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Surf Twilight Sensations Jasmine & Black Gardenia Liquid Detergent

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Brand: Surf / Type: Household Cleaner / Category: Cleaning & Disinfectant

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    2 Reviews
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      20.11.2012 18:23
      Very helpful



      A great laundry product from a well known name

      Review of Surf Twilight Sensations Small and Mighty biological laundry liquid. Jasmine and Black Gardenia fragrance.

      The Product

      Surf is a well know laundry detergent brand, produced by the Unilever group of companies. The trade name 'Surf' has been in use since 1959, making it a long standing household name in the United Kingdom.

      I am reviewing the latest in the Surf range of laundry products, a fragranced biological washing liquid in the Small and Mighty format. The product I am reviewing is the 630ml size. This size of product is sufficient for 18 wash-loads of normally soiled laundry
      As the name suggests, this liquid is highly concentrated, meaning a smaller package with the same Surf cleaning capabilities. The product is designed to work at all temperatures, even in cold water and leaves clothes smelling fresh and fragranced.

      There are several fragrances in the range and different formats such as powder and tablet, however as this review concerns the Jasmine and Black Gardenia liquid version, I will not discuss the others in the review.


      I really like the design of this laundry liquid bottle, it is eye catching and almost sexy, with it's distinctive deep purple, slender shape. The name 'Twilight Sensations' seems to suit the packaging remarkably well, as the shape, colours and overall design are dark, sensuous and almost mysterious!
      The bottle tapers towards the top and bears the Surf logo in blue, surrounded by pink flowers and the Twilight Sensations Small and Mighty strap line beneath. The rear of the bottle has details of usage, ingredients and company information.
      The shape of the bottle is excellent, easy to hold, pour and store.

      The screw top cap which doubles as a measuring device is chunky and tightens securely once used, unlike other brands I have encountered, where the screw top seem never to do up properly once the original seal is broken!
      An added bonus of the packaging is that it is recyclable, where facilities exist.

      Fragrance and Usage

      On opening the bottle, the fragrance is very strong. It is a heady floral blend and I can definitely detect Jasmine in the earthy, musky under-notes of the scent. As I've never actually smelt a Black Gardenia, I can't confirm that the fragrance is there! The scent is most definitely feminine, sweet and indulgent. The packaging tells me that the fragrance was developed for Surf by a leading fragrance house, however it does not say which one!

      The actual washing liquid is a thick substance, which is white in colour. It pours easily into the lid and should be used neat in the detergent drawer of an automatic washing machine.
      The dosing advice on the rear of the package recommends using one capful of the liquid for each load of normally soiled washing. Heavily stained clothes should be treated with an extra half capful if required and small amounts of the liquid can be rubbed into heavily stained areas of fabric prior to washing.

      The liquid dissolves well in the wash, leaving no trace, other than the scent, after rinsing.
      There are instructions for amounts to use for hand washing, I have also used the liquid for this purpose in addition to using in the washing machine.

      I have found that Surf Twilight Sensations cleaned my laundry very well indeed, removed light soiling with no trouble and left the washing so beautifully scented and soft, that a separate fabric conditioner was not required at all in my opinion. My only complaint has to be that my other half says the smell is 'girly'!

      As mentioned above, I also used the liquid for hand washing. I washed a pair of my younger granddaughter's trousers by hand. She had gone out into the garden and managed to get mud up the legs of a brand new pair of pale lilac velour trousers. I quickly hand washed and tumbled dried them before her mother returned and saw the mess! The detergent removed the mud effectively and quickly, leaving no residue or any sign of the stains, I'm pleased to report.

      I have fairly sensitive skin and do suffer with the occasional outbreak of contact dermatitis, I was a little hesitant when I first smelt this product as I was concerned that it might affect my skin, however, I have used it several times with no problem.

      Ingredients and Warnings

      To be honest, the ingredients below mean very little to me and read more like a pharmacy stock list, but I know some readers will be interested, so here goes and feel free to skip the list!
      Anionic Surfactants, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Soap, Perfumes, Polycarboxylates, Phosphonates, Optical Brighteners, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Hexyl Cinnamal, Amyl Cinnamal, Enzymes, Linalool.

