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Brand: Spondex / Type: Duster / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Bucket, Broom, Brush etc.

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      07.04.2012 08:48
      Very helpful



      A newly launched duster from Spondex with first class cleaning abilities

      Many people would consider me mad as I enjoy cleaning, but it's a task that I find very therapeutic as well as totally satisfying. I had always used those bright yellow dusters when tackling the twice weekly clean in my home, but I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the tiny fibres they were leaving behind. In addition, I would find that the dust was reappearing on the freshly polished surfaces and as I'm very fussy when it comes to cleaning, I would find myself tackling it yet again.

      When carrying out the weekly shop a couple of months ago I carefully studied the items contained within the cleaning product aisle in the hope that I would be able to find a cloth that was superior to a normal household duster. My eyes were drawn to a purple coloured transparent plastic packet belonging to Spondex, which contained a newly launched duster that seemed to be the answer to my prayers.

      I must admit that despite the duster promising to pick up dust and hold on to it due to its electro static action I was dubious as to whether it would actually work. The pale purple duster is manufactured from 100% polyester and is soft to the touch with a slight fleece texture. According to the blurb on the reverse of the packaging the duster contains thousands of tiny fibres, which provides more contact points than that of a normal household duster. Consequently, more dust is picked up as opposed to being relocated on the surface.

      The duster measures 35cm square and the edges have been neatly finished with a pinking sheers as opposed to the bright red thread used to hem the yellow dusters. I know I sound sad in saying this, but I couldn't wait to try out my new duster and the first place I tried was the mantelpiece, which is terrible for attracting bits of dust and fluff. To say I was amazed after gently wiping along the surface is an understatement, as the dust was effortlessly lifted and attached itself to the duster, which apparently creates electrostatic charges when used. Consequently, there was no need for me to re-wipe the surface, which is something I would normally do with a yellow duster.

      I turned over the duster and was surprised at the amount of dust that it had attracted despite me having only dusted a few days before with my yellow one. Every fortnight I use polish on my surfaces as whilst I would previously dust twice a week with a spray I learned that it can build up on surfaces causing them to become sticky. The fact that I used polish made absolutely no difference to the cleaning ability of the duster, which can also be dampened if required. My husband would regularly tell me off for wiping our LCD television screens with a duster as whilst I would not use polish, the traces of it on the duster would find their way onto the screen causing smudgy patches. On the occasions where I've previously sprayed polish onto the cloth and finish a room by wiping the screen I am able to see any smears disappear before my very eyes.

      I find that the cloth gets dirty very quickly and as a result it needs to be washed, which is generally after one use, which can be by hand or in the machine up to 60 degrees C. However, fabric conditioner should not be used, as I presume it will damage the duster and prevent it from creating electrostatic charges. Consequently, I hand wash it and leave it to dry naturally on the towel rail as it cannot be tumble dried. Despite my duster having been repeatedly washed, its cleaning ability has not reduced and it certainly cuts down on my cleaning time whilst offering far superior results to any other cloth I've used. In addition, the duster does not display any fluff or bobbles, which is the case after several washes of a yellow duster.

      I cannot speak highly enough of this product, which far exceeded my expectations and as a result it receives a huge recommendation from me. For some reason, our local Tesco Extra does not stock this product, but I would advise that it is stocked in Sainsburys at a price of £2.14. Whilst this may seem excessive, this product is far more economical than yellow dusters, which offer a short lifetime due to their bobbles and lesser cleaning abilities.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.

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