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Springforce Kitchen Towel

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2 Reviews

Brand: Springforce / Type: Towel / Category: Cleaning Products & Utensils > Wipes, Towels, Tissues

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    2 Reviews
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      21.11.2011 16:50
      Very helpful



      I'd recommend it and will buy it again!

      There are several household items that I refuse to pay much money for, and one such item is household kitchen paper. The way I see it is that the kitchen paper is going to be used for mopping up spills or for household chores, and is ultimately going to end up in the bin. Thus, I am always on the lookout for more 'budget' branded kitchen papers rather than those big-branded alternatives.

      In my local branch of Tesco recently, I noticed the kitchen towels from the "Springforce" range, which seems to be a fairly budget brand that is available in Tesco stores. I have previously tried out the "Springforce" toilet paper which I was fairly impressed with, so I had no problem with trying out the kitchen paper from the same range.

      Although I believe the price of this product fluctuates from time to time, I paid only £1.15 (as @ November 2011) for the pack of Springforce Kitchen towels which contain two rolls of kitchen paper in the cellophane package. Most of the other brands of kitchen towel available in Tesco at the time cost over the £2 mark so I was aware that I was saving myself a little money by choosing this particular brand.

      The packaging is quite bright and eye-catching, thanks to the addition of some brightly-coloured flowers on the plastic wrapper. Colours such as fuchsia and turquoise really made the package stand out, and the two rolls of kitchen paper within the cellophane wrapper look to be fairly 'plump' as it were, giving the impression that the paper was going to be fairly absorbent and quite thick.

      Removing the kitchen towel from the wrapper, I was impressed by how soft they felt. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't use the word 'luxurious' to describe the kitchen paper, but they certainly didn't feel overly scratchy or rough to the touch. The Springforce kitchen towels are 3-ply so I thought they felt quite thick to the touch, especially when compared to the much more 'budget' brand kitchen towels that I had in my kitchen at the time which are quite thin in comparison.

      It's true to say that I've had slightly more attractive-looking kitchen rolls on display in my kitchen, and it is my preference to have a printed, patterned kitchen paper to use, but this preference is not so important to me that I'm willing to pay over the odds for it. As I've touched on already, I see kitchen paper as something to have on hand to mop up spills, use for household chores and perhaps use in place of paper napkins from time to time. As it always ends up in the bin, I refuse to pay over the odds for ANY kitchen paper, pretty pattern or not! The Springforce kitchen paper is plain white, but has a sort of 'textured' pattern and design to it. The design is neither eye-catching or attractive, but it adds a little 'bulk' to the surface of the kitchen paper which presumably helps in making it absorbent.

      When it came to mopping up spillages, I thought that the Springforce kitchen paper was really quite absorbent and it performed better than I had originally thought it would. It's true to say that it isn't the most absorbent kitchen paper I have ever encountered, but then again I didn't pay around £3 for it, which is what I find the brands at the 'top end' of the market tend to charge.

      I found that the Springforce kitchen paper mopped up small spillages with ease and the paper didn't start to disintegrate quickly or easily - the paper coped with smaller spillages and splashes very well. With larger spillages or something more akin to a small puddle however, I found that I needed to use more of the Springforce kitchen paper to enable to spillage to be completely mopped up. This is not a huge problem for me personally, and it is something that I have got used to as I usually buy cheap or 'budget' kitchen paper. I am happy to sacrifice a little from the absorbency and the overall quality of the kitchen paper in turn for having an extra quid in my pocket, so this was no huge problem for me.

      The thickness and overall quality of the Springforce paper was ample, and sufficient enough to cope with mopping up a spillage without the paper breaking up and becoming a pulp-like mess, which is something I have encountered with cheaper brands before. The overall quality of the paper was surprisingly good and I was able to use it to carry out my household chores without any difficulties.

      Whilst I would prefer the kitchen paper to be made from recycled materials as is my preference, the Springforce paper goes some way to easing my conscience, thanks to the addition of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) badge which is printed on the back of the packaging. This means that the paper used for the product has been produced from "responsible sources". (You can find out more at the FSC website at www.fsc.org).

      I would definitely buy the Springforce kitchen paper again and was really happy with its performance overall. I thought it offered a good quality product for a reasonable price which is a great combination as far as I'm concerned. I've already purchased more of the Springforce paper and highly recommend it.

      You can buy the Springforce kitchen paper in larger branches of Tesco supermarket. There is a website for the store at www.tesco.com.


