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Sainsbury's All Purpose Cleaning Spray

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: All purpose Cleaner / Subcategory: Cleaning Spray / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2012 20:57
      Very helpful



      Spend more on better products

      This was another own brand cleaning product I bought in my attempt to be budget-conscious when shopping. 50p or a £1 saved here and there is better than nothing, and I do like to try out new products when I see them on the shelves for the first time.

      When I saw this, I was looking for a kitchen spray, but as this said multi-purpose, I figured it was as good as any, and popped it into my basket.

      It comes in a 500ml trigger spray bottle, which is clear plastic with a yellow plastic top. The label is very bright and spring-like looking, in lime green and lemon colours. Inside, the product itself is a pale yellow. I would say that the labelling's bright colours definitely attracted me to the product, as it looks fresh and brings to mind spring-cleaning.

      I was also attracted to the name, as I like using products with citrussy smells when I am cleaning, and indeed the spray smells fresh and lemony.

      To use this, you spray from a distance of 15-30cm (does anyone actually adhere to this rule?!) and leave for a few seconds before wiping with a damp sponge or cloth.

      The spray is not foamy, and just looks like you are spraying water. I prefer sprays that release a bit of foam - that way it actually appears as if it is doing something.

      I used this on my kitchen worktop and it worked well enough - I wasn't blown away but it did what it had to do. Then again, the worktop wasn't especially grubby in the first place.

      This claims to cut through grease; however when I used this on the hob, it didn't seem to shift the dirt on it, such as grease from cooking or stains left by pots of water that had bubbled over. Even if I sprayed a lot, when I wiped it away, it seemed to just leave smears rather than the sparkling, clean hob I wanted.

      As this spray is supposed to be multi-purpose, I decided to use it when cleaning my bathroom. I sprayed it onto the taps and sink. After rinsing off, the taps didn't gleam like they normally do with my usual cleaner, and it seemed to make no difference to the cleanliness of the sink whatsoever. I am not an untidy person; I am a neat freak and my house doesn't take much cleaning; therefore it's not like I need a strong cleaning product to ensure my sinks and taps are shiny and pristine - this didn't even really shift bits of toothpaste that were on the sink.

      I found that I might as well have just used plain water than this when I cleaned the bathroom, for all the use it was.

      I find it disappointing and kind of odd that I have been let down by Sainsbury's regular own brand products, because when it comes to their Basics range, I have always been pleasantly surprised - impressed, even. Their basic floor cleaner in particular is excellent.

      Unsurprisingly, I will definitely not be buying this again. It cost me £1.20 but at the moment it is on offer in Sainsbury's for £1. I think £1 is probably still a waste of money. For an extra 99p or so, it is well worth investing in a cleaning spray from the likes of Flash or Cif.

      Would not recommend!


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