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Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes

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Brand: Milton / Type: Cleaning Wipes / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    3 Reviews
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      13.04.2013 22:28
      Very helpful



      An essential for me.

      I am not obsessive about cleaning etc, however when out and about I do have a bit of a thing about Jayden picking up things that other people could have handled, for example if we are in a waiting area I do not mind him playing with the toys but watch closely that they go no where near his mouth, also when he was really little and we went shopping I would put him one of the baby seats in the trolley but I hated the thought that another baby may have been in that seat previously and weed or been sick in it or something like that , so before strapping him in I would wipe the seat down with some baby wipes to clean it, however after a few weeks I spotted in the reduced section in Superdrug a packet of Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes, after reading the product information these seemed ideal for what I wanted, and now they are always in Jayden's nappy bag when we go out just in case I need them.  

      The Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes come in a square white plastic packet with pale blue edges.  It has a dark blue and white label in the centre of the packet on the top, this has the word Milton written at the top with the words Antibacterial Surface Wipes written underneath in blue, there is also a small amount of product information written underneath.  

      This label on the front of the packet can be peeled back so that you can remove the wipes and then re-seal again to prevent them from drying out.  On the back of the packet is all of the information you need to know about the Milton Wipes, this is clearly written in pink so that it stands out against the white background and includes facts about the wipes, where they can be used, how to use them and warnings, all of this information is then repeated in 2 other languages.  The packaging is tough and very unlikely to split when it is in your bag so that the wipes dry out.  

      The Wipes
      The Milton Antibacterial Surface wipes look very similar to regular baby wipes, they are plain white and a rectangle shape, the wipes are made from a tough material which can be torn if needed but is also strong enough to prevent the wipe from falling apart when using it, this fabric is 100% biodegradable  and from a natural origin.

       The wipes are described as being effective on germs but at the same time are 100% bleach free, they contain a rinse free formula which will disinfect a variety of surfaces both in and outside of the home.

       I find that Milton has a distinctive fragrance to it, however with these wipes this is not the case as they are fragrance free so whilst they will disinfect your surfaces you will not get that fresh Milton smell afterwards which personally I quite liked as you knew that it was clean and fresh, however this is not too much of a problem and would not put me off of using them.
      Areas of Use
      Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes can be used on a variety of surfaces, some of these are described on the back of the packaging and include
      * Public facilities (toilets etc)
      * Highchairs
      * Changing Mats
      * Telephones
      * Door handles
      This is just a few of the different areas they can be used, they really can be used on most surfaces in order to clean and disinfect it.  

      Directions for Use
      These wipes are ready to use, you simply peel back the label to remove a wipe, rub it over the surface or item you want to be disinfected and leave it to dry.  It is important to reseal the packet afterwards to prevent the rest of the wipes from drying out.  

      Again these appear on the back of the Milton Wipes packet and include
      * Do not put into a toilet to dispense of
      * Flammable
      * Keep out of reach of children
      * Keep away from heat
      * Keep away from sources of ignition or fire
      * Do not smoke
      * Avoid contact with eyes, if this occurs rinse immediately and see a doctor
      * Do not use on a baby's skin or during nappy changing.  

      What the Wipes Do
      Obviously the Milton Antibacterial Wipes are designed to clean surfaces and kill germs, the back of the packaging states that these wipes kill the following
       * In 5 minutes - Bactericidal EN 1040
      * In 15 minutes - Fungicidal EN 1275 on C Albicans (Thrush)

      Price and Availability
      As I have mentioned I purchased my packet of Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes from Superdrug and they were at the time in their reduced section for just £1.00, however they are also available from places such as Tesco and are sold for £2.29 for 30 wipes.  Personally I feel these are good value for money and reasonably priced, especially as they are so handy to have.  

      My Opinion
      I have been using Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes for a while now and have been very pleased with them, I always carry them with me in Jayden's nappy bag, they are extremely handy to have with you especially with a baby as they are always dropping things and are also more susceptible to picking up germs, with these wipes you can quickly wipe down surfaces before putting your baby onto them.  

      The wipes are reasonably priced and you also get quite a few per packet, however for me they were worth the money just knowing that I could help prevent Jayden from picking up germs especially when out and about.  

      I use these wipes a lot on supermarket trolleys as I have mentioned that way I know that if a child has had a little accident in the trolley seat before we use it I can thoroughly clean the seat prior to putting Jayden into it.  

      I would definitely recommend these wipes to anyone whether you have a child or not as they really are handy to have with you when you are out or even on holiday, they are definitely worth the money and are a product I will continue to purchase.  


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      14.04.2012 22:01
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great item to have in my bag to ensure eating areas are clean

      *My Intro*:

      When Lauren started weaning and sitting in highchairs, I was horrified at the state of some tables or high chairs in restaurants and cafes to I decided to invest in some anti bacterial wipes so I could given them a good clean before she started eating. When she was younger, I used Dettol however as she got bigger and the change bag didn't come out as much, I have now moved onto Milton Wipes.

      *How to use*:

      The wipes are really easy to use, simply wipe over the area and you are ready to go. When you wipe the surface area, I did find that it dried really quickly.


      I would say the packaging looks more like a pack of face wipes so quite small compared to normal surface wipes.

      To remove a wipe just pull back the tab on the top, remove the wipe and then reseal. I did find that it was quite easy to do this one handed and only one wipe would come out at a time.

      *Price and availability*:

      I have found these in all major supermarkets and chemists, they are priced at around £1.49 for 30 wipes.

      *My Thoughts:*

      Milton boast that these are clinically proven to be effective against bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa (causes urinary tract infections), Staphilococcus aureus (a cause of food poisoning) and also protective against Candida Albicans, (the fungus that causes thrush). I must admit, although I cannot say this was because of Milton, Lauren had very few stomach upsets and never suffered from thrush when she was younger.

      I found them ideal as they could fit easily into my handbag and I still take a pack of these out with me now.

      One thing I really like about Milton was the smell, it has a really fresh and fruity fragrance.

      I would recommend this product but perhaps only give 4 out of 5 stars as I am aware there are cheaper versions on the market.

      Review may also be on other sites under the same username.

      Thanks for reading.


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        20.03.2009 23:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Fantastic product for sterilising on the go. Especially good for dummies and unknown highchairs!

        I picked up a packed of Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes when I was still pregnant. I thought they seemed like a useful product, little did I know they would become a staple of my changing bag and the one thing I always tell any expecting mums I know about!

        Milton Wipes come in a small resealable plastic packet, which fits in the front pocket of my changing bag perfectly! Each packet contains 30 100% biodegradable wipes and cost about £1.70. They can be used to disinfect any area, just wipe, leave the area to dry and then it is save for your child. There is no need to rinse.

        I love these wipes; they are especially great for sterilising dummies out and about. My son is terrible for spitting his dummy out so these are essential for us, a quick wipe and shake to dry it off and then he can have it back, no need for tantrums or having to take loads of dummies with me! They are also great for wiping down highchairs when out and about, toys or any other area your child will touch you are unsure of (e.g. public baby changing tables). I sometimes use them at home too as they are just so handy and quick.

        Milton Antibacterial Wipes are definitely a very useful product to have if you have children. They are quick and easy to use and being made by the trustworthy and recognisable Milton Brand I completely trust they wont cause my son any harm if used properly.


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      • Product Details

        Clinically proven to be effective against all bacteria such as E.Coli, Shigella, Salmonella and also protective against Candida Albicans, the fungus that causes thrush / They will kill the bacteria that become MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus.

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