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Prepara Deluxe Oil Mist Sprayer

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Brand: Prepara / Type: Household Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2011 20:08
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      A good idea

      This Prepara oil mister was a bit of an impulse purchase for me. I saw it in Fenwick's on sale, and decided I wanted one. The one Fenwick's had put on display was broken - the spray button had been removed/snapped off - so on double checking that the one in the box was in perfect condition, I took this to the till.

      ---What is it?---

      This is basically a glass bottle with a spray nozzle. The idea is that you fill it with an oil of your choice, which can then be sprayed into pans or onto baking sheets - wherever you would normally use oil.

      There are several benefits to this, the main one, for me, being that it is healthier as you use less. I have in the past bought things like Frylight sprays, and essentially this is a DIY version of those. Other benefits are that it's economical - you can't accidentally use too much oil - and that it allows you to infuse your own oils...more on that later though.

      ---Using it---

      The bottle itself is glass with a silver band around the front, and BPA-free plastic spray mechanism. The spray mechanism unscrews easily and comes apart, which makes it easier to clean thoroughly and it's simple to slot back together.

      The mouth of the glass bottle is wide, and I don't need a funnel to pour in the oil, I have always poured it straight from the bottle and never had any spills. You can use any type of oil you wish in the mister, but I usually use olive oil, as it's the oil I use the most. The bottle holds 100ml.

      To use, you need to put the lid onto the bottle and pump the lid up and down 6-8 times, which should put enough air into the bottle to allow it to spray. As it is non-aerosol, that also makes it better for the environment.

      You can use the spray to spray whatever you want. I often spray the base of my grill pan before I cook chicken, and if I'm roasting vegetables I will mist them with the spray rather than drizzling over oil as I used to do. It's also useful when I'm greasing a baking tray, as I simply give it a quick spritz of oil, rather than rubbing it on. You can also spray over salads or onto bruschetta, the options are endless really.

      The main problem that I have with the spray is that it doesn't always come out evenly. On some occasions, I will get the perfect light, even mist and on others, it will spit out large drops of oil. Which of these scenarios I will get doesn't seem to depend on anything in particular, and so, it sometimes feels a bit like I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best with this product.

      It might be easy to assume that you will not get enough oil from one spray to cook effectively, however I have found that with most foods very little oil is required anyway, this is especially true for meat and many vegetables which cook in their own juices and only need a little bit of oil to stop them sticking.

      In terms of infusing oils, I haven't had a whole lot of luck with that to be honest. I often put rosemary and garlic in with my potatoes, so decided to try making myself a garlic and rosemary infused olive oil. I used both dried garlic and dried rosemary (I did look for fresh, but until it got taken over by ASDA recently my local supermarket was crap), and I do wonder if perhaps I'd have had more success with fresh. I found that I couldn't taste any difference to the oil, but not only that the herbs stuck to the outside of the glass, making the appearance of the miser look awful. The product has a 'no-clog fliter' which stops small bits of herbs/garlic/chilli etc... from going up the spray tube, but instead, I found they just clung to the outside of the tube.


      I paid around the £8 mark for this from Fenwick's in the sale. I have looked online and found that Lakeland are selling it for £15.49 (www.lakeland.co.uk).


      This is a really good idea for a product, but the spray mechanism really lets it down. I continue to use it, as it undoubtedly does use less oil than if I was pouring directly from the bottle, however the fact I don't always get a fine mist annoys me, and should anything happen to this bottle, I'm not sure that I would want to purchase another.

      *Review first posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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