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      11.06.2011 09:26
      Very helpful



      A good bargain

      In our house one product which is a bit of an essential in the kitchen is kitchen roll, I have read how a lot of people refuse to buy kitchen roll saying it is a total waste of money, but to be honest when I have run out I really do miss having it and I don't think I could not buy it. Kitchen roll is something that my mum always had in her kitchen and I always used to find it handy to have then, so when I moved into my own house a couple of years ago and stocked up on all the cleaning essential kitchen roll was definitely on the list. Over the last couple of years I have tried several different brands of kitchen roll, however I refuse to buy expensive brands, whilst I do like having kitchen roll to hand I am not going to spend a lot of money on something that is used to wipe up any mess or dry the cats food bowels etc. Up until recently I had been buy the Tesco Value Kitchen roll, this was perfectly good enough for what I wanted but I was finding that I was going through it rather quickly and 2 rolls were hardly lasting a week. It was getting to a point where we were either running out of having to spend more money on kitchen roll so I decided it was time to try a different brand. I noticed the Spingforce Kitchen Towels for sale in my local Tesco, very reasonably priced for 2 rolls I decided to give them a go.

      The Springforce Kitchen Towels come wrapped up in the regular cellophane type packaging tightly wrapped around the 2 rolls holding them together. The design of the Springforce Kitchen Towels is quite eye catching, the majority of it is covered in brightly coloured flower heads consisting of pink, orange, yellow purple and blue, this really makes it stand out from the other brands on the shelf. In the middle of the flower covered packaging on the front is a white rectangle, in this are the words "Springforce Kitchen Towels 2 White Rolls 3 Ply" all of this is written in a blue coloured writing with the O in Springforce being made from a orange and yellow flower head. The words "Kitchen Towels" are written slightly larger than the rest of the writing. Also in the white rectangle is a small black and white FSC symbol (I will explain this later) this is written in the very corner and does not really stand out. The rest if the information is written on the back of the packaging this consists of a bit of information about the kitchen roll, warnings and additional information including recycling details. All of this information is clearly written and set out in small black writing.

      The Kitchen Towels
      The 2 kitchen rolls which are included in this pack are nothing fancy to look at, they are plain white and have a sort of embossed flower pattern covering each sheet. The kitchen towel is tightly wrapped around a long cardboard tube as with most kitchen rolls, the rolls do not look overly big due to them being quite tightly wrapped however there is more on a roll than you think. The kitchen towel si described as being 3 ply, personally I like the kitchen towel being 3 ply as it means I do not need to use quite as much of it at once, comparing it to other brands I have used, each sheet is much thicker with the Springforce kitchen roll I often find that one sheet is enough for what I need to do whereas with other brands I was having to use two or three sheets each time, this meant I was getting through each roll a bit too quickly. The packaging states that there is approximately 60 sheets per roll meaning with each pack of Springforce you are getting 120 sheets of Kitchen Towel, now I haven't actually unravelled a roll an counted the sheets to make sure there is 60 per roll but I would guess that there is about that amount on each roll. Each sheet measure about 223mm x 224mm giving a total area size of 5.99m2 per sheet and a total roll length of 13.4m, again all of this information is stated on the back of the packaging. Each sheet seems about average size for kitchen roll when comparing it to other brands I have used, the sheets are plenty big enough to cope with what I need them to.

      As I mentioned earlier the FSC symbol is printed on the front of the Spingforce packaging, is consists of a small black square with the outline of a tree and the letters FSC written in white. FSC stands for Forest Stewardshio Council and basically guarantees that the wood which is used to make the product (the kitchen towels) comes from forests which are well managed according to the environmental social and economic standards. More information about this can be found on the FSC website.

      There is a section for warnings on the back of the packaging but this is more for the packaging itself rather than the Springforce Kitchen Roll inside, it simply states that to avoid suffocation the packaging should be kept away from babies and small children, this is standard for a product coming in this type of packaging.

      Springforce Kitchen Towels is a product which I have only see sold in Tesco, it is currently being sold at £1.02 for two rolls, personally I think this is excellent value especially as each roll is long lasting and of a good quality. It is a little bit more expensive than some brands like Tesco Value for example however it works out cheaper in the long run as you do not have to buy it as often and do not need to use as much in one go, it is definitely worth the money.

      My Opinion
      I would definitely recommend the Springforce Kitchen Towel, I use mine all the time for various different things including wiping up any spillages, covering foods temporarily and even wiping out my cats food bowls and drying them. I particularly like the fact that the kitchen roll is 3 ply and slightly thicker than other 'cheap' brands, so far I have found that each sheet holds together extremely well even when wet, it does not disintegrate or fall apart at all, each sheet is also of a decent size . When using the Springfoce kitchen roll I certainly do not have to use as many sheets in one go compared to some other brands often one sheet is plenty for what I need, this means that the kitchen roll is very long lasting, whereas I was buying kitchen roll every week when I used other brands, since switching to the Springforce brand I am only buying it every other week, each roll lasts me about a week. Overall I would definitely recommend Spingforce Kitchen Towel, it is an excellent product and reasonably priced but good quality kitchen roll, it is a essential in our kitchen.


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