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Method Touch Wood Polish

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Brand: Method / Type: Polish / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      22.10.2009 10:52
      Very helpful



      A great product which just needs a special offer to make it affordable.

      In the past I have been very impressed with the Method range of cleaning products which I use in my home. Some of you may know I have the disease ME and this means that I react badly to certain chemicals, and have to be careful what I choose to use on a daily basis.

      Method is a company devoted to the manufacture of natural cleaning products. They don't test their products on animals, and they operate ethically. For this however buying their products doesn't come cheap, and it certainly pays to look out for offers which are plentiful, thus making them affordable.

      First launched in The United States and now making quite a successful impact on the UK market, they make all sorts of cleaning products from hand washes to floor cleaning products, and from air fresheners to surface cleaners-it's a full range for every cleaning job in the house.

      If you only buy one of their products make it the Lavender Surface Spray, I reviewed this a while ago and it is outstanding. I don't advocate all of their products and some less glowing reviews will be coming of some of their ranges I really wouldn't recommend.

      The purpose of this review however is to introduce you to The Method Touch Wood Cleaner which is something I use with regularity. My lounge is full of solid wood Ercol furniture which is a golden dawn shade, and has taken me three decades to collect. Even my settee and chairs are hand carved wood and so it is quite a challenge to clean it all.

      I have used many sprays over the years, and actually my favourite way to clean it is to use a damp, almost completely rung out dry cloth, which has been immersed in a bowl of warm water to which I have added some fabric conditioner. This I find is perfect for light dusting, and actually came from a time I spent in a baby care unit where damp dusting was the way they cleaned to keep allergens low. I also use this way because my son has a severe house dust allergy, so this ensures the dust mite numbers are kept in check.

      However I alternate this with using Method Touch Wood Cleaner which is better for removing marks and for a more thorough clean. This product can be found in the cleaning aisles in many large supermarkets now, and at the full price, which I never pay, it will cost you between £4 and £4.35 for 350ml.

      The bottle has a pump spray for ease of use, and if you want to get the best results you can also purchase a matching "Touch Wood" microfiber cloth which they sell for £4. I did manage to pick one of these up in the reduced aisle at Tesco and it is an asset. It attracts dust really well from wooden surfaces, washes well and has lasted me over a year so far in tip top condition, so if you are serious about trying the product it is, I think, a good investment.

      The bottle itself which is fully recyclable is brown, but the liquid inside isn't so in a way it is a little misleading, but nevertheless the product inside is worth investigating because it certainly has many positive attributes.

      It smells so lovely. It is identical to the smell of home made marzipan, a rich almond scent which makes it ideal to use at Christmas time in particular. It is a milky liquid, quite thin, and it disperses over a small area with each spray so you can select areas easily which need a bit more attention. It is a unique fragrance because for so long I was used to the lemony or lavender scents so many polishes have these days, and this is a refreshing change! I also think the fact that the spray is dispensed in a controlled manner means it doesn't shower everywhere, and you don't end up choking on an overwhelming chemical smell.

      All year round though cleaning with this is an absolute joy, which is something for me to say because I really dislike housework intensely. Hubby actually loves it and can sometimes be seen with the cloth in his hand polishing with gusto!

      Being non toxic it is ideal if you have young children or anyone who is asthmatic and I really like using it because it doesn't hurt cats, which is important as I have 3 Persians who love to languish on all my wooden surfaces, even though they really aren't supposed to-but that's cats for you!.

      I just spray it on and wipe off with the cloth and it makes the wood shine and all the dust is removed too. You should shake the bottle first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed up well together. It leaves the surfaces really clean, and the almond smell lingers for ages afterwards in the room. It will remove all fingerprints and cat paw smudges, and it doesn't leave that residue build up that some polishes do.

      One word of caution you can't use it on wood that has been waxed. It is also dangerous to use on wooden floors because they become slippery, but they do make a product especially for this.

      If you are wondering how this product is natural, it is made using ingredients such as oleic acid which is found in natural oils (palm, olive and coconut oils) and all the ingredients are chosen because they will not harm you or the environment.

      The longevity of this product is something I think is a good attribute that it has. I have so much wood I think my house is a real test for this, and a bottle lasts me several months so it works out to be economical, though I do alternate with a simple damp dust once a week just to keep the wood free of layers of dust build up.

      I think this is an excellent choice if like me you have a lot of solid wood to clean. Just look out for the special offers and I think you will be rewarded with an outstanding product, which might even make a boring job rather pleasant!

      This review will also be posted on Ciao by myself under my user name there Violet1278.


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