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Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner

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Brand: Others / Type: Carpet Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2009 00:12
      Very helpful



      A natural product, easy to use and effective

      Yesterday as I was doing my normal weekly shop I was looking to buy something to clean odd stained patches on our carpets. There were stains from when our ancient and incontinent cat accidently made a mess on our new stair carpet and another couple of marks in our sitting room from spillages. These had been cleaned at the time of the problem but still could be seen and I wasn't happy about them.

      I had hired a huge steam cleaner last summer and cleaned all the carpets but they still had these dull stained patches. I was beginning to get a little frustrated at the fact that nothing seemed to get them out. They are not huge or even that major but they are there and I can see them. We have beige coloured carpets and I was even going to give dilute bleach a try as I was so fed up.

      I thought about a carpet stain remover instead of a cleaner and was looking for something in a bottle like 1001 trouble shooter and was giving the shelves with cleaners a good inspection. I read the backs of a few bottles but nothing seemed that different until I noticed in the Eco area something called NATURAL AND CLEAN dry carpet cleaner.

      This NATURAL AND CLEANER had NEW on the front and comes in a plastic pouch with re-sealable zip type top. On the front it states that a free brush is included. I wasn't quite sure where this would be as it was not stuck on the side. I felt the pouch by squeezing it through the plastic and there was something hard inside so I thought it could be the brush.

      Very excited about the possibility that this new stuff might work I cut open the top of the pouch being careful to leave the zipped part for resealing later. I looked inside to find the brush but could see nothing except powder that looked a bit like soft wet sand. I get a fork to see if I could find the brush and did find something hard so I tried to fish it out with the fork but it wouldn't budge. I was reluctant to put my fingers in as it says on the back "Avoid prolonged contact with skin". I spent at least 5 minutes struggling with the fork and then gave up and put in my fingers to grab the brush. I pulled and still nothing. It was stuck. Every time I tried to pull out the brush (wrapped in clear plastic) it wouldn't come out without half the contents of the pack as well.

      In the end I tipped half the powder into a container until I could see the brush and then pulled it out. Even now some of the powder spilled onto the work top. Great I finally had the brush though. I unwrapped it from its plastic wrapper dusting powder off over the carpet (Waste not want not) and then joined the brush and handle together - now I was finally ready to try my new cleaner.

      I gathered the cleaner and brush and set about sprinkling the powder onto the stains and brushing the powder into the stained area. It says don't brush too aggressively so I just brushed until the powder was into the carpet rather than sitting on top. The powder is a sort of sand colour but slightly damp and soft in texture, it goes into the carpet grain quite easily with the brush with not rubbing at all hard. It then says to leave the powder to absurd the dirt for a minimum of 10 minutes or until completely dry before vacuuming away. I think I left the first lot about 20 minutes as I stripped and made a bed while waiting.

      I took the vacuum up the stairs and vacuumed the stained areas. I have to say I am impressed, finally I cannot see patches of stain where there have been marks for over a year in some places. Often with natural biodegradable cleaners the results are less than spectacular but this seems to work. It also leaves a pleasant cleaned smell afterwards too.

      The product is made by NATURAL AND CLEAN Ltd in Kent in the UK. It is a unique 'active plant' formulation for gentle but effective cleaning - safe for pets, people and the planet. It is suitable for all types of carpet including wool and of course being dry you can use the area straight away without waiting hours for it to dry.
      Having been so impressed I then decided I needed to share this with everyone and write a review so I went to find out more about the company and the product from the website :

      The company seem to just make safe and natural carpet cleaning products. One of these is the pouch I bought but they have wipes and spot cleaners and other variations but they are all for cleaning carpets.

      This is from their product explanation on the website and there seems little point in me re-explaining it when they do it quite clearly;
      "Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner is a natural, organic and biodegradable product, dermatologically balanced - pH 5.5 - (the same pH as human skin and wool fibres) making it safe to handle and use. The highly absorbent Natural & Clean dry carpet cleaner is impregnated with environmentally aware cleaning formulae which leaves no sticky residues to attract dirt. Solvent & phosphate free."

      It appears that the powdery stuff is slightly damp when spread on the carpet stain and as it dries it absorbs the stain or dirt from the carpet. As you vacuum this powder with dirt is then sucked away leaving the carpet clean and pleasant smelling.

      They say it works on all carpets from wool through nylon to sisal. Our carpets are wool in some rooms and man-made fibre on the stairs and it worked equally well for me on both types of carpet. I don't have any sisal carpet so can't give any judgement on its cleaning ability on that type of flooring.

      I was most impressed and will not be bothering with other cleaners for my carpet; I will be sticking to this in future. I can honestly say it worked where other methods and cleaners had failed so it is a "big thumbs up" from me.

      Thanks for reading - also published on Ciao under my name.



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      The granules absorb dirt from the carpet fibres when agitated.

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