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Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner Frozen Lime & Vinegar

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3 Reviews

Brand: Mr Muscle / Type: All Purpose Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    3 Reviews
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      30.09.2011 00:28
      Very helpful



      A great product!

      I spend a lot of time in my home and so I like it to be fresh and clean so I don't mind rolling up my sleeves and scrubbing my place however I do appreciate the right products for the job to make it easier and always seek them out when I'm out shopping.

      This Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner I bought, well for that reason really. It's multi-purpose so I thought I could use it in many different rooms and on many different tasks around my pad and at a pound a bottle in Poundland opposed to closer to £2.00 a bottle (in all good supermarkets etc) I thought it was worth a trial run!

      The Packaging:

      The bottle holds 750ml of the product and is see-through plastic with a white and green trigger action sprayer to the top of it which does have a piece of plastic to cover the nozzle of which you can turn on/off (great safety feature for those of you with kids!). On the front of the bottle there is a cartoon picture of Mr Muscle on there and we are told that it is Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner, 'Frozen Lime & Vinegar' and that it is 'Tough On Grease And Grime' and that it is a Johnson product. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, warnings and the size are stated and contact details for SC Johnson are given. This is a nice, large bottle, easy to use and informative enough.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Back Of The Bottle:

      Advanced tough cleaning formula
      Easily tackles grease and grime
      Leaves surfaces sparkling clean with a fresh fragrance of lime and vinegar

      For Use On:

      Sinks And Tiles
      Washbasins, Baths And Showers

      Using It:

      All you have to do with this is to spray a little of the light green coloured liquid in the bottle (but oddly enough clear when sprayed) watery looking liquid on to wherever you want to clean and wipe away with a clean cloth or for stubborn stains and marks etc leave it for about 30 seconds before wiping it away.

      It has a fresh and rather light fragrance of limes to it with the vinegar part of the fragrance just giving it a slightly sour smelling top note however it is nice enough however once used the fragrance of this doesn't seem to linger above a few minutes sadly.

      I use this basically everywhere we are told that we can...and a few more places!

      On my cooker hob I spray and wipe as suggested, on more stubborn stains do leave it a few seconds and it really does remove grease, grime and debris with total ease. I use this on my worktops, over painted surfaces such as skirting boards and windowsills, I wipe inside and out of my fridge with it and over and inside other white goods such as my microwave too, pretty much everywhere really lol.

      I use it on my tiles and all over my bathroom furniture, shelves and again over woodwork to freshen it up and even on my bathroom tiled floor which is a small area that I simply spray and wipe and it really does bring that up clean and shiny. Polished surfaces (for me!) are fine with this too however on glass and mirrors this does smear rather badly so I don't use it on those things or on my shower screen.

      This really is great, easy to use stuff and you don't need very much of it at all to be effective. It takes on grubby and dirty tasks and allows me to use less elbow grease. The vinegar helps to cut through grease and to leave a nice shine, so thats my chrome nice and shiny when I've used this and dirt and foods that are crusted onto my worktops and places just lift off with one wipe movement!

      This is a really great and handy product. Really easy and effective to use I really will be buying this time and time again in the future I assure you!


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      19.07.2011 20:31
      Very helpful



      3 out of 5 for the smell and gleam it leaves on my units!

      Mr Muscle is a common household name thanks to their successful and memorable advert campaigns. I am not a regular buyer of their products, preferring brands such as Cif and Dettol particularly for their antibacterial contents but came across this on offer in Asda one week and decided to give it a try. The brand Mr Muscle is actually owned by SC Johnson.

      This product is Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner with Frozen Lime and Vinegar, intriguing to say the least. The spray comes in the standard household cleaner upright nozzle spray design made with durable plastic. For safety purposes at the end of the nozzle is an 'on' and 'off' adapter that you must turn to use the product along with the trigger spray. The packaging is clear so you can immediatedly see the bright green contents which I am sure is meant to make it catch your eye. The all new animated Mr Muscle (who is actually very muscular compared to the previous marketing ploy gent) is splashed over the label and the reverse label has all the necessary ingredients and instructions.

      This is an all purpose cleaner, which I personally prefer to buy for cost-effectiveness. This is advertised as being suitable for cooker tops, sinks and tiles and washbasins, baths and showers, so basically most places you would expect to be able to clean with an all purpose cleaning product. It is also stated that this is not suitable for gold plated fittings, likely due to the vinegar content.

      As mentioned the liquid is a bright green colour and quite a watery consistency on spraying. To use this product you simply spray the solution onto the desired surface you wish to clean and wipe it off with a warm, damp cloth. For tougher stains you can leave it on for longer before wiping away. We have an electric hob surface and I have to say it not particularly good at removing burnt food stains from the surface. For general use around sink areas and worktops this works a treat as well as leaving a nice gleam with very little streaking marks present after cleaning. This product states that it removes grease and grime and I would have to say it does a really good job 90% of the time apart from the cooker top as mentioned.

