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Pledge Dust & Protect Polish for Wood

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Brand: Pledge / Type: Furniture Polish / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2012 20:46
      Very helpful



      Doesn't do what it's designed for!

      This furniture polish is designed specifically for use on wooden surfaces. To be honest, I use it for general dusting, including surfaces which aren't wooden, and it works better on these than it does on wood. The polish is made by SC Johnson, and usually costs around £1 for 300ml.

      Like most furniture polishes, this comes in a spray can. The can claims that this is the only air propelled furniture cleaner, which reduces its environmental impact. It also claims to provide the same performance as a conventional aerosol, whilst respecting the environment. The spray button is located at the top of the can, and the polish comes out evenly but not rapidly. It requires a prolonged press of the button to cover the area you wish to polish. This doesn't really bother me, and I find the amount of product dispensed to be better than conventional polishes because it doesn't completely saturate the surface.

      The polish smells like traditional furniture polish, it's quite a distinctive smell which most people will recognise if you've ever used polish. This product does come in a few different varieties though, which are designed to scent the room as well as cleaning the furniture, for example they have one which is lavender scented. I personally tend to find that products which try to do too much aren't very good at fulfilling any of their purposes, so I stick to the more basic products.

      In terms of performance, I find this polish does a good job of removing dust and dirt, it has no problems removing watermarks and stains. After using this, you can see the dust in the duster which has been trapped by using the polish. The results last for longer than they'd last by dry dusting. I can usually get away with not polishing again for around a week.

      The main downside of this product, in my opinion, is its tendency to leave streaks on wood. As I said earlier, I use this on all sorts of surfaces, although most of ours are wood (coffee table, mantelpiece, window sills, bookcases, desks, bedside tables etc), and in all honesty it works better on the non-wooden surfaces than it does on wood. On our tiled mantelpieces it picks up dust and leaves them clean and dust-free, but on certain types of wood, it can leave streaks. This tends to be more of an issue on unsealed wood such as coffee tables, rather than the mantelpiece and window sills which have been varnished and protected. On these surfaces, it works fine, but on things like coffee tables and dining tables, it leaves annoying streaks which I end up chasing round for a while before accepting they aren't going anywhere.

      Overall, this polish is good for keeping the house dust-free and smelling clean and fresh. But it does leave annoying streaks on wood, which I wasn't expecting as it's designed especially for wood surfaces. I might try something else next time I'm buying polish.


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