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Sainsbury's Antibacterial Floor Wipes

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Wipes / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2012 17:59
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      Í have four dogs, who are currently malting like crazy! They are walked daily and come back absolutely drenched in smelly, muddy water. Malting, smelly dogs aren't too much of a problem in my mum's house (where I currently live) as she's got wooden flooring, meaning all the hair and dirt can be cleaned up quickly with minimal effort using a mop and/or floor wipes. When it comes to floor wipes I am not at all picky, and as with a majority of other cleaning products, I like to buy the cheapest available. I don't usually buy cleaning products from supermarkets as my local Poundland sell lots of good quality cleaning stuff, however when I came across these floor wipes randomly sat on the reduced shelf in my local Sainsbury's a couple of weeks ago, I thought I might as well try them - at a reduced price of 78 pence per pack of 15 wipes, it'd be rude to say no!

      These wipes have a reccomended retail price of £1.15 per 15 wipes, which works out at quite a reasonable 7.7 pence per wipe. These are not the cheapest floor wipes around by far but they're not too pricey. Unfortunately though, as they are part of Sainsbury's own range, they are very rarely on offer. I personally would not buy them at full price - not because they're too expensive, but because there are cheaper, equally good quality alternatives and when it comes to cleaning products I like to save every penny I can - there are much more exciting things to buy!!

      The wipes come packaged in a rectangular packet, similar to those that baby and makeup wipes come packaged in. The packet is made of a thin but durable plastic material. The branding on the packet is nothing exciting, however it is quite recogniseable when sat on a shelf amongst other brands of wipes, due to the colour scheme, which is white and green. The packet is informative and shows the brand and product name clearly and it also displays a badge type logo stating that the wipes kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. I always make sure that I buy anti-bacterial wipes now that I have a baby and it is handy that the packet states so clearly that the wipes are anti-bacterial.

      According to Sainsbury's, the wipes not only kill bacteria, but they are also able to kill viruses including e.coli and salmonella. Opening the packet is simple, I simply peel back the sticky label on the front of the packet and then pull a wipe out. I always make sure to stick the label back down to prevent the wipes from drying out. Like a majority of wet wipes they do stick together when pulled out, and once they are out of the packet they can not be put back in. The wipes are white and have quite a thick texture. The texture isn't flimsy and feels strong and good quality. Unlike a lot of floor wipes, these wipes don't have that unpleasant cheap wet toilet tissue type of feel to them. Each wipe is very (but not overlly) moist to the touch and if squeezed, the cleaning liquid will pour out so make sure you don't press down too hard on one spot of the floor else the rest of the floor won't get cleaned properly.

      These wipes are easy to use. I simply mop all the dog hair up with a sweeping brush and then get my floor mop out which is designed to be used with floor wipes. Attatching these wipes onto it is quick and easy and one wipe will thoroughly and properly clean my entire living room and dining room wooden floor. I then usually use another wipe on the kitchen laminate. The wipe glides along the floor and doesn't leave any sticky or overlly wet residue and it picks up any bits of dirt or hair. When it comes to dry mud on the floor it is usually quicker to hold a wipe in my hand and simply scrub the floor down - I have done this a few times and the skin on my hands was not irritated at all. Once I have used both sides of the wipe I simply pop it into the bin. I would not reccomend flushing these wipes (eg if you use one to wipe the toilet or bath down) as they are very thick.

      Sainsburys claim that these wipes leave the floor with 'a brilliant shine' - and in my opinion they do definitely make a difference to how shiny the floor looks, even once the moisture left behind has dried (which does not take long.) After using one of these wipes on my floor, it always looks flawlessly clean with a slight shine. As the wipes are perfumed, they do have a slight scent to them which is fresh and clean, and as a result it also leaves the room feeling generally cleaner after I have wiped the floor. The wipes are good quality and quite good (but not the best) value. 4 out of 5 from me - reccomended.


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      Sainsbury's / Type: Floor Wipes

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