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Sainsbury's Antibacterial Multi-surface Wipes x40

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cleaning wipes / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    3 Reviews
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      08.08.2013 14:26
      Very helpful



      A great smelling effectice surface wipe

      I'm a bit of a clean freak and love using different cleaning products. Like with many things I love trying different scented products and I have been using these wipes for quite a while now as I find them as good as other branded products but cheaper to purchase. The wipes I am reviewing today are the apple scented ones but original ones can be purchased too. (As shown in the image above.)

      The packaging.
      The wipes come in a plastic white and green pack and has a picture of green apples on the front. On the front it clearly states what the product is (40 antibacterial cleaning surface wipes) and underneath that is the Sainsbury's logo. It also tells you that they kill 99.9% of bacteria (including listeria, E.coli and salmonella) and cuts through grease and dirt. Also on the front is a clear plastic tab to lift up and remove the wipes. The back of the packet lists the ingredients, directions for use, product information and warnings and contact information for Sainsbury's.

      The product and usage directions.
      The wipes are white in colour and I would say are average in thickness. (I have used other branded wipes that have been much thinner quality.) They have a lovely apple smell to them. To use simply lift up the plastic tab and gently pull out a wipe and replace the tab to prevent them from drying out. Use the wipe to wipe over a hard surface and leave to dry. They are suitable for use on kitchen surfaces, sinks, showers and baths.

      Price and availability.
      Available from Sainsbury's both in store and on line priced at £1.15 for a packet of 40 wipes.

      My own experience and verdict.
      I love using these wipes, they are very effective at cutting through grease and dirt and I love the fresh apple scent which does linger for a while after using them. I use them mainly in my kitchen, bathroom and for cleaning my little boy's plastic table after food time (which can get quite messy!) The fact that they kill 99.9% of bacteria is reassuring, especially with having a little one around. I would recommend these wipes.


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      28.07.2013 12:52
      Very helpful



      Excellent value antibacterial wipes


      Because of my asthma, all cleaning products Hubby and I use at home have to be of the non-aerosol variety. Wipes and pump sprays are the order of the day, and thankfully there is a wide variety of cleaning products available in these formats. I do most of my grocery shopping in Sainsbury's and these anti-bacterial wipes are a major part of my kitchen cleaning regime.


      Sainsbury's Antibacterial Wipes come in two varieties: lemon and original. I personally favour the lemon, but they're often out of stock so I frequently purchase the plain variety, seen in the image above. I've only ever seen the lemon wipes in packs of forty, but the original variant is available in packs of 40 or 80 wipes. The 80 pack is usually the better value, at around £2, but the 40 packs are often on multibuy promotions, making them cheaper.

      The wipes are packaged in a thin plastic sleeve; predominantly white for original, yellow for lemon. The original variants has a blue, wave-like swoosh across the bottom third of the packet, with an abstract image of water droplets on a metallic background within the swoosh. The packs are opened by means of a small, perforated oval on the front, which is resealable by means of a clear sticker.

      The packaging states that these wipes kill 99.9% of all bacteria, and are suitable for use all around the home. It also states that the wipes are taint-free, are suitable for food-preparation surfaces, and are effective against flu viruses. The Sainsbury's website also states that they're effective against Listeria, E. Coli, Salmonella and MRSA.

      The wipes themselves are made of a white, fibrous fabric, the lemon wipes having a clean, sharp lemony fragrance that hits you as soon as you open the packet. The original wipes have a much milder scent that is vaguely chemical but rather nondescript. Each wipe measures arouynd 10cm x 15cm.

      The wipes are folded in a concertina formation, so as one wipe is pulled out the next one comes to the front and pokes through the hole. This makes it easy to dispense one wipe at a time, except for when the very end of the package is reached: the last three of four wipes always seem to come out together, and the ones not needed have to be stuffed back in the hole!


