up any excess.

      This Method brand is available from places like John Lewis and Waitrose, so it's probably quite a posh cleaning product, in that you're not going to find it in Pound Land. But I have to confess mine was from a Company Shop which sells things at a discount and this was a one off bottle. Often when home shopping doesn't reach its original destination it ends up at the Company shop so I know I paid £2.50 for the 828ml bottle. In John Lewis it is £4 a bottle.

      My thoughts
      Whilst I have used this product, I must confess my husband has used it more (!) and he commented the other day "This glass cleaner is really good" which is quite a comment from him as he LOVES Windolene! The mint fragrance of the product is clearly subtle as he is not a big fan of anything mint, turning down sweets, gum and shower gel in that fragrance. I really like the fact that the product seems to be really eco aware and against chemical formulas, for what is essentially just something to polish up your glass and remove finger prints. We have used this on glass doors, mirrors, the TV and on our cars and it has come up trumps each time.

      Final word
      I am so pleased that I fell upon this product and as it was a one off and I love trips to John Lewis, I am sure we will put one in our basket next time I persuade my hubby to go on the tram to Sheffield. I think £4 is a fair price for so much product as it lasts such a long time and we know it's going to work on the plethora of glass we have in our house. Recommended and a repurchase on the cards for us.


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