      The key ingredients in this are the lime and vinegar which not only give this a nice subtle aroma but also help with removing the grease left from cooking. The vinegar cuts through grease and leaves a nice shine with the lime leaving you with a fresh and citrussy scent around the home. I much prefer scented cleaning products to none.

      One drawback I think is that (as far as I can tell) this does not contain much (if any) antibacterial qualities so should not be relied upon to kill bacteria in your home, which does put me off slightly I have to admit.

      <5% non-ionic surfactants
      perfume, limonene, citral, hexly cinnamal.

      This is commonly on offer in supermarkets and is currently priced at £1.79 for 750ml.

      I would buy this again though I would not substitute for an antibacterial spray.


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      06.07.2010 12:37
      Very helpful



      Great little cleaner for your cupboards and surfaces but not as effective on tough dirt and stains

      Ok, so maybe the heading was harsh, but I bet it caught some attention!

      Until I discovered the new Cif, Mr Muscle was my usual way of cleaning the kitchen, although I've found it doesn't do as good a job as everyone says it does.

      This variety of Mr Muscle comes in a clear spray bottle, showing off its dark green liquid inside it. 'Mr Muscle' is splashed across the label, and the nozzle of the spray has one of those ends you have to twist in order to get it spritzing. A quick turn and we're off to clean the kitchen, the wonderful kitchen of muck... It also smells really nice; the lime and vinegar interact very well, and the smell is not only nice but lingers for a while afterwards too - you can't miss it sometimes! I think most Mr Muscle spray cleaners are around £1 now, this one certainly was, and there are quite a few to choose from too; lemon, orange, and also one in a blue bottle I haven't looked at yet.

      At my mum's this is used every day and everything is always sparkling clean. As students, my boyfriend and I don't do this sort of thing every day unless absolutely necessary; if the food is dried on, we'll use it, but if it's a fresh spill and goes away with a wipe, we leave it. It may sound wrong but to be honest, I'm not that uptight about having a clean house every single day; as long as I'm not stepping on bits everywhere I walk or chopping the onions up in crap, I'm happy!

      Obviously this cleaner was chosen because I was so used to it; it did the job well enough, it smelled ok although could sometimes be overpowering if cleaning in the morning, and it didn't take too much to wipe spills and things away. On our kitchen surfaces at least it takes a couple sprays, a couple seconds, bit of a scrub and it's as good as new again. On our cooker though it just doesn't work. I don't know why, it could be because the top of it's some sort of metal whilst it works perfectly on mum's because hers is enamel, or it could just be because it doesn't work well on really tough and stubborn stains. Either way it dropped popularity points for me once I had problems using it on the cooker.

      We're not that messy the two of us, but you know what it's like when you're cooking spaghetti bolognese or curry or chilli, and the pasta or rice boils over leaving its starchy water to solidify, or if the sauces drip everywhere because the spoon fell out the pan. We can't really clean as we go along because let's face it, sticking your hand on a hot cooker is stupid, but once we've eaten a meal we really just can't be bothered cleaning up. It's the very last thing we want to do at night, so things get left overnight sometimes, maybe a few days if we're really feeling lazy! Wrong I know, but it's how we live, and it doesn't attract anything it shouldn't so it's so far so good.

      The first time I used this Mr Muscle on my cooker wasn't too bad, it cleaned up well enough and I only went through one sponge. The cooker was left alone until it was dirty again, but this time it took 2 sponges and me giving up and using hot soapy water! This happened each time after that; I'd start off on a very dirty cooker with Mr Muscle, then after removing the water marks but getting nowhere with anything else, I had to start really getting in there and scrubbing with water and soap. Not good! Then I got the new Cif through the post and haven't used Mr Muscle since.

      It's not that I don't like the stuff, it smells great and works on some surfaces, but I would prefer to buy one cleaner that can tackle both stubborn and minor dirt rather than one for spills and upsets and one for really stubborn stains. It just seems pointless having a dozen cleaning products in one house when one will do the job of all 12!! It's safe to say we've now replaced our Mr Muscle, but it will always be our second choice when Cif decides to up the prices! Despite my rating and comments it's definitely s god cleaner, just very good when it comes to the stubborn stuff and you won't want to have that in your cupboard if it can't take the heat!


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  • Product Details

    Mr Muscle Frozen Lime and Vinegar is an innovative trigger spray product that combines the powerful grease cutting cleaning benefits and shine of the Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner, with the contemporary and refreshing fragrance of lime and vinegar.

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