      I use these wipes primarily in the kitchen, where I use them to wipe over food preparation surfaces, inside my oven, my hob, my sink, inside my microwave, tiles, the fronts and inside of cupboards and also inside my fridge and freezer. The wipes are very effective on all surfaces: I use them on tile, laminate, chrome, plastic and metal. As they contain a small amount of moisture I'm able to pick up crumbs and food particles off surfaces with ease. A very small amount of liquid is left behind after each wipe, but that evaporates in a matter of seconds.

      The wipes lift stains off all the above-mentioned surfaces, as well as burned-in dirt in the oven and on the hob. They cut through greasy residue on the tiles behind my hob after I've been frying food, they pick up dust and food stains on cupboards and also shine up my chrome sink and outer oven.

      I also use them to give kitchen surfaces a quick wipe after preparing food, particularly when I'm preparing raw meat. They're very quick to use and I think they do cut down on the chances of cross-contamination in the kitchen.

      This product is very well-made, with the wipes not tearing even when I scrub very hard to remove burned-in stains. The liquid distribution is consistent throughout the pack of wipes too, with the first wipe being just as moist with impregnated cleaning fluids as the last.

      After cleaning, I dispose of these wipes in the rubbish bin. I do have some residue left on my hands, but this is easily removed with a quick wash with soap and water. Surfaces have a slight chemically scent after use but nothing remarkable.

      I can't vouch for all the antibacterial claims made for this product, but I do know that since using these wipes my Hubby and I have had far fewer upset tummies.

      My Hubby uses these wipes to clean the bathroom (we split the housework!) and he is also very pleased with them. He uses them on the bath, tiles, sink and outer toilet.


      In summary, I'm very pleased with the effectiveness of these wipes. At £2 for 80 or £1.20 for 40 I think they represent excellent value for money: with daily use I only get through one pack of 40 every two weeks. They work on all my kitchen surfaces and help me keep my kitchen clean and hygienic.

      My only criticism would be the chemically smell: it is mild but it's definitely present. This is only a minor quibble though, and I'm happy to give these wipes 5/5 stars.


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      08.02.2012 21:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Don't waste your money

      I am a cleaning freak. Sadly, I am a cleaning freak on a budget. And sometimes if am in a hurry I'd rather use cleaning wipes than a spray and cloth, purely for convenience or to clean up small spillages.

      I bought these wipes from Sainsbury's as they were new, cheap, and I like the convenience of wipes.

      They come in a flat white plastic pack with a generic blue design on the front. Very simple, basic, and clean-looking.

      The wipes come folded inside the pack, so it can be tricky if you only need to use one. Usually I try to pull one out of the pack and end up pulling out far more than I did, so I think these wipes are fairly wasteful.

      They look and feel like thick tissues, and unlike, for example, Flash wipes, they don't feel particularly full of moisture and seem drier than other brands. I prefer wipes to be a bit wetter as it means they will go further. The packaging does advise that you stick the label back down on the packet after use to ensure the wipes stay moist but if they are not especially moist in the first place it makes no difference!

      I mainly used these on my kitchen surfaces and wasn't blown away. I might as well have just wiped the surfaces with a dry cloth for all the difference they made. Their dryness meant they didn't pick up any dirt or crumbs, and just swept them all onto the floor instead. Again because they are too dry, they didn't leave behind much moisture or sheen on the work surfaces.

      I tried these on the bathroom too, and I'd have been better off just using plain water rather than any cleaning product at all. They just don't really do anything.

      After using these my kitchen/bathroom did not feel spotlessly clean and I did not continue to use these.

      These are absolutely fine to have handy for your desk at work, car etc, or for minor (VERY minor) cleaning jobs. But then, you can get better wipes for not much more - so why bother?

      I have about half a packet left - maybe if I use them all at once they might work the way I thought they would!

      These cost £1.15 for a packet of 40. For an extra 85p you can get 60 Flash wipes instead.

      I wouldn't buy these again. I will stick to the likes of the Flash wipes as you get a much better result for only a few pennies more.


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