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Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner Citrus Lime

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2 Reviews
  • Cleans light dirt
  • Nice smell
  • Lot of scrubbing for heavy or ingrained dirt
  • No disinfectant
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    2 Reviews
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      25.10.2015 22:52
      Very helpful


      • "Cleans light dirt"
      • "Nice smell"


      • "Lot of scrubbing for heavy or ingrained dirt"
      • "No disinfectant"

      Put some muscle into it

      Stocking up on cleaning materials in my local Poundland one of the products I bought was Mr Muscle all purpose cleaner citrus and lime. I paid £1 for a large 500ml spray bottle which I thought was excellent value.
      The bottle is made of clear plastic and you can easily see the green liquid inside.
      The lid is a trigger spray and has a little nozzle on the end that you turn before using. This is easily done and you can turn it back to "lock" it when you finish cleaning. The nozzle is labelled spray and stop so it is easy to see which way you should turn. The trigger is a good size and easy to push down to release the spray.
      The label on the front simply tells you the name and scent of the product. The back of the label (which you need to read through the bottle) tells you this can be used on all hard surfaces, is tough enough to remove dirt and watermarks, and leaves a citrus lime scent.
      There are directions for use telling you to spray onto surface and wipe with kitchen roll or a clean dry cloth. It warns you not to use with other cleaners and not to use on electric devices. It also tells you not to use on polished, painted, oiled wooden or unsealed surfaces.
      The label carries the usual warning to keep away from children, avoid contact with eyes, and not to breathe the spray.
      On first use the cleaner came out in big drips rather than a spray. However after I pushed the trigger two or three times it started to come out in a spray.
      The cleaner smells of lime and is quite a pleasant smell, not too strong. I hate a cleaner where the spray catches the back of your throat and that doesn't happen with this.
      This cleaner wipes easily and if my surfaces are not dirty it does a perfectly acceptable job. I also used this on my high chair and unless it is extremely dirty it brings it up.lovely and clean and shiny. However if I clean my kitchen or high chair after my other half has cooked or fed baby (he is a very messy cook) then I do have a lot of scrubbing to do and I have other products which clean heavy dirt a lot easier.
      When I bought this I didn't notice it was not a disinfectant spray. When cleaning the areas I use this for I prefer a disinfectant to kill all the germs. For this reason I rarely use this product now and it sits in cupboard only to be used in.emergencies if I ever run out of other products.
      While this does a adequate job I would not buy it again because of the lack of disinfectant. Also because it is not great for heavy dirt.


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      06.07.2013 16:30
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      good for light cleaning

      *~Mr Muscle~*

      Today I will be discussing my use of a fairly new all purpose cleaner in the Mr Muscle range - citrus lime. This product is a liquid cleaner which can be used on most surfaces around your home to free them from dirt and grease. Mr Muscle state that it will leave your surfaces shiny and streak-free. It is recommended that you spray the product onto surfaces, wipe over with a damp cloth and then dry for the best results.

      This cleaning spray is presented in a tall, slim bottle made of clear plastic. The bottle is well designed as it has indents in the plastic to allow for a comfortable grip when in use and the bottle is easy to store. The bottle features a trigger spray and can be recycled once empty. As with any other household product, this cleaner does come with some warnings including to keep away from children, use in a ventilated area and do not have prolonged contact with skin. It is recommended that you do not use this product on polished, painted or oiled wood surfaces.

      *~Where To Buy~*

      A 500ml bottle of this all purpose cleaner can be bought from supermarkets including Asda and Tesco. Expect to pay around the £2.00 mark when not on offer. Both Tesco and Asda currently offer this product for £1.00 a bottle.

      *~My Thoughts~*

      I bought a bottle of this all purpose cleaner a few weeks ago from Asda and I believe I paid £1.50 at the time. I had ran out of my other Mr Muscle cleaner and this one appealed to me as I love the smell of lime. I favour cleaning products that have a nice smell as opposed to an overpowering bleach smell and have been pleased with this product to date as I can use it in both my kitchen and bathroom for light cleaning on a daily basis. Whilst it performs well, there is no indication of germ killing percentage on the bottle so I like to wipe down my surfaces with something a bit stronger twice a week too - just in case!

      I find this spray very easy to use and I would say that those with issues with their hands wouldn't find it too much trouble to work with. The liquid itself is a lime green colour and stands out well. The nozzle on the bottle is a little stiff to turn at first but loosens up with regular use. I use this daily to keep my surfaces looking clean and fresh. One sharp pull back on the trigger releases a fine, substantial mist of bubbly liquid onto my surfaces and you don't need a lot per use. It smells lovely too - a fresh, zingy lime scent which is natural smelling as well as clean. I use this cleaning liquid alongside scourer pads and a damp kitchen cloths.

      I always leave the liquid on my surfaces for a minute or so before wiping away. I find this cleaning liquid to be very effective at dissolving food marks and splashes. I spray at across my tiles which often experience splashes of tomato based sauces, oil etc from cooking and this liquid removes them perfectly fine. I wouldn't say that is it quick to take effect on burnt marks on my cooker. I do find that I need to leave it a bit longer to work and need to do some extra scrubbing to remove the really burnt on food. It works a treat on my sink and keeps it looking perfectly shiny and clean. I find that the streak free claim is warranted as my surfaces are left looking shiny but without that noticeable streaky appearance that occurs with some cleaning liquids. They remain clean and shiny too unless someone spills something and then I need to clean them again!

      I also use this spray in my bathroom and find that it removes any watermarks from my bath and sink area and also brings my taps up shiny once buffed with a dry cloth. I use it around the windowsill, under my sink and around the toilet and find that it is effective and leaves no residue. My home is left smelling clean and nicely fragranced after using this cleaning spray. It isn't an overpowering smell and doesn't linger for too long but it is more appealing that a bleach smell in my opinion.


      This is a great spray for using around the home. I don't wear gloves when cleaning and have sensitive skin but aside from a touch of redness if I've been cleaning everywhere, my hands aren't caused too much irritation. I wouldn't say that this is my favourite cleaning liquid. I do find that room specific cleaners (kitchen, bathroom, shower etc) are more effective and quicker to work but this is a good alternative to have in the cupboard if you don't wish to switch bottles half way through cleaning. Some indicating antibacterial properities would be an advantage.

      I find this a suitable cleaning liquid for sprucing up my surfaces daily as opposed to giving them a thorough wash down. It does what it claims to do - leaves surfaces free from dirt and leaves them shiny. With daily use, my bottle is lasting well and I won't need to replace it anytime soon. I would only buy this when it is on offer as I feel you could get more for your money with other sprays at the full price mark.

      Thanks for reading :)


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