      These are common sense really, however listed on the bottle are the following advisory warnings:-
      Keep put of reach of children.
      Rinse and dry hands after use.
      Keep away from eyes and rinse thoroughly with plain water should the product get into the eyes.
      Avoid prolonged contact should you suffer from sensitive or damaged skin.
      Do not use in a pre-wash programme.
      Wash dark colours separately on a cool wash.
      Do not use on wool or silk.
      Test for colour fastness before using product to pre-treat stains.
      Do not soak leather, clothes with metal fastenings or flame resistant fabrics.

      Cost and Availability

      Surf Twilight Sensations is available from supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrison's and Sainsburys. The RRP of the 630ml size is £2.98, however when I bought mine in Sainsbury's there was a 33% discount on the product, making the shelf price £1.98.
      In addition, I had a £1 money off coupon, obtained from the Surf website and sent to me by post, which reduced the cost significantly. Subsequently, my bottle of Surf detergent cost me a minuscule 98p, an absolute bargain!

      My Thoughts and Conclusion

      Whether I will continue purchasing the product at full price is yet to be decided, however the product is an excellent washing detergent, with a pleasing perfume and it had a great softening effect on my laundry. Furthermore it did not upset my sensitive skin, which for me has to be a bonus!
      Admittedly, I do not have greasy or dirty work clothes to launder, nor do I have heavily food stained children's wear to cope with, so have not been able to comment on the efficiency of Surf for those problems.

      For general laundry, I would not hesitate to recommend this product to others, with the proviso to men that it is a bit Girly smelling!

      Thank you for reading.

      ©Brittle1906 November 2012
      N.B. My review may be found on other review sites under the same user name, brittle1906.


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        04.09.2011 14:54
        Very helpful



        A lovely fragranced detergent

        I can only use a few different washing detergents due to sensitive skin in the family, amongst the ones I can use and do use regularly is "surf small and mighty". I decided to try one of the delightful twilight sensation fragrances, Surf Twilight Sensations Jasmine and Black Gardenia.

        ~Surf Twilight Sensations Jasmine & Black Gardenia~

        This particular fragrance, I bought a 875 ml bottle of. The detergent is double concentrated, which just means there is less packaging as you don't need to put as much in each wash. All it takes is one little capful of this delightful detergent which incidentally is a biological liquid, poured into my washing machine drawer, to ensure I get a beautifully fragrant load, of nice clean laundry.

        A bit like a tear drop shape, the plastic bottle, has a dark mysterious looking, colored plastic covering, displaying all the washing information you need to know. Topped with a small black screw on plastic lid. The detergent liquid itself, is white, thick and creamy and has the most pleasing aroma of Jasmine and what I imagine to be Black Gardenia. The scent is extremely strong, but that isn't a bad thing because it smells clean and fresh, a most delightful floral smell.

        I really like the strong fragrance of this detergent, as soon as I smell it, I detect freshness and cleanness, and although I seem to be washing all the time, this bottle I bought which is a 25 wash bottle, seems to be lasting a very long time. There are only a few detergents I can use for my family, due to all of us having sensitive skin, but with this detergent I don't have any problems with anyone, our clothes are always clean, fresh and smell absolutely delightful. If I'm pegging washing out, I can smell the delightful aroma of the washing detergent when I go back outside. The scent seems to linger on the clothes for quite a while, much to my delight. In my opinion, there's nothing better than smelling fresh clean washing and with the added bonus of this delightful fragrance I can't go far wrong.

        The bottle tells me how much detergent I should use. 1 capful = 35 ml which should be enough for one wash. (If you live in a hard water area it is advised you use 1 and a half capfuls in your wash.)

        Even when washing in cold water 15 degrees or less, surf claim you will still get outstanding results in your wash.

        ~There are some safety notes with this detergent~

        Keep away from eyes: Should you get this product in your eyes you should rinse them straight away with cold water.
        People with sensitive skin should avoid prolonged contact with this product.
        Keep away from children.
        Wash and dry hands thoroughly after use.

        ~The delightful twilight sensations range of fragrances are~

        Jasmine & Black Gardenia
        25 Washes
        Vanilla & Black Orchid
        25 Washes

        I'm yet to try the Vanilla and Black Orchid, I'll probably be buying that one next.

        ~Other information~

        Surf also sell capsules and powders, depending on your preference. You can expect to pay around £3.50 for a 875 ml bottle (25 washes) of surf small and mighty Twilight Sensations Jasmine & Black Gardenia from your local supermarket.

        I would definitely recommend this detergent as I can't find any fault with it, but you really will have to try it for yourself and smell the lovely fragrance, to see what I'm talking about. I have to give this detergent 5 stars because I just love the smell of it.

        Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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