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Morrisons Value Multi-Surface Polish

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Polish / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2011 15:19
      Very helpful



      A great product thats really worth the pennies that it costs!

      Not very often do I shop in Morrisons as its a fair old way from where I live and with no car I struggle about as it is so I tend to shop more locally in Asda and Tescos and occasionally from a small Co-op. However I do really like Morrisons and if I do get to go there love to stock up and I really do like their value range of products although the packaging is a little loud and naff for me I usually find them rather good!

      I like many people have various surfaces in my home that I like to get clean and dust free so I was really pleased to see a 'multi' surface product opposed to one simply suitable for glass or wood or whatever and at 33p a can I thought this may be suitable for a whole array of my cleaning needs!

      The Packaging:

      The can is is long and cylinder in shape and holds 300ml of the product (according to what we are told on the front of the can) and it is bright yellow with a round white circle on the front and a matching yellow plastic lid to the top of it that covers a white plastic push button aerosol sprayer. On the front of the can in dark green writing we are told that it is 'M' Morrisons 'Value' Multi Surface Polish and the size is stated as I have listed already. On the back of the can other information listed includes the ingredients being given and we are told how to use it, warnings are given and contact details for Morrisons are listed. As I touched upon earlier the can it comes in is rather loud and cheap looking however I always think its product that counts more than fancy packaging and the information listed on the can is adequate!

      Using It:

      To use this we are told to spray it at about 15-20cm from the area you want to clean. We are not told what surfaces we can use it on oddly enough but we are told not to use it on floors or bath and the likes as the high gloss this contain could make them slippery and we are also told not to use them on unsealed or waxed wooden surfaces and that before applying this to antique furniture to consult a furniture specialist first (what a palava that would be eh lol).

      That aside because I never thought in the first place to polish my floors or my ceramics with it and am certainly not an antique sort of a girl (unless you count my ex boyfriends lol) I use this on most other surfaces on my home. I use this on painted skirting boards and windowsills, on wooden tables and chairs and on my plastic tables where my hamsters live with their cages on.

      To use this is simple. Spray a small amount it foams up slightly so you need to go easy when using this and gently wipe it away. It has an aroma of like any other furniture polish really which is fresh and clean and very hard to describe though I can say that the fragrance isn't harsh, floral or fruity and after using does linger in a room for a shortish while (not above an hour).

      This wipes away from things with ease....even plastic, leaving no residue greasy or otherwise behind and does leaves a nice shine to things, particularly plastic and wood. I don't use this on glass or mirrors as it tends to streak but for a nicely fragranced multi surface polish this not only is economical because you really don't need to use very much of it at all this really does remove grime an dirt from areas because it foams up so it tackles real problems as well as removing dust. I don't think this stops dust collecting particularly but like I have mentioned already this really does leave areas clean and fresh looking and feeling.

      I highly recommend this polish to anyone. I like everything about it really and I like the way this is such a multi tasking product. Often I get dirty rings on my tables from cups people put down and don't use a coaster and this blasts that off and it isn't so strong in fragrance I worry about my hamsters not being able to breath. A great 'Value' product for sure!

      Only available in Morrisons stores.


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